Monash University CC News

MCA Round 10 Scores

By Alec Kahn

A Grade sides will be checking each others' results anxiously next weekend with outrights a chance in several games.

The pivotal clash between top side Old Caulfield and third-placed Reds resumes with Reds' last pair needing a further 23, having already added 16. Old Caulfield looked set for a big score when they went to drinks at 0-68, but collapsed before the left-arm spin of veteran Ross Attrill. Emmanuel will be hoping for full points against Burnley CYMS following another impressive batting display, as will Powerhouse after Rab Grant's inswingers destroyed Canterbury. Hard hitting John Eaton's century has powered Sacred Heart into ten point territory against Chillidogs, and Ari Morton's 116 has given Carnegie the upper hand against Monash Gryphons.

In B grade, Power House produced the batting performance of the day to amass 5-418 at Straw Field, with five players getting amongst the runs. MHSOB recovered from last week's outright loss to skittle second-placed South Yarra. Coles is set to reclaim fourth place from Carnegie after racing to a big first innings lead in their clash at Lord Reserve.

In C Grade, a rejuvenated Carnegie looking anything but a wooden-spooner with a big score against Ashburton. Burnley CYMS has a slight edge over South Yarra in a clash that will decide fourth spot.

In D grade, Barnawartha is looking for outright points and fourth place after Sacred Heart collapsed chasing a mediocre total. Carnegie has bounced back from three successive innings defeats and could cause a major upset against third-placed Reds.

A Grade:
Power House 1-63 v Canterbury 115 (Grant 5-26)
Old Caulfield 132 (Attrill 6-24) v Reds 9-110
Carnegie 231 (Morton 116) v Monash Gryphons 2-21
Sacred Heart 3-250 (Eaton 125*) v Chillidogs 120
Emmanuel 6-dec-349 (Goodier 107* Serapiglia 79 Schreier 75) v Burnley CYMS 2-35

B Grade:
Reds 170 v Glen Iris 0-3
Power House 5-418 (Hopper 113* Kang 85 D.Meilak 54 Rowley 50 Hall 50*) v Bayswater
MHSOB 8-159 (Osborne 52) v South Yarra 114
Coles Myer 3-193 (Docherty 65 Booth 58*) v Carnegie 131
Ajax v Arcadia Hotel -- to play next Sunday

C Grade:
Burnley CYMS 1-52 v South Yarra 143
Carnegie 3-dec-281 (Pipkorn 71* Cartledge 60* Yeo 53) v Ashburton 2-21
Emmanuel 2-55 v Bayswater 102
Moorabbin Park 199 (Wilkins 60) v Monash Gryphons 1-36
Glen Iris d Canterbury (forfeit)

D Grade:
Power House 3-62 v Burnley CYMS 133 (Farrelly 5-23)
Barnawartha North 130 (Illingworth 50 Evans 7-40) & 0-40 v Sacred Heart 102 (Brown 5-37)
Reds 133 (Steenholdt 5-54) v Carnegie 3-65
Gunbower United 226 v Ajax 1-10
Coles Myer 246 (Sarianidis 99 Jamieson 5-34) v Brighton East 57