Monash University CC News

Lost the Match but not the Heart

By Dharmendra Yadav (Daz)

Monash Gryphons III were playing against the top side Middle Park.
Middle Park batted first scoring 6/173. It looked like they were going
to cross 250 but were contained by our bowlers Dinesh, Kevin and of
course Daz at the end.

Gryphons started chasing the score but lost a bit of momentum in the
middle with losing some quick wickets. They were at 101 when Akshay
Atri got out bringing Neeraj at the crease with 73 runs still to make
in 9 overs. Neeraj kept his calm and kept running between the wickets
with great support from first Weeket Keeper and then Nathan. The
difference of runs per ball was getting bigger and bigger.

Loss was looming over Monash when a surprise assault came from
Neeraj's bat. He decided that he was not gonna loose without giving a
fight. He started making runs with fours and sixes and taking some
really really risky singles. All of a sudden visitors and spectators
stopped to see this little guy tormenting Middle Park's bowlers.

Neeraj single-handedly brought the Gryphons' scored to 166 with 1 ball to spare. He decided
to go for six on the last ball, which could have tied the match.
Although his effort got caught at the boundry and Monash lost the
match by 7 runs, we can not forget the effort made by Neeraj.

You could have seen the tears in Neeraj's eyes. He deserves a round
of applause from every member of the team, as every Middle Park
Player did.