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Gryphon 2's vs. Knoxfield @ Home - Twenty/20 match

By Anna Broomhall

Gryphon 2's vs. Knoxfield @ Home ' Twenty/20 match.

As I'm writing this morning, I have removalists floating about my office trying to repossess my desk (yes literally) so this may be a little shorter than usual' no promises though, I do tend to get carried away.

With Master Chef Pearson on the barbie, we all had a nice lunch on an increasingly warm day. A couple of my mates had come down to watch (I'm sure it was to make sure that we actually play with real cricket balls ' they were astonished that I was wearing whites) and after being sent into bat, I settled down with them to watch Gussie and Scoob open the batting. As the 2s and 3s started to roll, there was increased interest from Lushy's corner as we watched the running between wickets ' unusual to see someone keeping up with Scooby! A nice start was brought to an abrupt halt with an unfortunate caught behind off Scooby's arm, so in went Cat to join Gus. Another good little partnership and then a flurry of wickets as the 'hit out or get out' idea of Twenty/20 caught hold.

I headed out of the shade and into the middle, Gussie still standing strong at the other end. Watching at the other end was fantastic, despite having a number of no-balls aimed at her head, she managed to control the ball and hit the gaps, forcing this captain to start running. Bloody 14 year olds. After a few ridiculous pokes at balls outside off, I eventually got sick of having to run for Gussie and got a couple off the middle ' as Steve noted, I do apparently need to eat Wheaties for breakfast, because I was only making more running for myself hitting ' of the way to the boundary. Knoxfield's ingenius plan to get Gussie seemed to revolve around an entire lack of pace, and so they brought on a slooow loopy bowler' about 5 minutes after she had played the big slog sweep shot her off stump went bang, and Gus was left shaking her head as she walked ''just so much slower than I'm used to!'. X came and went in true Twenty/20 style, a 2 and then an out, before Talia came in to meet me and together we finished off the innings, 79 for 6. And I hit double figures! Happy Full Team Day!

After the short break, we headed out into the heat. Defending a score that was a few too short, we had a lucky start as one of my nuts clipped the top of the stumps on the 2nd ball and we had our first wicket. With X keeping the run rate down at the other end with some great bowling (no more 9.5 economy rate for you buddy!), and Scooby behind the stumps, Gussie lined up for a turn with her spin. I was standing at slip and could see the batter's eyes light up as this big ripper headed down and she went bang! Straight up in the air ' a moment of panic as Lush screamed for Scoob, Scoob tried to dodge the stumps and the batsman to get to the ball, and then the relief as it landed in her gloves. What a way to start a spell. While they went after her after that, for every ball that was hit, there was another that completely confounded them ' a great spell of spin bowling.

After Emma was on the end of a tonking batsman last game, she recovered well this match and got some exactly where we've wanted them ' outside off on a good length. At one stage Lush had her life flash before her eyes as the ball was absolutely SPANKED straight at her head ' her mind was rightly on survival as she fended it away from her head, saving the four at the same time. Kayla again did some great work in the outfield despite being forced to run backwards and forwards every time the leftie came on strike.

KB bowled a great over with a wicket on her 4th ball, a well judged high catch by Em out at midwicket. Another couple of singles got Knoxfield over the line, but the umpire decided to have one more over ('). X came in to finish off and if it had been any other time of the day would have got a wicket with a great rock that kept low on middle stump and smacked into the batsman's pad, halfway up. It's coming mate, it's coming. Chin up.

Some goals and positives to come out of the game:

  1. We were a bit flat in the field ' mainly due to the heat and the extra running due to the left-hand/right-hand combination forcing regular field changes, but I need everybody walking in with the bowler ' at least 5'10 paces, every single ball. That will help with the attacking fielding that we've been working on at training, if you're already on the move, it's easier to attack the ball than if you've got flat feet. If anybody took notice of Scooby scurrying around once Gussie pulled the gloves on, it was a great example of attacking fielding.

  2. Noise ' this is a recurring guest on the goals list ' I need noise out there! It was great during the batting innings, but everybody needs to support your bowlers with encouragement and recognition of good balls. If we have to have yawping practice at training to get everybody comfortable with making noise, I'll do it! And if anybody doesn't know what yawping is, go out and hire 'Dead Poet's Society' immediately.

  3. A great positive that Cat spoke to me about after the game and that I noticed when looking at the scorebook ' the lack of extra's with our bowling. With a small total, we did really well in keeping the extra's to a minimum ' only 3 wides and 2 no-balls amongst 6 bowlers to a left-hand/right-hand combination is a fantastic effort, and is great return for the practice we've been having in the nets. Congratulations to all the bowlers who had a crack yesterday.

Ok I have to give up my desk shortly so I'll sign off ' just a reminder to get your survey in if you haven't already ' Lush, Cat and Helen have all done one now so jump on the website and have a look if you haven't seen them already, if you don't have a copy of the questions, I answered all of them so grab them from my profile or from last game's match report.

Big thanks to Gussie for coming down when she could have taken a week off ' great work yesterday mate.

Next week we're down at Frankston so we'll organise a car-pool at training ' if you won't be at training, give me a call or shoot me a message after Wednesday and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for your efforts Gryphs, bring on next game!