Monash University CC News

Committee Meeting 9, 2005

By Cat Jones

Confirmed minutes of meeting 09/05 of the Monash Gryphons Cricket Club committee, held 7.00pm on Monday 20 February 2005 at East Caulfield Reserve.

Meeting Opened at 7.05pm

1. Attendance & Apologies
Stephen Pearson (Chair)
Cat Jones (Minutes)
Bel Pearson
Katherine Broome
David Harrison
Trevor Dixon

2. Minutes of Previous Meetings

It was moved:
ĎThat the Committee approve the minutes of meeting 08/05 as a true and accurate record of that meeting
Moved: Belinda Pearson Seconded: David Harrison
Carried Unanimously

3. Presidentís Report
Steve reports that there were around 50 people in attendance at the Trivia Night. He thanks Cat and Bel for organising it.

He also reports that the Twenty20 match between the Legends and Allstars went smoothly, and perhaps next year the match will need to be scheduled earlier so that players can keep the date free.

4. Treasurerís Report
Trevor reports that he believes that there is about $5500 in the bank, minus the affiliation fees.

He would like the money from Southside for the net repairs to be followed up. There has also been cheques banked by Dave N. from the Glen Eira Council and from Reds for cricket balls.
He would like us to speak to Max about getting the sponsorship money off him for the scoreboard

Trevor also has a list of all the debts that need to be followed up, including the last of the Chocolate money and Fantasy League.

Cat adds that she has received two bills: both from the council, one for food safety and the other for amenities. Steve to chase up as Cat believes the bill is not accurate.

Bel to speak to Trevor at the end of the meeting about equipment repairs that will need to be made at the end of the season, and any reimbursements

The following debts need to be collected before changeover:
Fantasy League
Chocolate Money
Match Fees
Remaining memberships

Cat and Trevor to send around a list of the debts that they need collected.
5. 1 % Awards Night
It was decided that the 1% Awards night will be held at the Gryph Inn as the Racey is not appropriate.

Captains will need to give all their votes to Bel as soon as possible. If there were any missing the captains should refer to the scorebook.

We will need to find a projector for the night, either from the uni or through someoneís workplace.

Dave H. Volunteers to organise the night.

Details to be discussed over email. If the Gryph Inn canít have us on the 11 March, then it will have to be the following weekend

6. Presentation Night
Bel asked that the previous Club Champions give the trophies back to the club as soon as possible, and that the captains correspond with Bel about awards.

Steve to book the ECR hall with the council for the 6th of May. He also suggests that we do not rely on club members to provide food, and that we perhaps look into organising a spit or something similar.

Dave H to look into catering for the Presentation Night.

Bel and Cat note that we will definitely need more table for the night.

We will need to get RSVPs to cover catering and dietary requirements. We wonít have use of the kiosk because of changeover so we will need to book the kitchen.

Dave H brings up the suggestion that many club members have had that the voting system needs to be weighted from 1st through to 4ths

Steve and Trevor suggest that as this system has been in place for 15 years at least it would be unfair to change it right before the presentation night. Everyone is going by the belief that this is the system that will be used to work out presentations.

Trevor notes that it should be something considered as every player should be aiming to play in the ones. If you make yourself not eligible for promotion then you should not be eligible for the club championship. Therefore, the club champion will come from the ones.

Steve suggests that this should be discussed at the start of the season. Bel agrees, and suggests that we should bring it up at the AGM.

The AGM will be held at the presentation night on the 6th of May

7. Coaching for next season.
Tim Newhouse has been coaching the girls for the last few weeks of the season. From all reports from the girls, they would like him to continue as coach next year.

Steve has to ask him to invoice the club for his travel expenses. Next years committee will need to ask him to coach.

There is a verbal agreement with Monash Sport that there will be a grant next year, but it will be around 80% of what we are getting now.
The new committee will need to speak to Robbo and Tim about coaching next year.

We also need to authorise the last payment of Craig Robinsonís coaching payment.

It was moved:
ĎThat the committee authorise $1500 for the last payment of Craig Robinsonís coaching feesí
Moved: Catherine Jones Seconded: Steve Pearson
Carried Unanimously

8. Storeroom Changeover
Steve and Bel report that our hands are tied on this. The Council want to do the change over on the 20th of March but the CMCA are keen to hold finals on our ground, which will mean that we need access to the changerooms etc.

We should contact the soccer and the football clubs to see when they can help us do the changeover, considering we moved all of their things.

We also have to consider that the ones might make the finals, and they will need access to the kit. Bel and Steve will make a pre season kit for the club.

9. Pre-Season
Pre season will again be held at the Melbourne Cricket Centre. Steve suggests that we book now or else we will get bad times, and therefore we can set the dates for the new committee.

We will try to get Wednesday nights at around 7pm.

10. Food Safety
We need to organise a new food safety supervisor as the Council has contacted us about it.
Cat to speak to Angie about using her certificate until someone can attend training.

11. Delegates Report
Katherine B reports that she missed a council meeting and is happy to pay the fine for us.

Meeting Closed at 8.15