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Gryphons' Racing & Cocktail Night

By Morgan Cole

When & Where

The night will begin at 8.00pm 15th November, 2008 at the Function Hall located near the change rooms. The late start will allow sufficient time for both the guys/girls to get ready if they are playing cricket that day.

The dress code is semi-formal (similar to Captain’s Night) and there is no entry fee for members or guests. We encourage everyone to bring partners/friends as this is one of two major functions of the season.

Form Guide

Download From Guide

Racing - How it Works

There will be 6 races with 6 horses taking part in each race. 15 Minutes before each
race an auction will take place in which each of the horses from that Race will be
auctioned to the highest bidder. The winning horses of the first 6 Races will go
through to the final. The owner of the winning horse from the final will collect the pot
which will be majority proportion of the money collected from the horse’s auction
throughout the night.

For Example: if every horse is auctioned for $10.00 the prize pool will be $360, if the
average prize of horses auctioned is $20.00 the prize pool will be $720.
In addition to buying horses throughout the night, the committee will be running a
Bookie where anyone can bet on any horse from each race. The odds of these horses
will fluctuate over the night depending on how much money is being backed on each
particular horse within the race. This gives everyone the opportunity to get involved
in the night.

The horse race and places are determined by two dice. The first dice is rolled to select
which horse shall move with the second dice determining how many spaces that horse
moves forward. The distances of each race can be seen in the form guide with the
first horse crossing the line being the winner.

For Example: Dice 1 Rolls 4 & Dice 2 Rolls 6 – This means Horse 4 moves forward 6
places. A typical race will be between 24 & 32 movements, meaning the first horse
over the line of each race is the winner.


There will be the following cocktails available for purchase throughout the night at
greatly reduced prices (approximately $5.00 a cocktail): They will be made by
Cocktail expert Campbell McLeod.
The usual Gryphon Beverages will also be available throughout the night at the
regular discount prices.