Health & Safety Policy


The Monash University Cricket Club encourages the safe enjoyment of playing cricket by all members. Some specific areas that players should be aware of are: being sunsmart, smoking, alcohol practices and safe playing matches. Some guidelines the club would like members to follow are:



      Apply 30+ sunscreen on all open skin before play

      Re-apply as necessary throughout the day

      Wear an appropriate hat cricket cap or wide brimmed hat

      Wear a shirt with a collar preferably long sleeve



No Smoking:

      Whilst actively playing, training and undertaking square leg duties

      Whilst performing scoring duties

      On the playing field at all

      Inside club rooms and any unventilated area

      At Monash University Clayton Campus


Awareness of others (at least 10 metres away from non-smokers)

      During afternoon tea (or around any food)

      Around anyone actively training or participating in a game

      Around doorways

      At social functions

      If someone asks you


Alcohol Consumption

      Alcohol to be consumed only by those over the age of 18

      Peer pressure is not to be used on members or visitors of the club

      No alcohol to be consumed by a player or official prior to or during a scheduled training session or game


Safe Playing Conditions

      Proper protective gear should be used at all trainings and games

      An unfit or injured player should not take the field

      Stretches and warm-ups should be performed prior to taking the field

      Stretches and warm-downs should be performed after taking the field

      Commonsense and the safety of others should prevail

      First-aid kits should be available at all games and at training sessions

      All injuries that occur during scheduled training sessions and matches should be reported to a member of the committee within 24 hours and an incident report form completed by the captain or coach