Monash University CC News

Dicko, Dicko, Dicko

By Stephen Pearson

Day One

“Dicko, Dicko, Dicko” they chanted. The big fella had a day out at Fawkner Park.

This game is to be the making of the season for us Gryphons; this is where we find out if we are contenders to the premiership, or pretenders. Taking on Top side Burnley CYMS, who were lucky last round, because thanks to us they received 10 points for a forfeit. Luck aside a job needed to be done, I need to win that toss, or risk being hung from the highest tree.

So I shook Robbie Williams’ hand (Who was no doubt Robbie Williams before Robbie Williams was famous), I tossed the coin, he said tails, and I said I would have a bat.

A slow but steady start saw the Monash boys be 19 for one wicket (myself) after 10, before Atri returned a catch to young Lachlan, and we were starting to shake at 2/19. Enter the big man, for a big occasion. Dicko and Sid looked at rebuilding this sorry tail, and soon had the run rate pumping at almost 4 runs an over. Sid was caught on pad plum in front to Rankin. Trevor then team up with Viv, who was glad to be out of the number eleven spot, and looking quite the batsman, until he was also trapped in front by Rankin. Now at four for 72, 150 was looking like a good total. Scottie Browne came to crease looking for some form, but was unable to get of the mark, in his trademark fashion, first ball. Despite that his first 3 scoring shots all went to fence, as the run rate continued to climb.

Scott and Dicko saw the score beyond one hundred; as Scott continued to sneak singles, while Trevor plundered the short and erratic bowling. Scott was dropped at point in his way to 19, but was eventually caught at point, when Lachlan received a second chance, this time making no mistake.

This bought Piyush to crease, who was still seeing the ball very well from his 78 not out, hitting the first ball over covers. Enter the destroyer, 250 game veteran Gran Donovan was brought into the attack with great effect, dismissing Chhajed, Singh, and Eddy all with replica Yorkers. Not before Eddy played two of the most effortless cover drives for four from the same bowler.

Luckily we had one Ace left in our sleeve, the left-handed Choy, was the perfect defence to the Donovan inswingers. Kelvin, and the now tiring Dickson, saw us to tea, and continued the fight to pill on a 109 run 9th wicket partnership. Another record for the Gryphons. During this run spree Trevor was also able to blast 140 Trev hit 25 boundaries during his innings, and batted for only 44 overs, and the innings was chanceless. This is our 1st ton since returning to the MCA, and only the 7th overall. It is Trevor first ton, and he is playing his 98th game for the gryphons. TD has been in the 90s 3 times.

At 277 the dream all came to an end, when a delivery kissed the off stump, to dismiss Kelvin for 37, and truly hand fought knock. Mrinal was brought to crease, for his first knock in the 2nd XI, unfortunately unable to make an impression with Trevor dismissed next, being caught in front for 140.

This left 19 tricky overs for Burnley CYMS to face. Nathan and Scott were thrown the new ball, both for the first time this year. Nathan bowled a great line and length, and we soon had Burnley reeling at four for 17. The batted the day our, and put on another 13 runs. It will be an interesting contest next week. With a fresh Trevor Dixon looking to add a five for to his name.

Day Two

Well, 4 for 30, and all I thought all week was get the 6 points, and be happy. Trevir Dixon was fully refreshed, along with Nathan Eddy, they being of the bowler breed of cricker were thinking out right. How right they were. No Burnley batsman managed double figures, and 'Ed' set apart destorying the lineup.

First to fall was Ives, nicely caught in the gully by the Ox (sub-fielding for the ever late Kelvin Choy) . One boundry later, TD picked up his first wicket, sending back the other night watchman from last week, LBW for 5.
Lachlan looked dangerous, for his one, until he nicely hit some catching practice to SJ. Nathan then picked up the left hander caught behind. The last wicket resited a little, and when Trevor was changed with Atri, they took full advantage of some loose delivers. Nathan picking up the final wicket the next over, another marvelous catch from Kelvin Choy (who had manage to turn up by now).

All out 48, without doubt our best effort, Nathan finished with 7 wickets, and the 8th best figures by a gryphon ever. What to think if they had had another batsman.

Needless to say I sent them back in. And we had to fight hard for this outright. Burnley put up a good fight, despite sending in there two tail enders, and us using a new ball, we were unable to break the opening partnership until the 50 (and already 6 runs in frount of there first innings) had being bought up. It was Scottie B that got the break through, bowling Burnley's wicket keeper, very next ball from the other end Piyush picked up his first wicket (without the gloves) having Donovan caught at mid-off. Now 2/54, we were back in the show for this outright.

Burnley's number four looked all at sea, and was eventaully bowled by Vivian, on the last ball before Tea. After the Tea break (oh and buy the way I am sick of BBQ shapes) Ellen and Ives built a frustrating partnership as they set about saving the match, pulling Burnley out the hole they had dug themselves, the two passed the hundred, and were looking set to bat the day out. Enter TD again (fresh from 140 last week) trapping Ives plum in frount for a very good 28. Ives was obviously in a hurry to get home, as he left straight after that, shame about that he missed a good show.

I brought myself on from the other end, and turned 'funky' Miller, as I mixed off-spin and medium pass to pick up 2 wickets in one over, bowling two different styles. 2 overs later Trevor had his 3rd for the day, and Burnley had lost 4 in 5 overs. 10 points was looking good. But Captain Robbie Williams and the left handed Brennan had other ideas, and despite all the plays and misses we could not break through. I eventaully threw the ball to Viv, who tore through the defencives of the left hander, leaving Robbie at the other end thinking about what may have been if that coin landed the other way.