Monash University CC News

MGCC Player Bio Survey for website 2007/08

By Stephen Pearson

The following is a list of questions that we would like to publish on the
website under your player profile. This will provide some new content to
the website, and will allow other club members to know a little bit about
you. If you do not wish to answer one of the questions, then just put n/a.
Survey can be returned to me at any time, but the sooner the better.

Please complete and email to Stephen Pearson:

  1. Batting (eg: right hand opening bat):
  2. Bowling (eg: right arm medium):
  3. Born (eg: Bendigo, VIC):
  4. Nickname:
  5. Previous Clubs:
  6. Favourite Book:
  7. Favourite Movie:
  8. Favourite Song:
  9. The bat you use:
  10. Least favourite Opposition Team:
  11. My favourite gadget is:
  12. The book that changed my life is:
  13. If only I could:
  14. I often wonder:
  15. I like this club because:
  16. A Gryphon I would like to be for a day is:
  17. My Gryphons' highlight:
  18. Other Cricket Career Highlights (eg: Hat-tricks, Premierships, etc'):