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Women's 2nd XI Match Report Round 7

By Anna Broomhall

30 November, 2008 – Gryphon 2’s vs. Kingston Heath @ Home

8 weeks ago, Round 1, we walked out on the ECR to play Brighton as a new side for 08/09 – Lush running around doing the stressing for me about scoreboards, drink containers and cups, cones and match paperwork, as well as helping me do some major stressing about getting 7 girls to the ground on time to get the match underway. While the match did get underway, it was a one-sided affair and it was clear to all that there was work to be done across the board. The following week after another loss, a number of Frankston players made the special effort to come over to me and mention that despite the result, there was some major talent amongst our Gryphons, and they were looking forward to playing us again and seeing the improvement.

Yesterday, 8 weeks of blood & breaks (both in Sheeana’s case – dude you need to start rubbing a Buddah or collecting horse shoes or something…), sweat and training later, we faced off against Kingston Heath – top of the table, unbeaten Kingston Heath.

My sleep on Saturday night was interrupted on a few occasions with moments of panic as I heard rain fall on the tin roof outside my window. When I eventually opened my eyes for the final time, despite the forecast of thunderstorms, all I could see was blue sky and fluffy clouds. We’d had some team changes this week – Cat off at the Queenscliff Music Festival, Emma spending time with family down from Sydney, Kayla a late withdrawal with a migraine, while for the 2nd week in a row we benefited from the misfortune of the 1’s being washed out and scored Gussie and Scooby to bolster our numbers. Not quite Happy Full Team Day, but I’ll settle for 10 anytime.

From the moment everyone arrived, it seemed that we had all come to play – everyone jumped out onto the ground to try and take some catches I was trying to make using the strange orange board I’ve seen for weeks in the clubroom. After nearly breaking at least 3 of X’s fingers and possibly both of her feet and Jo had resorted to fielding backstop for all those that flew in unexpected directions (read: every second ball), I gave up on the board. But the enthusiasm was there, and everybody seemed to be feeling positive on a cracking day for cricket. After finally managing to win the toss in a home game, I sent the opposition in to have a bat.

With myself and X opening the bowling, Kingston Heath’s version of The Tonker set about making some quick runs early – but taking plenty of risks hitting the ball in the air. Despite the runs, the bowling was fairly tight, even the Umpire commenting on a number of occasions that we were closing in on a wicket. In my 3rd over, I managed to keep the ball on a good line outside off, not giving her any room to play a shot – eventually I strayed a bit further outside off, giving her the room to play the cut shot – straight into the waiting hands of one Jo Moore who took it easy as you like. One thing that KB brought up that I keep forgetting to mention is the notion of bowling in tandem – when one bowler is bowling well and keeping it tight, it means the other bowler is more likely to get a wicket. If someone is getting easy runs from one end, they are much less likely to take risks off a good ball from the other end. Unfortunately the score book doesn’t reflect the contribution, but nevertheless it is an important part of a good bowling performance.

The very next over came a wicket that was greeted with the least amount of enthusiasm from all Gryphons that I have ever seen – X pitched a slower nut right up, bouncing it just before the bat and the new batter scooping it up and presenting a gift to Scoobs in close on leg. With half of us unsure if it was a bump ball and not reacting, the other half taking the cue from the first half, the end result was that Scooby casually tossed it back to the umpire, the batter walked off glumly with shoulders slumped and the rest of us slooowly made our way to the centre of the pitch to congratulate one rather confused X Clark. But a wicket all the same and suddenly its 2 wickets from 2 overs and the pressure back on the ladder leaders.

With X finishing off her first spell with a maiden, on comes The Haberman. And my god – after a shaky last couple of weeks with the ball, something has certainly come good with Tals’ bowling. Bowling left arm around the wicket, swinging the ball like a left-armed Damien Fleming starting the ball nearly on the edge of the pitch swinging right into the toes of the batsman. Standing in my usual possie at first slip it was awesome to watch. Her first over was a maiden as the baffled batsman tried to get a grip on what was happening, she followed it up with a beautiful dot and then in another case of Brit getting tickets, a full toss, a batters eyes lighting up, and middle and off stump doing the death rattle as a frustrated batsman lets out a moan of disbelief and walks off. KB at the other end also turned a corner this week and was bowling magnificently and keeping the run rate right down a the other end. So we’d gone from 0/20 off 4, to 3/35 off 12 – those 8 overs giving us 3 maidens and 3/15.

The next few overs the runs started to flow a bit more freely again, when X came back on for another spell, teaming with Jo at the other end who was doing a great job of frustrating the batters with her slower bowling. After X started her new spell a bit too short and the batter pounced with a 4 and a 2, she quickly recovered and the next 5 balls she produced 5 dots, the 6th a ball popping up and despite more confusion between Gussie and Ann at first slip, eventually Gus held up her glove to show us the ball and X had her 2nd wicket for the day – a wicket maiden no less.

For the next 15 overs or so it was a matter of keeping the good work of our first 20 odd overs up and keeping a lid on the run rate which we did successfully – the 5th and final wicket coming from Go-Go Gadget Scooby in short on the leg-side, the batsmen assuming the ball had gone over her head called a run, Scoobs jumped up and grabbed it in one hand over her head and piffed it down to the bowlers end and bang – the other opener gone. From then on I played the mean Skipper and picked on the young kid who was sent in, we had about 4 players close in around the bat. The kid had Lushy cheering as she got onto one and banged it through mid-on for a couple – while me as a bowler just wanted a couple more overs to deliver a couple of nasty Yorkers and see the stumps go flying. Damn those bowling restrictions.

Anyways, the innings closed after 39 overs, the ladder leaders finishing with 5/125. Fantastic effort from everybody out there – all bowlers played their part, Sheeana managed to escape with her life after having a ball fired at her head but doing more damage to her hand at the same time, KB – mate whatever drugs you were on in the field yesterday, make sure you stock up – great effort both bowling and fielding, X we’ll work on those high catches through the week – it’s judgement, not the catching that’s the problem (remember to look up Phil Tufnell), and somehow in all the 39 overs my voice not only survived but only bellowed louder as the day went on, despite my sore throat.

After a short break and without the benefit of a hit-up, Scooby and Gussie headed out into the middle – Ann and Tahls both got a hitup from an enthusiastic Lush, a less enthusiastic Skipper and Jo, and an altogether unenthusiastic X who gave up after a few balls and took a seat. Early on Ann made a mention that she would be quite happy to let our openers do most of the work, and after I ducked inside to check on the Aussies’ progress against the Kiwis (I live with 2 Kiwis so this is Very Important Information!), I came out to watch. And god they were good to watch. The first 10 overs was very watchful as they got their eyes in, but still punishing the bad balls, and the running between our [no quite]oldest player and our youngest player was first class, demanding the opposition step up in the field. Cheeky cheeky running. Fantastic.

After the drinks break (0/69 off 20 overs), I grabbed the opportunity to square leg so I could watch from a better vantage point, and Scoobs didn’t waste any time getting back into the swing of things – the first 2 balls after drinks being despatched behind square for 4. And from then on they both had it well in control, punishing anything short or wide, starting to play the shots of players in form, cutting through gully, pushing through slips, cracking through midwicket. Standing at square I was worried a couple of times that I’d be called into action for a runout as they would hit straight to a fielder in short and call a run, but the pressure was on the fielders and they couldn’t handle it – fumbles, wide throws and misfields.

It was the end of the 30th over when we passed the target, and we suddenly had our first win of the season. Against the unbeaten ladder leaders no less.

So let’s get on with the positives!!

  1. Noise – awesome.
  2. Walking in with the bowler – improving every week.
  3. Bowling – it was tight, it was good quality, and each of you did whatever I asked. Awesome.
  4. Batting – Scooby and Gussie’s exhibition – I hope everyone was watching, especially the running between wickets. Awesome.
  5. Fielding – everyone was backing up, hustling in for the ball, and saving the runs wherever possible. Say it with me… awesome.
  6. Teamwork – as Lush pointed out after the game, we’re now operating as a team – everyone knows what we everyone can do and we’re supporting each other as required. Brilliant.

That’s just about it from me Gryphs – we now know what we can achieve (and how good it feels to win!), but there are still improvements to be had, so let’s knuckle down and get cracking before Christmas.

From a personal point of view, I’ve run out of words (hard to believe I know) to describe how fantastic it is to see the fruits of everyone’s labour – I know how hard you’ve all been working, and it’s great that we got the reward from it yesterday. Congratulations to everyone!

Next week there’s going to be some team shuffling due to state week, so stay tuned for the teams.

To sum up – We won baby! AWOOHOO!!