Monash University CC News

Major changes to A-RES ladder


The A Reserve ladder has had major changes, due to the Executive finding that Coles Myer CC used a player in rounds 5,6,7,10 and 11 who was ineligible under rule 88(b) (ie played in A grade in another comp).

Consequently under rule 93, the six points have been reversed in games which Coles Myer won in rounds 5,6,7 and 11 to the benefit of Carnegie, Monash, Burnley and Canterbury respectively, and a further two point penalty has been applied for each of the five breaches.

The A Reserve ladder is now: S.Yarra 58, Canterbury 42, Reds 37, Powerhouse 36, Monash 36, Carnegie 27, Burnley 18, Coles Myer 8.