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MUGCC Women's 2nd XI Mid Season Report

By Anna Broomhall

15th December, 2008

And so this is Christmas, and what have we done? Another year over… and still half a season to go baby!

While I realise I didn’t take part in any games this weekend after the 1’s washed out, (I just KNOW this was going to be my week with the bat too… damn the man), since this is the last time in 4 weeks that I’ll have a legitimate excuse to say something I’m going to jump all over it.

So to answer my own question, what have we done so far in season 2008/09? Well the obvious answer to that is that we’ve won some games baby! Aside from the obvious, I thought we might shine a light on some of the efforts this season to date that don’t get recognition in the scorebook.

Before we get to that though, congratulations to Lush and the 2’s yesterday as they notched their second notch in the wins column against Pakenham – while some had it pegged as The Battle for Bottom of the Ladder, as Jules rightly pointed out, we saw it as The Battle for Second Bottom and after achieving that and with our win against top of the table Kingston Heath, I don’t think anyone will be underestimating us next year.

Thanks go to Lush for taking the reins for the 2nd week in a row and everyone who took part yesterday, especially Ann, Raylene and Emily who pitched in and from what I can see on the website, made some massive contributions. I just wish it had been somewhere other than bloody Pakenham so we washed out people could have come down and cheered you all on!

Anyhoo, let’s get into it.

So The Dork Award goes to… (drumroll please)… Cat Jones! As Cat pointed out to me when I once lamented our co-Dork status, Dork’s do in fact rock and will one day rule the world. We are Dorks and we are proud! While she’s been in and out of both teams this year, when we’ve had her in the 2’s, looking across and seeing her standing at gully (occasionally spouting something about a beached whale?), I know that we’re going to have a good day in the field. Extra bonus points for stopping me doing stupid things on the occasions we’ve found ourselves batting together – double bonus points for not smacking me on the head the day that I kicked the ball straight to the close-in fielder and made her run to the danger end.

Miss Sheeana gets the nod for the Loudest Noise Coming From The Smallest Person… who knew that someone that little could make that much noise? Despite broken and bleeding extremities, whenever she took to the field either behind the stumps or out and about, you knew that the noise level was going to increase – introducing cheer quotas early on in the season to try and get the quieter Gryphons to make some noise earns bonus points.

In contrast, Kayla (sorry mate but I’m too old to use K-dub without feeling and sounding entirely ridiculous) gets points for the Least Amount of Noise Coming From Any One Person for the first few weeks – compared to then, she is now positively boisterous, and her work in the field has been outstanding all year, finally paying off in the scorebook vs Bayswater where she was involved in 4 of the 8 wickets taken. All year Kayla has been shipped to all parts of the ground, suffering through left-hand/right-hand combinations without complaint and doing great work throughout.

The Helping Me Not Go Insane award goes to one Linda Morris – after hanging up her Skipper’s hat at the end of last season, Lush has still done a lot of the stuff for me that she was lumped with last season – particularly appreciated by me in Round 1 when I had absolutely no clue what I was doing and faced with a rapidly diminishing team list, no cones, no cordial, no cups or drink container, Lush stepped up and managed to fix things while I ran around trying to convince the umpire that yes we have 7 players, but no I can’t give you a team list yet. And then in Round 2 opening the batting when I asked her to and smashing her highest score. My sanity and I both are deeply grateful.

Again in contrast, the Let’s Try to Make My Skipper Go Insane award goes to one Xenia “X/Attitude” Clark. She has nearly achieved this on many occasions doing various things, ranging from ignoring the 19 she scored on debut, to ignoring any wickets she took, to ignoring anyone pointing out her runs and wickets, right through to violence – balls she smacks in the nets or in hit-ups on game days always seem to be very attracted to me and various body parts of mine – always unintentional so young X tells me. Against this attempt to rob me of my marbles stands her absolute love of the game, her willingness to accept help and the improvement that she has shown because of it, her (very occasional) willingness to accept compliments and her eagerness to help out on game days. Just remember to stay positive matey – we play because we love it – it’s that simple!

KB has nabbed the prize (I shouldn’t say prize, there’s not really a prize…) for Most Improvement Shown in a Single Game for her efforts in our win against Kingston Heath – mate you’ve put up with my bellowing this season and your fielding is coming along every week – your game against Kingston Heath was the best effort I’ve ever seen you put in while fielding and you stood up when I asked you to with the ball and bowled a fantastic spell to help get us over the line. Credit where credit’s due, it was a great effort.

Scooby gets the award for I Do Whatever I’m Asked to do with a Smile on My Face. Jumping from 1’s to 2’s, from behind the stumps to in-close to outfield, from keeping to opening the batting on a hot day, whenever I ask her if she minds doing something for me, she always smiles and says “You tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it”. And then does it awesomely. A quick look at her stats shows 2 runouts and 4 catches for the season and an average of 41.5 for her 3 games in the 2’s so far. Love your work Scoobs, thanks for making my job a whole lot easier.

Talz and Emma share an award for My God *appreciative whistle* Look at Their Bowling! When Emma burst onto the scene we threw her in with the bat but over the course of a few weeks she went from just rolling her arm in the nets over to really starting to up the ante with her pace and getting a great off-side line and some fantastic away swing. Likewise Talia’s bowling seems to have clicked the last few weeks and bowling left arm around the wicket she is getting so much movement on the ball and the perfect line, the batters have absolutely no clue and both Emma and Talia’s bowling figures are showing the vast improvement. The groaning you hear coming from the slips is my version of the appreciative whistle. Far less ladylike than whistling, I know, I’m sorry. I can’t help it.

The Mark “I Make Things Look Easy” Waugh award goes to Jo Moore – nothing’s ever done with too much fuss with Jo, from taking great catches in the field, to annoying the bejeesus out of the batsman with her slow turners, to opening the batting or doing the job further down the order – she just accepts what comes and has a laugh while she’s doing it.

Special mentions have to go to our cameo performers this season – Hero and Sharni, Belinda, Ann Nicholson, Raylene and Emily, B and Gussie stepping in for a game with us when the 1’s were washed out, Helen and Katie Jones, Lynsey – without you there would have been a few more forfeits so far this season, so thank you all for coming down and helping us out when available, hopefully we get to see all of you at some stage next year!

Finally to Mr Pearson – our improvements over the last few weeks (plus the luxury of having spare scorers) have seen Steve up and excited and away from the scorebook and bellowing support form the boundary. That’s him every week; twice a week at training and at as many games as he can get to, putting in the effort with all of us so we can make the improvements that we’ve been making. It’s easy to take for granted, but I’ve had coaches in the past that don’t take women’s cricket seriously so it’s great to have someone like Steve around doing what he does behind the scenes so we can get out on the park and do what we love doing. Thanks to you (as well as Bel and Matty!) for all the time you’ve put in.

To sum up, we’ve had a busy 8 weeks! I’ve had an absolute ball so far this season and I hope you’ve all enjoyed the ride as much as I have. Hopefully the recent additions we’ve made in our wins column have shown you that the work we put in at training does pay off, so I encourage everyone who can attend sessions to attend – if you watch the senior girls like Lush, Scoobs and Cat, despite playing for years all of them are still striving to improve and learn various facets of their game, so over the break if you can think of a couple of things that you want to work on next year, bring them up at training.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday break whatever each of you may be doing, I’ll be at the Boxing Day Test, playing with my new niece or nephew that my sister-in-law is just about to pop out (literally, she’s having contractions as I write this so I can barely sit still) and playing beach cricket with my 6 year old cousin who thinks he is the best cricket player ever.

Stay safe, stay well, have a very Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in the New Year!

Bring on 2009 baby!