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Gryphon 2's vs. Bayswater @ Wantirna

By Anna Broomhall

So this match report comes to you sans repossession men hanging around this morning so forgive me ? it may go for a while. First things first, as promised ? shout-out this week goes to Tracy!

My Sunday morning began with a fair dollop of enthusiasm as I awoke to the peaceful sound of silence ? no rain baby! A few ?Happy Full Team Day? messages later, the Broomy Bus was on its way to pickup Sheeana and the Pearson boys ? Steve making the particularly astute observation that Sheeana was in fact Sheeana and not Cat. Just can?t fool the man despite my best efforts. So we piled in, and headed down to Wantirna.

Once everyone had arrived, and after I had given sufficient ribbing to B over her lovely short ball scaring off a potential recruit at training (Little Miss ?It wouldn?t have even left a mark!?), the more enthusiastic Gryphons headed off for a run to warm themselves up. Naturally I warmed myself up by watching them exert themselves and marvelling how my new jumper was doing a lovely job of keeping me warm. Another win of the toss later (I tend to win only at away games?) and we were heading out into the field.

A fairly innocuous start later, I took B's advice that she was bellowing from first slip while thumping her own shins and pitched one up ' a frustrated batsman playing a silly shot, ball hit straight up in the air and Lushy screaming for Scooby to take the catch' rather similar to the situation last week except this week it was Lush with the gloves on' despite Steve's astonishment at a keeper calling herself out of a catch, the catch was taken and we were on our way. Our way was slowed a little by one of the regular delights of women's cricket ' The Tonker. Faced with The Tonker our bowlers fell a little short of length and the runs started flowing. The opposition skipper fell to a shocker from B that the wonderful umpire had called wide halfway down the pitch ' she went for the big one and Kayla took a great catch low down at cover. The old adage that rhymes with 'Brit gets tickets' still applies Gryphs, keep that in mind for your own batting!

Emma came on and had an absolute ripping spell at the new batsman ' it is a wonderful sight when the stumps are splayed all over the place and the batsman is shaking her head on the way back to the shed' after playing in the 1's for the last couple of games, I have to say I much prefer it from a fielding perspective rather than a batting perspective!

After cameo bowling performances from KB and Talia, X came back on for a spell. Now what have I been saying all along' 'Wickets will come', 'it's coming mate, it's coming'' After B managed to tangle herself after having too long to get in position for a catch, I was also left apologising after I crept in too close at first slip ' a perfect swinging ball caught the edge and it came flying at my head, I managed to pop it up in the air and thought 'ripper I'll get it on the way down' oh wait' can't'quite'turn'argh! Cat! Ground! Ball'' Somewhere amongst all those thoughts and I'm sure funny noises coming from both Cat and I, we ended up in a tangled heap on the ground. To anyone reading that wasn't there' It was about as graceful as it sounds people.

So that's two near wickets for our X' next ball, tosses one up outside off and with my heart in my throat Kayla finally snaffles young Attitude her first wicket ' The Tonker no less. Colour me very relieved as well as ecstatic that the work we've been doing at training is finally paying off in the scorebook. But of course for any bowler worth their salt, the taste of one wicket only leaves them hungry for more' so what's X's solution' Let's just knock middle stump out of the ground shall we' We shall! Bang! Suddenly X is a on a hat-trick, bowling the most controlled spell I've seen yet. And while I've been saying all season to aim on or outside off stump (which I will continue to say), there is not much more a satisfied feeling than to see middle stump knocked completely out of the ground while off and leg stumps stand and watch. Beautiful.

While the hat-trick didn't come (and coming from someone who has been on a hat-trick at least half a dozen times and hasn't got one yet, 2 from 2 is still a fantastic effort), from then on we seemed to just flick a switch in the field and it was game ON. X's bowling just got better and better, and in the end was too good for the tail-enders ' I don't know how many passed the outside edge but I was making lots of strange grunting sounds from first slip watching the ball pass' perfect line and length. Beautiful. A debacle of a run-out finally took place when Kayla scooped it up and tossed it to X standing about a metre from the stumps who caught it and then decided to just hold on to it for a little while and tease the batsman who was pelting down the wicket ' with about 6 voices screaming 'Take 'em off! Take 'em off!' (this is a G-rated program I promise you), there was a sudden panic and X whirled around and dived at the stumps, knocking the bails off and sending the batsman packing and this Skipper's heart-rate skyward.

For the next run out B decided to take it upon herself, giving Lush and I both a heart attack as instead of taking off the bails like a lady, she stood back and absolutely HAMMERED the ball at the stumps from point-blank range ' same end result and another batsman's on her way. This is what happens when we put the clamps on in the field and why it's so important to keep hustling and pressuring ' the batters start to panic and take risks to get runs in places they shouldn't. Last ball of the day resulted in yet another run out and we had our target ' a target that we managed to keep down in the 2nd half of our fielding innings ' The Tonker and opposition Skipper were the ones that did the damage early on, but our damage control once they were gone was fantastic and great effort from everybody.

After a short break Scoobs and B headed out into the middle to open our innings. An unfortunate runout later Cat headed in to join B. The runs were ticking along when B was the victim of a terrible LBW decision ' LBW still means Leg Before Wicket does it not' Anyhow in I went. Just as a side note ' there is a $50 reward for anyone who can find the middle of my bat. There are apparently 100 edges, plenty of toes and a few splices, but the middle seems to have gone missing. Anyhoo, Cat managed to keep me from doing stupid things ' I seemed to be trying my hardest to run myself out so her calls started increasing in volume. Cat was left shaking her head at me after I decided to have a bit of fun with the in-close fielder and kick it a little to her left and call a run' of course it was more fun for me running to the safe end, I don't think Jonesy found it too amusing for some reason.

It was about that time that Cat's back really started to make some noise at her, once Karma repaid her debt and the Umpire somehow missed the 16 times a ball hit her bat on the way to the keeper, and after I granted her license to swing, she turned into The Tonker (Limited Mini Edition)' nice lofted drives over the bowlers head and through mid-on started to get things moving when she gave one too many catches to behind the wicket. Tals came out to join me and I poked a little one onto the on side, set off for the quick run, halfway down when an evil D-warf hiding in the bushes with a BB gun shot me in my right calf' I suddenly lost any chance of bending my leg, nearly fell over, and dragged my now wooden leg over the line. The name's Broomhall. Anna Broomhall. Grace is my middle name. A quick drop to the ground and a few stretches later I determined that it may be ok' I did rob Tals of a couple of runs over the next over as I hobbled around ' my apologies mate.

Once Tals' wicket fell, I took up the Umpire's offer of a runner and B started to pad up. Lush came and went, and once B was on the field that was when the fun really began. All manner of hell broke loose ' the umpire didn't have a clue, the fielders didn't have a clue, WE didn't have a clue and somehow we managed to be worse off as the umpire decided the best way to settle the craziness was just to call B short for every 2 she'd run. A debacle, much dissent and some jam jars lids later, we started to get things to make sense. I have to say, I quite like this runner business ' hit the ball and scream '2!' and then stand and watch! Brilliant! Might have to start pulling the ol' Arjuna Ranatunga tricks out of the book J X hit a couple of lovely shots, one was so great that she stood and admired it while having a chat to the keeper' you only get a score for it if you run them mate!

After I was dared to be silly (and I can't pass up a dare), I gave my wicket to the Skipper, Emma followed my instructions a little too closely and Kayla (minus her ginormous bat after the girls picked it up and promptly confiscated it, Tracy's bat now has another fan) and X saw out the last 4 balls of the innings.

Some positives and goals to come out of this week:

  1. Noise! Finally! Now that I know you can make that amount of noise, I want it every week. I'm a demanding bugger I know. Keep it up J
  2. Kayla ' mate you were brilliant in the field ' 2 catches, 2 runouts, can't ask more from anyone. Player of the Round performance buddy, great work.
  3. X and Emma's bowling ' nice that you're both now getting the rewards for all the work you've been putting in. Awesome.
  4. We do need to some work on the basics of running between the wickets- holding the bat, backing up, getting used to running in pads. There are more runs there if we can milk the singles.
  5. General centre-wicket type stuff ' relay throws, the bowlers or nearby fielders taking the stumps if there's a runout chance. The backing up was fantastic though, great movement from everybody.

Ok now that I've finally made a match report stretch over 3 pages, I better sign off.

Thanks to Lush for pulling on the gloves this week and for Scoobs and B for coming down after the 1's washed out ' hope everybody's injuries pull up ok, remember training this week is Tuesday and Wednesday, if you need details let me know.

Great efforts Gryphs, bring on next week! Awoohoo!!