Monash University CC News

Gryphon 1s vs. Bundoora @ Monash Uni

By Anna Broomhall

Changes hit both teams yesterday as our State and Junior State girls headed off to represent Victoria - congratulations to Jods and Jules as the Vics took the points in both their games on the weekend, nabbing 3 and 2 wickets respectively over both games, and Jods not out in both.

So while that left us 6 players short, Lush took the reins of the 2's, and X, Cat and I headed up to the 1's, along with a couple of Dandenong players who were good enough to come along and help us out.

After rain robbed the 1's of a game for the last 2 weeks, it was nice to awake to some sunshine Sunday morning and after teasing Cat with the smell of hot chicken from my backseat on the way to Clayton, we arrived with plenty of time for me to put together some chicken sangas for lunch… with an increasing number of people hanging around staring hungrily I wasn't sure they'd make it to the tea break, but rest assured. Almost as bad as when the boys fired up the barbie in the middle of our fielding innings last week!

A win of the toss later, we headed out into the field - 2 players down so the bowlers were all under strict instruction to keep it outside off as apart from a square leg and mid-on, we had no leg-side field. With that huge patch of space teasing the batsmen, Son and Saf got it on line early and they were playing some unorthodox shots trying to get it legside – the 3rd over it finally cost the opener her wicket as she left her leg stump open and Son knocked it over easy as you like. Throughout the first few overs the run rate was kept low thanks to some great fielding, particular mentions go to Scooby in at cover who I'm sure awoke with many bruises this morning, and X covering a lot of ground at square leg (as well as hitting a lot of ground as her lucky headband/wristband/tights/laces didn't keep her from falling over every chance she got – have fun spike shopping with Cat this week mate!).

Penny came on for a shot at the batters, and we were joking that there was no pressure, but all I expected was a few wickets in her first over. Laugh laugh laugh... until first ball, pitched out wide, batter went for it, miscued, diving Saf at point, awesome catch by a diving Saf at point, wicket first ball. Not a bad start really. Her reaction to "no pressure" did seem to be to just take wickets so she kept at it – the skyed catch training for X paying dividends as she parked under one and finally snaffled that elusive high catch (I feel a lot better for smashing her in the face with a high ball at training on Tuesday now... we'll call that my contribution, as I'm sure X did not want to repeat the experience...).

After Pen gobbled up another wicket through a caught and bowled, we decided to slow things down and bit and she tried some finger spinners – between Son, Saf, B and Pen, the only break from pace they'd had was one a trundling over from me thrown in the mix to kill the 2 and a half minutes until Son could come back on, so the batters eyes lit up as the ball slowed down. She kept her head for about 3 balls until she could no longer resist one that was tossed up, went down on one knee for the slog sweep and the ball snuck past and thudded into the stumps. So after Penny's "no pressure" spell, she ended up with 4 for 40 odd off 10 overs. Brilliant.

With X's confidence growing after her efforts in the field, I threw her in to roll her arm over. A great first and last ball were rewarded with 2 dots in the score book, but the batsman took a liking to our young Attitude in between and went after her with 3 boundaries in 4 balls – 2 that probably deserved it and one that was just a good shot – can't do anything about those mate. Despite her offer to take herself off after that one over, she came on for a second. Tossed up outside off and swinging away, the Tonker went for her again but the swing outdid her, smashed the toe of the bat and popped up to Scooby's waiting (and sore by that stage) hands at cover. That's a wicket baby!

Suddenly we had them 6 down for not that many given we had 9 on the park, and the noise was only getting louder. For the 3rd game in a row X decided that one wicket just wasn't enough so nabbed another before tea and we went in with Bundoora sitting on 7 for about 150.

After we watched the sprinklers come on during tea break, once they'd stopped and we were suitably refuelled and Cat realised that the Pringles ads are in fact correct and that once you pop you indeed can't stop, we headed back out. I decided I wanted in on the wickets and the world decided that I can't always get what I want (although the umpire decided to tell me afterwards that if I had appealed for one I would have had one… damn my learned habit of assuming that umpires are useless in deciding LBW's!), B came back on to get her share as well – a well directed ball at the batter forcing a top edge straight up and getting Rowdy in on the action. Well scorebook action at least- there was plenty to do all day behind the stumps as Rowdy's grass - stained whites can attest.

2 wickets to fall and Bundoora starting to try and hit out, Saf grabbed one of them by smashing a runout from close in and one to go – B's eyes lighting up at the prospect of bowling to a tail and with Penny's "let's keep it under 200!" ringing in our ears, she did the job that all bowlers love to do and sent the bails flying and Bundoora all out for 195.

Bloody fantastic job in the field by all 9 – an extra fielder would have come in handy, but if someone had given me the option to keep them under 200 at the start of the day, I would have grabbed it with both hands.

Unfortunately the Bundoora bowlers got themselves off to a good start as well – with a seeming abundance of fielders and only 25 overs to get through, 6 Gryphons fell amongst the annoying clamouring of the fielders. It's a new tactic for me, annoying batters out, but it seemed effective last night, with X and I closing out the last overs and X giving me numerous heart attacks as she gave in to her natural aggression and went the tonk, nearly holding out to mid-on, nearly hitting her own wicket as she swung herself off her feet and then finally landing one through midwicket and the nasty non-striker only running 1 to prevent any more stress to her vital organs.

So we ended the day 6/31 with work to be done but with the Victorious Victorians back plus a new player down next week, we go into Day 2 with an extra player – always a good thing.

Thanks go to Penny and Saf for making it down yesterday – great work both of you, and hope to see you both again soon!

Cheers Gryphs, see you next week!