Monash University CC News

Gryphon 2's vs Mornington

By Anna Broomhall

19 October 2008 – Gryphon 2’s vs Mornington – Away... A long way away…

After a hot day playing last week, and watching the 1’s cook on a hot Saturday this weekend, it appeared my wishes for a cooler day were answered yesterday a little too well… my car load of Gryphons all watched as a few drops of rain splattered against the windscreen on the way down the coast Sunday morning – “Surely it’s got to warm up soon” became a regular phrase on the way. That and “Bloody bike-lysts” as we drove past thousands of eager people on the “Around the Bay in a Day”.

While my win of toss was hardly inspiring – a flat throw by the Mornington captain happened to land on tails, her offer to re-flip was quickly rebuffed as I claimed the win and grabbed the chance to bat first – unfortunately we were short again this week with Sharni’s back injury reducing us to 8. Let’s get recruiting Gryphs! On a side note, two thumbs up to Steve for his efforts at the Curry Night on Sunday; seeing a girl having a lazy Sunday afternoon hit with her boyfriend in the centre wicked of Caulfield he required little encouragement to run out there and grab some details.

Anyhoo, Jo and I headed into the centre to face the Mornington youngsters. We felt good and both were lucky to be given lives early on, getting the run rate going, helped by the short boundaries and a new keeper. Unfortunately after not nearly enough overs I made the silly decision to put a ribbon and bow on my wicket and hand it over to the Mornington skipper as an early Christmas present. Note to self: don’t do that again.

While we only made 43 (26 of which were extras), there were some great efforts out there given we had 8 girls – Jo’s opening effort was fantastic, great running between the wickets and calls that seemed to increase in volume as her innings went on; Tahlia’s defence stood up well this week despite having a couple of full tosses aimed around her rib area and whacking her on the thumb and again, some great calling; Sheeana still forcing singles where there shouldn’t be any and frustrating every player in the process (nice work), Emma making another cameo performance and smashing a few balls before getting excited and swinging for one too many (head down mate, pick your ball!); Kayla managed a great front forward defensive shot before both she and KB were on the receiving end of a couple of ripping balls by one of the young Mornington quickies, while Hero stood solid as a rock at the end of the innings.

While 43 was never going to be enough, Mornington’s Captain was good enough to give us a couple of girls to help out the field and we headed out. Tahls was unlucky to be just close enough to a skyed ball to have to be the one to go for it and just far enough away to make it really difficult – a fantastic diving effort though. Apart from that, there were no real chances and Mornington went the midwicket slog for 8 overs – seeming to pick on Jo and Emma in the field. It was certainly the first time this bowler has gone for 3 fours in 3 balls from a 14-year old… can’t say it was an experience I wish to repeat anytime soon! All over pretty quickly and back to Caulfield for a relax and a recap of the day.

Some positives to come out of the game:

1. Sheeana’s Chant Quotas - great work to get that noise we talked about last week – just remember girls, you each owe Sheera 10 chants next week!

2. Running between the wickets – while we only had 43 as a total, without the calling and quick thinking we had, it could easily have been 35. Every run counts!

We’ve got a 20/Twenty this week against Brighton with a few old hands like Cat and Lush hopefully returning to the fold – if any of you 1’s feel like coming down and give us some support we’d love to see you.

Thanks to everyone again this week Gryphs, Sharni hope the back’s better soon and X, congratulations on surviving your first game in the 1’s!