Monash University CC News

2nd XI v Moorrabin Park

By Stephen Pearson

Day One

Off to scenic Dane Rd Reserve this week, for the battle of outright 2nd position. At the start of the match this weekend, we had a minute of silence and wore black arm-bands show our last respects for the Victorian State Coach David Hookes.

Losing the toss saw us bowling on a pitch that had been freshly rolled for the day’s play, which was not that bad, as I entertained the idea of bowling, on what looked like a green pitch any way. Things how ever did not start well for us, the Park openers where able to comfortably push singles around the field, and things were looking ominous at none for 40. It was Choc who reversed our fortunes and slipped one passed the opening, for an attempting stumping, unfortunately Piyush did not glove this one cleanly, two balls later however, he received a second chance, this one he did not miss. Myself seeing both first wickets of the two games for the weekend, fall in stumpings. Next over Cabbage then removed the other opening, trapped plum in front, and all of sudden Moorabbin were 2/41.

It was some good fielding that brought about the next wicket, when the batsmen decided to take on Buckley from the boundary, and lost by about 3 meters. Things then proceeded quite nicely for the Park boys, as they set about rebuilding their innings. I tried out some more change bowlers, with Viv having little effect, and Cabbage being dispatched for a 6 onto to the train line. I then threw the ball to the new recruit, Nathan, who fiend Buckley promptly called “kiwi”, and it took me a little while to realise, but I had let a “sheep enjoying” into ours ranks. Sexually preferences aside, it was Nathan who got the next break threw, cleaning bowling Moorabbin’s skipper. Meanwhile I was trying to bowl off spin at the end with little effect.

After Tea I gave the ball to a real spinner, and watched Atri go to work, he out-flighted their number bat, and drew their number 6 down the wicket, for Piyush’s second stumping. Atri third wicket was a top edge that went about 15 meters from the wickets, and showed me I had a lot to learn. Just as we had got on top and looked like finishing them for 170, the last wicket starting playing shots. After a few bowling changes, I gave the ball to cabbage, this time down wind. His forth ball for pulled over point (yes point!) for 6 bits, next ball skied to me, all out 199, 30 runs more than I would have hoped.

A tricky 17 overs where left to face for the day, so I scribbled down a batting order, and whacked on the pads. Battenally and myself saw off the openers, and within 4 overs of stumps, I was trapped in frount for just 8, no second week heroics for me this match, but with Cabbage and Asad still at the crease the Park will have a lot of work to do to stop the Gryphs taking back 2nd place.

Day Two

What had started so well, soon went rather pair shaped, and despite numerous wides, the top order crumbed with Battenelly heading back to pavilion after being caught behind first over, Rana joining him 2 overs later, and we had lost 2 wickets in 3 overs.

Atri after being the 4th successive batsman to be dropped out of the top 4, was trapped in front for just 2. Viv looked stylish for the shortest of time before he sliced on to point, and found someone who could catch. Piyush and Scott looked solid for a little while, and a couple of overs started to tick buy, until Scott was stumped, while standing in no man’s land outside his crease. Next over Piyush was adjudged LBW, with no further addition to the score.

The only solid looking partnership of the second day were Choc and Buckley, who stuck around, and frustrated the bowling very well, and for a while it looked like the impossible could still be achieved, unfortunately Buckley edged one over slips for four, words were exchanged, and next ball he is bowled. David and Nathan offered some light entertainment, but neither looking like spending long at the crease, and when Kiwi skied one, Choc had unfortunately ran out of partners.

In a strange move, I believe to stop Glen Iris receiving maximum points for this round, we were asked to bowl again. A move that was looking a little unjustified when Buckley and Cabbage had them 3 for 4, unfortunately the fireworks could not continue, and it was left to the spinners to try and buy wickets.

It was my off-spin that unravelled the top scorer from the parks first innings, but unfortunately for us that bought Rowley to the crease. Shane smacked 9 huge sixes, on his way to 89, and the ball continued to be lost, and replaced, then found, and lost again. Asad claimed a couple of more classic off spin wickets, deceiving two batsman in flight, and it was Viv that ended Rowley’s innings, with a great running catch from Buckley.

In the end, we were shown the ability of the true topside, and to be missing Trev, Eddy, and Sid certainly leaves a big hole in our top order. We out fielded them, no doubt in that department, but we were out batted, and out bowled, and that is the first time this year that this has occurred. If we are serious about playing finals we need to find that little bit extra.