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Fundraising & Saving Money

By Kunal Tyagi

"I am Kunal Tyagi and I am a Lending Manager for St George Bank.I am also a member of Monash Gryphons Cricket Club & have played there from past 5 seasons.I would like to take this opportunity to present you with a fundraising idea, which is ongoing and requires minimal effort on your part. You simply refer potential Home Loan clients to me at the St.George Bank by the way of word of mouth to advise your workmate, family or friends about St George Bank Home Loan or even if you take up a home loan with me at St George Bank it means every Funded/Settled Loan will earn the club $500 from the St George Bank Ltd. You will not be required to interview the client or to fulfil any part of the application process. Clients will always make their own choices regarding home loan products and rates."

"As long as clients say they have been referred by a member of Monash Gryphons Cricket Club or you yourself take up a home loan the club will earn $500. "

Home Loan -- People are likely to have a home loan when they are buying a residential property, investment property, building up an investment portfolio like buying shares(yes you can borrow on your home loan for this purpose),refinancing from another financial institution or even if you own your property & want to go overseas for long holiday or buying a Car you can use the equity & go for a hm loan rather then a personal loan because hm loan rates are cheaper then personal loans.

When buying a home or going for any kind of house loan you need to establish a budget & know your borrowing capacity. I can review your financial position, asses your borrowing capacity which will eliminate your financial hassle so that you can concentrate in getting the right house.I can also guide you for the right kind of product depending upon your needs as to what you want from hm loan (Off course the decision is yours in selecting the product). I will also tell you also how to pay off the HOME LOAN QUICKLY & this way you SAVE LOTS of MONEY.

So go ahead spread the words of wisdom around & make sure you or the people you refer they contact me & let our club raise money for better facilities,better afternoon tea (just joking) & perhaps one day our own turf home ground.

Go the Gryphons

My Contact details our -

Kunal Tyagi
Lending Manager
St George Bank Ltd
Ph No - 03 9564 7122
Fax No -03 9568 3012
Mob No - 0402 384 486
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