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Gryphon 2's vs. Brighton @ Dendy Park, Brighton.

By Anna Broomhall

25 October 2008

I awoke Saturday morning in an extremely chipper mood' my slightly hungover housemates were less than thrilled with my enthusiasm, but I would not let this damper my spirit ' Happy Full Team Day! The weather was good (if a little overcast and sticky), I had a good night's sleep dreaming of 11 girls in whites floating around a cricket field (that sounded a lot less weird in my head), and I hadn't received any phone calls or messages beginning with 'Sorry but'' ' I was ready to go. Doesn't take much to make me a happy Captain.

Another win of the toss gave us the chance to bat first and me the luxury of seeing how the Twenty/20 rules work ' weird minimal end-changing, field placing things that they are. Sheeana, Jo, KB and Emma kindly offered their services to sub-field for an undermanned Brighton side ' I was feeling generous given we've been on the receiving end of sub-fielders in a number of games this year. And plus ' I had 11 players at my disposal! Happy Full Team Day!

Have you met Miss Jones? Well if you'd been there on Saturday you would have met 3 (for those of you who didn't know it before reading those 2 sentences' yes, I'm a dork.). Cat opened the batting with Emma and got things underway. In the grand tradition of Twenty/20, Emma didn't waste any time and opened her account with a 4' and managed to keep her strike rate high by skying one to the keeper next ball' something to work on mate, hang in there. Helen joined Cat in the centre for her first match of the season and the Jones's started taking control, Cat taking advantage of the short boundaries, and steering the Gryphs up and towards a decent total. Helen's innings ended with a stumping, a fairly unusual occurrence in our game. My innings came and went fairly quickly, some YES/NO/YES/NO action and before you know it I was saying g'day to Tahlia on her way out to the centre. I will make double figures one day I swear it!

Cat kept her integrity intact by doing the walk after the biggest, loudest, clearest nick in the history of the game somehow went unnoticed by the umpire. Karma should now be on your side mate. We lost another couple of quick wickets and then Tahlia and Jo steadied the ship right to the end (well there was 1 ball left when Tahlia was caught) ' Katie chipping in with 1 run from her 1 ball faced. Our innings 7/95 ' wickets in hand no less! Happy Full Team Day!

We headed out pretty much straight away ' no time for mucking around in this shortened version of the game. The next 17 overs were absolutely fantastic, with great support provided by Lush and X ' loved the 2-man Mexican Wave. We had B on loan from the 1's so she and Helen opened the bowling, and by God there was some bloody close ones' 'Coat of varnish' was the Katie's comment from behind the stumps on more than one occasion. Helen broke through after a tricky top edge catch from Tahlia in short and we were away. After the Brighton skipper played on from one of my less than great leg-side deliveries (I'll take it), we managed to slow them down thanks to some extraordinary fielding from everybody, special mentions going to Kayla and Emma in the deep, and a de-gloved Sheeana at square leg.

Katie somehow managed to snaffle one that somehow came off the back of the bat (I still don't know what happened and I was standing 2 metres away), a 'Ricky Ponting-esque' full length dive and one handed catch 3 inches from the ground again from the hands of the Haberman, and another one of my nuts sneaking through to the stumps, we were suddenly one wicket away from victory.

Unfortunately we just couldn't get that last wicket, not due to any lack of trying on anyone's part. A number of balls scooted just past the outstretched hands of various fielders and another couple just missed the stumps' the game could have gone either way and it just didn't seem to want to go ours. Jo, KB and Emma listened to bowling instructions perfectly, Emma the unfortunate recipient of an in-form batsman having a tonk in the last over ' don't take it to heart dude, she was trying to get herself out caught and just got onto them a little too well ' T20 rules rely on the batting captain declaring which she didn't want to do right away.

Positives to come out of the game:

1) The extra fielding work we've been doing at training is now paying dividends ' besides the 3 outstanding catches, everybody was backing up each other up, jumping on the loose ball to prevent runs and helping out their team mates with relay throws. Brilliant.

2) Running between the wickets ' I mentioned this last week, but every extra run is gold ' the calls are getting louder and we're working together better to squeeze the runs out.

3) Our support team ' great to have Lush and X cheering us on ' thanks to both for making the effort to come down and make some noise, as well as Lushy playing square-leg and X helping out during our batting innings doing throw downs to the incoming batsmen.

4) Teamwork ' besides the work in the field I've already mentioned, we had great volume during both our innings, everybody jumping up during our batting innings to make sure the batsmen got a hit up if they wanted one, and it was great for me to have a chat to various players on the field and get different points of view and advice. This is a team sport so if you have ideas or anything you want to run by me, feel free to grab my attention and come and have a quick chat. I can't guarantee I'll employ your ideas all the time, but I want you all thinking while you're out there. If any of you paid attention when Bhawna was bowling, she had her own ideas on where she wanted the fielders based on where she was going to bowl it ' I'm a bowler by nature so I understand that you might have a plan in mind. Come and talk to me, I won't bite (hard).

Overall, besides my banging on about Full Team Day, thanks to everyone for their efforts - everybody listened to instructions, the bowlers were fantastic, and fielding was magnificent' this is what we work for Gryphs. We can see the improvement, we know we're close, let's just keep on working and the wins will come.

The 2's have a week off this week, so if anybody wants to come down and provide some support to the 1's in their first home game, I'll probably see you there.

For any fellow dorks, X and I have both done the survey thingie that was in the last Gryphons newsletter ' and I think that's all of us. Let's have some fun, if all of you can spend 5 minutes filling out the fields below, email it through to me or Steve ' you can see X and my entries on the website under our player profiles.

Great effort Gryphons.