Monash University CC News

Message from Coach Sosic

By Jim Sosic

Welcome to the new season. Soon the pre-season will be upon us and that will give us all an opportunity to get our games in order before the first game. To that end a players questionnaire will be sent out to all of you. Please take the time to complete this questionnaire as they will be reviewed by myself. As I believe that all of you have at least 10% improvement in your games, I intend to use the information gathered from your answers to help bring about achieving that improvement. Success in built upon continuous improvement.

I see my role as being one where I affirm the values that are important in our club and to ensure that we attack the challenges that we face in a positive manner. I want to encourage:

  • Stewardship - I want every player and member of our club to feel that the well being and success of the club is their responsibility. By success I don't just mean on-field, but off-field as well.
  • Integrity - In the way we interact with each other. We should strive to be honest to ourselves and each other and treat each other and the club with respect. Open communication is essential.
  • Teamwork - The concept of the club as a team trying to achieve our common goal.
  • Enjoyment - We are all dedicating a lot of time and energy to our cricket. We must ensure we continue to provide an environment that we enjoy being in and that is rewarding to be part of, whether we have on-field success or not.

I am looking forward to the season. I want to encourage risk taking and provide all players with opportunities to progress.

2007/08 Player Surveys