Women's Club History

Monash University Women's Cricket Club (1975-2008)
The MUWCC was formed in 1975/76 at Monash University Clayton as a separate club to Men's Cricket Club, while sharing the facilities on campus.

In season 2002/2003 the Monash University Women's Cricket Club was merged with Hawthorn Ladies Cricket Club along with the Monash University Men's Cricket Club. The club played as the Hawthorn-Monash University Hawks until in season 2007/2008 when the Monash University Gryphons Cricket Club amalgamated with the Hawthorn-Monash University Women's teams, and entered a Victorian Women's Cricket Association Premier Firsts team along with a community team.
1976/77 C Grade Mountain Districts, (Barbara Ashworth, captain) defeated Fernbrooke
1977/78 B East Grade( Jenny Vial, captain), tie with Moorabbin
1981/82 A East Grade (Amanda Vines, captain), defeated Doncaster
1981/82 C South Grade, (Joanne Wilson, captain), defeated Brighton Union
1993/94 A South Grade, (Margie Blackmore, captain), defeated Oakleigh
1995/96 A South East Grade, (Lisa Shoebridge, captain), tie with Burwood
1995/96 C East, (Kathryn Beggs, captain), defeated Burwood
1999/00 A South East, (Susan Konstanty, captain), defeated Brighton East
2001/02 A Grade, (Susan Konstanty, captain)

Monash Awards: 1982 Kim Holmes (Full Blue), 1982 Gwen Rowe (Half Blue), 1986, Rosanne Pittard (Sports Award).
Life Members: Gwen Rowe
Victorian Players: Julie Hunter, Jodie Dean

Monash Gryphons Cricket Club (1994-2012)

The Monash Gryphons Cricket Club soon realised the potential of forming a women's XI which first played in the season of 1994-95 in the Victorian Women's Cricket Association. The first captain was Tracy Widdows. They won their first Premiership in the season of 2000-01. The combined Monash University Gryphons Women's team shared the 2010/11 VWCA Central Premiership with Edinburgh and unfortunately only competed for one more season, before folding in 2012.
2000-01 C Grade defeated Mordialloc, Sally Whammond (c)
2010/11 Central Grade shared with Edinburgh, Anna Broomhall(c)

Life Members: Tracy Walker nee Widdows