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MUGCC: Women's Cricket 2008/09

By Stephen Pearson

During the 2007/08 season the Hawthorn-Monash University (HMU) Women's teams were disaffiliated by the HMUCC board. Shortly after this occurred, they approached us about merging. The Gryphons committee outlined a proposal for them as to how a merger would work, which at that point in time they declined believing that they would be best to run a club on their own.

Since this decision, the HMU girls have been advised by Monash Sport if they went it alone, that were not guaranteed funding for season 2008/09. Monash Sport suggested it was best to talk to the Monash University Gryphons again, about a merger.

President David Harrison and Women's Coach Stephen Pearson recently meet with Monash Sport and Linda Machin (HMU 1st Opening Batsman and former coach) to discuss the future of both of our clubs, and the use of the Turf Oval Number 3 at Clayton Campus. Linda and her fellow HMU team mates had come to the realisation that it was going to be difficult to administrate a club on their own.

Monash Sport suggested that the former HMU players join us, as members of the Monash Gryphons, without a merger. After much discussion it was agreed that both groups had a lot to gain by having the influx of players into the Monash Gryphons, and both groups have agreed that the remaining HMU players will join the Monash Gryphons for season 2008/09 and onwards.

This means in 2008/09 the following will happen:-
* The Gryphons will enter a team in VWCA Premier Firsts.
* The Gryphons will enter a team in One Day Competition.
* The Gryphons will enter a team in the U17 Competition.
* The Women's 1st XI will play at Turf Oval Number 2 at Clayton Campus on Sundays.
* The Women's 2nd XI will play at East Caulfield Reserve on Sundays.
* A Men's MCA side will play at Turf Oval Number 3 at Clayton Campus on Sunday.
* Women's Training will be held at Monash University Clayton on Wednesday Nights on Turf.
* Stephen Pearson will be the team manager and coach of the 2 senior teams.
* The team captains will be Jodi Dean (1st XI) and Anna Broomhall (2nd XI).
* Opportunities will be created for all capable players to play premier firsts, if they so desire.

This is an exciting opportunity for our club, that has come about largely thanks to Monash Sport. We have achieved two major club goals (Our own home turf ground, and a complete female cricket pathway - from juniors to state cricket) without losing any of our identity.

If you have any questions, ideas or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Stephen Pearson.

Stephen Pearson
Women's Coach
Monash University Gryphons Cricket Club