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Twenty20 Match: Past Gryphons v Present Gryphons

By Stephen Pearson

Twenty20 is the exciting new format of one-day cricket, and it is coming to the Monash Gryphons. We will be hunting down some ex-gryphons in a match from the past, as the former and accomplished monash boys, take on the new breed at East Caulfield Reserve.

The Gryphon All-Stars 2005

1. B. Gordon (c)
2. G. Lamb
3. N. Eddy
4. K. Tyagi
5. B. Costar
6. T. Dixon
7. G. Singh
8. D. Bradshaw (wk)
9. B. Sullivan
10. D. Marshall
11. K. West
12. D. Harrison

1st Emergency. N. Kher
2nd Emergency. P. Chhajed
3rd Emergency. P. Gupta
4th Emergency. S. Browne

The Gryphon Legends

1. David King (wk)
2. Craig Robinson (c)
3. Simon Ogilvie
4. Justin Oliver
5. Jordon Stratford
6. Glenn Wadley
7. Jim Sosic
8. Phil Carmody
9. Andy Stewart
10. Damien Grace
11. Don Baulch
12. Ben Lloyd

1st Emergency. Peter Limbom
2nd Emergency. Paul Holland

Things you need to know:

$20 each, which includes a playing shirt, and a free beer.

Main Oval, East Caulfield Reserve, Melways 68 G2.

20th Feb 2005, 12 midday

Present Gryphon
Any current member in the 2004-05 season.

Past Gryphon
Any past member to have played with the MGCC or has played greater than 75 games for the club (which also includes current members)

Team Managers
Present Gryphons: Dave 'Skinny' Bradshaw (0402 286 080)

Past Gryphons: Don Baulch (0421 618 660)

Teams have one hour 30 minutes to bowl 20 overs.

Timed Out
The incoming batsman must be in position to take guard or for his partner to be ready to receive the next ball (or for his partner to receive the next ball) within one minute 30 seconds of the fall of the previous wicket.

Red Kookaburra balls are to be used.

Restrictions on the Placement of Fieldsmen
Fielding restrictions apply for the first six overs of each innings.

Number of Overs per Bowler
Each bowler may bowl a maximum of four overs.

Free Hit after a Foot Fault No Ball
This will apply.

Short Pitched Bowling
As in other one-day competitions, one short-pitched ball is allowed per over.