Monash University CC News

MGCC v Southside

By Stephen Pearson

Sachin Tecndulkar
One week away from thier first performance for points the Gryphons padded up against co-tenants Southside Cricket Club. The day was a very enjoyable event, see both sides face out the 30 overs, with Southside being declared the winners. The scores were 7/118 (30) and 6/139 (31), but Monash clearly had plans for next week as both the number 6 and 7 batsmen retired on single fingure scores.

Outstanding stars for the Gryphs were Pat Bhalla, who opened the innings making 20 retired, with 4 boundries and a six. Sudharsan Ramanjachari, who was bowled for 28, including 4 boundries, and a massive 6 that landed deep inside the tennis court. President Dave Bennett lead the attack taking 3/11 of his 4 overs.

Thankyou to all involved in the day.