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Bendigo Bank East Malvern

By Stephen Pearson

Monash Gryphons Cricket Club has unveiled an exciting new partnership with the East Malvern Community bank branch of Bendigo Bank.

East Malvern Community Bendigo Bank

Mr. Peter Wolff, Bank Manager of the East Malvern Community Bank Branch
presenting the Monash Gryphon's C.C with a very big cheque worth
$5,000. On behalf of the committee & players, i would like to thank the
Bendigo Bank for their sponsorship & support to our club.

David Harrison
Monash Gryphons Cricket Club

East Malvern Community Bendigo Bank

Contact Details: Address: 300 Waverley Road East Malvern VIC 3145
Telephone: (03) 9563 6044
Fax: (03) 9563 5322
Website URL: