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ABC of cricket

By Dave Bennett

Most of you know the rules (from Willowfest or at the pub the other week), except for Clarkey, go easy on him fellas! But just so there is no ambiguity, and at Heals insistence, I've stated a few basics which we can refine at a later date if required. The rules basically follow the ABC of celebrities game and play always starts with Allan Border (or Andy Bichel or possibly Aaron Bird in future years). There are two variations, the first is surnames only and we proceed from A to Z, skipping over letters as they get too rare (ie. none left). The second is either first name or surname, thus players can skip from one letter to virtually any other letter if they can come up with a name to do so. In both forms, doubles (players whose first and surnames begin with the same letter) reverse the order of play to the mongrel who's been passing you all the difficult letters. Whether players are allowed to double double we'll have to decide. Players names may be used only once in any game.

Example game for the second version. The version recently played at the racecourse hotel.

Daisy: A - Allan Border - B
Clarkey: B - David Boon - D
Heals: D - David Gower - G
Stevie: G - Geoff Lawson - L
Krish: L - Rashid Latif - R
Willo: R - Rod McCurdy - M
Daisy: M - Neil McKenzie - N
Clarkey: N - Nick Knight - K
Heals: K - Gary Kirsten - G
Stevie: G - Gary Gilmour - G (Reverse)
Heals: G - Graeme Dilley - D
Clarkey: D - Alan Donald - A

For a player's name to be used they must have played at least one test or a one day international cricket match for their national team against another national team. Friendlys don't count, tour matches don't count, world cup qualifying tournaments don't count (the finals stage of the tournament is okay, eg England in 1999), nor do ICC non-sanctioned matches, as per South Africa v India last year. Players may be from any era since the first official test match was played as documented by wisden.