Monash University CC News

President Scores Ton

By Shelley Wilson

No, he did not surpass his previous best with the bat (97 against Coles-Myer in 02/03) but this weekend’s round of cricket marks another important milestone for our Club President, Steve Pearson, as he plays his 100th game for the Gryphons.

When Steve joined the Gryphons in 97-98 he was a shy and quiet IT student with a ‘Monica Seles’ grunt on his bowling follow-through. Over the years we have witnessed Steve emerge into a highly vocal member of the club who contributes both on and off the field (thankfully the grunt has all but disappeared too!)

Steve guided the Third XI through their formative years for three seasons as captain then took the helm of the Second XI for two seasons. He was Club Secretary in 02/03 and 03/04 and was elected President in 04/05. Steve has also been Secretary of the Mercantile Cricket Association since 03/04.

Along with holding these official positions, Steve has coordinated Gryphons’ training sessions for more years than most of us can remember. I’m sure we all appreciate the effort he puts in to trying to give everyone a bat and giving the bowlers a rest!

Steve practices a long-term strategy when recruiting: his courtship of and marriage to Belinda increased membership of the Women’s XI, and the subsequent arrival of Matthew bodes well for a Junior XI some time in the next decade or so.

Other on field highlights of Steve’s career with the Gryphons include a 6-wicket haul (6/31 off 18) against St Andrews Gardiner in 01/02 and a score of 87 against Highett in 00/01.

I hope you will all join me in wishing Steve the best of luck in his 100th game with the Gryphs. That illusive 100 with the bat can’t be too far away!