Monash University CC News

2003/04 Awards

By Stephen Pearson

Thankyou all that attended the presentation dinner on Saturday night, especially thanks to the committee for their hard work put into organising the night. Some very special thankyous also to our sponsors the Racecourse Hotel, and to Dave Harrison for the spectacular trophies.

Steve and Brad

Listed below are the award winners for season 2003/04:

100 game medallions
Trevor Dixon
Vanessa Hnderson

Women's Awards
Women's Club Champion: Karen Taylor
Women's Coach's Award: Sally Whamond
Women's Rookie of The Year: Anne Eastaughffe

Women's 1st XI Batting Average & Aggregate: Alison Chapman 351 RUNS @ 39.00
Women's 1st XI Bowling Average & Aggregate: Leah Donaghy 16 WICKETS @ 8.80
Women's 1st XI Fielding Award: Helen Taylor

Women's 2nd XI Batting Average & Aggregate: Kirsty Gray 64 RUNS @ 10.67
Women's 2nd XI Bowling Aggregate: Phillipa Hansford 4 WICKETS @ 34.25
Women's 2nd XI Bowling Average: Linda Morris 3 WICKETS @ 17.67
Women's 2nd XI Fielding Award: Maz Chaudhry

Aaron Thornely Trophy Mens Club Champion: Bradley Sullivan 656 points
Men's Coach's Award: Prashant Gupta
Men's Fielding Award: Don Baulch
Men's Rookie of The Year: Dave Bradshaw

Men's 1st XI Batting Aggregate: Rob Passante 259 RUNS
Men's 1st XI Batting Average: Craig Robinson 209 RUNS @ 23.22
Men's 1st XI Bowling Average & Aggregate: Bradley Sullivan 41 WICKETS @ 10.95

Men's 2nd XI Batting Average & Aggregate: Piyush Chhajed 219 RUNS @ 27.38
Men's 2nd XI Bowling Average: Nathan Eddy 17 WICKETS @ 10.12
Men's 2nd XI Bowling Aggregate: Nick Blackmore 20 WICKETS

Men's 3rd XI Batting Average & Aggregate: Akshay Atri 297 RUNS @ 37.13
Men's 3rd XI Bowling Aggregate & Average: Akshay Atri 17 WICKETS @ 17.76

1%er Medals
Women's 1st XI: Alison Chapman 13 votes
Women's 2nd XI: Shelley Wilson 8 votes
Men's 1st XI: Brad Sullivan 17 votes
Men's 2nd XI: Nick Blackmore 15 votes
Men's 3rd XI: Akshay Atri 9 votes

Club Duck Award: Kelvin Choy 6 ducks

A final note that the following people did no collect their awards on the night, and can do so from me:
Anne Eastaughffe
Karen Taylor
Prashant Gupta
Helen Taylor