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Recipe Suggestions for the Young Bachelor

By Anonymous

We've all been bachelors at some time in our lives.

It's important to have a balanced diet, with the right mix of the five food groups.

Sadly, many young men ignore this advice and subsist only on McDonalds. It's a well known fact that a Big Mac is not in fact a member of ANY food group.

This month, we come to the aid of the malnourished bachelor and bachelorette.

* Make your own bread - add beer to flour, bake in the oven, and voila! Alcoholic bread.
* Beer is vegetarian, so can be used as a substitute for vegetables in any recipe.
* Beer Naturale - Add beer to your beer for an extra tasty treat.
* Beer soup – Pour beer into a soup bowl, microwave for 30 seconds and eat. Delicious with a glass of cold beer.
* Beer gazpacho soup – Pour cold beer into a soup bowl and eat. No glass of beer or microwave required.
* With Coca Cola prices rising, add 96 teaspoons of sugar to beer and stir for the perfect substitute.
* Fried beer – like fried ice cream, but more mysterious.
* Beer with one – Coffee with beer and one sugar.
* Beer with two – Beer with two more beers.
* Beer flambι – Pour beer into glass. Add lighted match. Remove sodden match stick. Drink.
* No need for flat lemonade when you have gastro, drink the dregs from half-finished beers the morning after a big party.
* Feeling seedy? Drink beer with multi-vitamin capsule dissolved in it for a healthy alternative to beer.
* Home brewed beer is great, but often hard to make. Simplify the process. Stick your own labels on whatever beer is in the fridge.
* Beer candy – Soak M&Ms in beer overnight for a chocolaty treat.
* Beer babies – Inject jelly babies with beer. Squeeze for amusing urination effect.