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Gryphon 2’s vs. Bayswater @ Bayswater

By Anna Broomhall

Happy New Year to you and all that jazz, I hope everybody had a great break and has come back ready for a rollicking second half of the season! On a side note, can I just say how annoying I find New Years Eve now that I’m not 18? You spend all night with people and then spend the 10 minutes before midnight being very amusing saying “see you next year!” And then 37 seconds later you hug and kiss these same people and exclaim “Happy New Year!”

Anyhoo, I’m off topic (what a surprise). Let’s get back to the chicket.

Lush and I arrived at the ground of the Bayswater Sharks yesterday on a deceptively warm day – one of those days where you look outside and decide to wear the long-sleeved cricket top. One lesson that Bel will not forget in a hurry!

After losing the toss for the first time in quite a while, my favourite opposition captain read my mind and decided to get the fielding out of the way first. Hearing Lecia run into the clubrooms and claim victory (her first win of the toss for quite a while), Lush and Bel both disappeared and then came charging out in their whites ready to hit the field and were quite surprised to be told to sit down and chillax.

With Ann and Raylene (my first options to open) both cutting their appearance times rather close to the edge, Emma and Bel took off into the centre to open the batting – thumbs up to both for agreeing to do it when Bel hasn’t had a hit all year and Em isn’t a huge fan of opening… if I didn’t have a lump of skin missing from my big toe (listen to Linda when she provides first aid advice people!), sore shins, tight calves and a buggered neck I promise I would have! Bonus thumbs up go to Luscious Linda for noticing Bayswater were fielding 12 at the start of the game, luckily nothing went to hand in the 2 balls before we got the umpire’s attention.

With Bayswater’s impressive and unusual opening pair of an inswing and outswing bowlers, Em did her best but was beaten by a ball that would have snuck through Dizzy Gillespie’s impressive defence and Sheeana was forced to try and reassemble the stumps. Ann headed into the middle to replace her and suddenly the mood of the Bayswater boys watching turned from the usual sceptical rubbish into surprised amusement and then quickly into respect for this quality Champagne Chicket (their words, Lush and I were both highly amused and have decided to steal them) as they watched Ann turn the ball every which way forcing the singles and then punishing the bad balls to the boundary.

After Bel was trapped in front, Raylene walked out to join her old opening partner and the next 11 runs were achieved with indeed some Champagne Chicket. With the field back, the running between the wickets was fantastic as they dropped and ran and then pushed the ball past the fielders whenever they brought one in. Ann was left lamenting her placement as she picked out the opposition skipper in the field with one she absolutely belted down to fine square leg… Lecia would have been the only one in that team to take that catch and Ann felt a bit better as she watched her wring her hands for the next few minutes. If you’re going to smack the ball, make them take a good catch to get you out!

I limped out there with my new piece of willow looking forward to getting stuck into the loopy bowlers that had come on. Again reading my mind, after one over of the loopies, Lecia wasted no time in bringing herself and the other opening bowler back on. My first single to get off the mark pitted myself against Raylene in a battle of wills as to who got to run down the centre of the pitch, with apparently neither of us paying attention to the battle, it resulted in a collision, leaving both our left arms numb for a few minutes. Note to self… run down the SIDE of the pitch.

With Raylene seeing the ball and picking the gaps, we were knocking it around and keeping the run rate ticking over. At one stage I got a fairly quick delivery pitched up and aimed at my legs, when I went to just turn it down to fine leg thinking of a single, it hit the middle of my beautiful new bat and went flying down to a deep fine leg. I could do nothing but stand and stare at it while Raylene screamed at me to run… I was transfixed by the sight of the ball flying straight to the fielder… and then dropped about 20 centimetres short, past the fielder and to the boundary for 4. Have I mentioned I love my bat? I love my bat.

Anyways I got a few more lives over the next couple of overs, my new thing of soft hands paying dividends as about 3 edges through the slips went low and through the hands of a useless slips fielder. Finally a finer edge flew to the keeper and I walked off. So apparently my ability to find the edge of my bat is not limited to my old Kookaburra. Damn the man (save the Empire!).

Once I had walked off, there was a quick flurry of wickets and we were bowled out in the 34th over, reaching 118 off 34 of the 40 available overs. A couple of things that became clear during our batting innings was the need for some training on basics of running between the wickets, as well as needing some time batting on synthetic – so anyone attending training, we’ll be training on the synthetic nets at Clayton – if you don’t know where they are, give me a call! If people watched Sheeana batting for example, Sheeana has a really good front foot defensive shot that she’s been working on with Steve in the turf nets, but she didn’t really get any chance to use it because of the bouncy synthetic. The first thing she said when she came off at the end of the innings was that she needs to learn to play some shots that are going to be effective on a synthetic wicket (of course she said it in far less words).

After we were fed and cordialed up, we wandered out into the heat to defend our total with our Happy Full Team Day XI. With no X Factor amongst us, Em made it a double day of opening and joined me as the other opening bowler. After starting with a maiden, Em struggled with her length the first few overs and paid for it as Lecia became The Bayswater Tonker in the grand tradition of chicket.

Unfortunately I would bowl one or two bad balls in an over and was always made to pay – frustrating when you bowl 5 dots that just beat the outside edge and then slip one down leg and it goes for four! Consistency is key… at the end of the spell I finally managed to put one in the right spot that I’d been aiming and knocked just the top of the off bail and it went flying.

That was the only wicket to fall for the day and the batters became comfortable at the crease. Ella bowling a great spell of 3 overs , only conceding 13 runs – if you consider that she bowled 5 extras of those 13, against two tonkers that’s a great effort. Sheeana was wisely advised by Rayls to step back oh about 15 paces when Rebecca stepped up to her mark and when her first ball came flying through, she expressed her sincere gratitude to Raylene standing at first slip. Once she got her rhythm they only increased in pace – a great effort for someone who hasn’t bowled in a long time. Kayla made an awesome effort to get to a ball and just couldn’t hold onto it at the last second – you will never hear me say that was a dropped catch Kayla, it would have made the KFC Classic Catches if you’d managed to hang on… spectacular effort just to get across to it.

The balls seemed to tease us – they’d always hit just over, just in front of or just to the left and right of wherever our fielders stood and by the halfway mark at the drinks break they were cruising at 1/94, with only 25 runs to get. As with the last game we played against Bayswater, it was after the drinks break that we seemed to click – I don’t know what they put in their cordial but it seems to do the trick.

Em came back on from the other end and got her rhythm and bowled absolutely superbly – after conceding 25 off her first 3 overs, she bowled her next 4 only conceding 12 runs – many balls just missing the edge as they swung away from the batsman. After bowling some self-proclaimed rubbish after I came in from the other end, I swapped to around the wicket to try something different and was ROBBED of an LBW decision as the umpire decided that even though it was going to hit the stumps, it wasn’t out. The entire team went up (which is unusual in itself), the batsman sh*t herself and the only one who wasn’t moved by our prolooooonged appeal was good ol’ Barry. That over became a farce as Lecia chopped one onto her stumps and the bail simply rolled over and went back to sleep, another appeal for LBW and an edge that went wide of the keeper. Debacle.

But they continued to not be able to get the runs thanks to some great fielding, another brilliant fielding performance by Kayla who just seems to be a ball magnet and with her rocket arm, prevented at least a dozen runs throughout the day and made some spectacular dives protecting the midwicket boundary. Bel came on to roll her arm over once I’d bowled my 10 and it was game over.

As I said, it was a great effort, and just one of those days when the chips (and the bails!) didn’t fall our way.

Some things to work on over the next few training sessions:

  1. Running between the wickets – resisting the urge to ball watch (myself and Lushy being two large culprits), turning with your bat in the correct hand so you don’t have to ball watch, backing up at both ends of the ground so you’re on the move if you need to run, and knowing who has to call and when – these little things contribute in a big way and if you can squeeze an extra dozen runs out of the opposition, let’s do it!

  2. Walking in with the bowler – I’m not sure if it was the heat but we were a bit flat footed yesterday, for people paying attention when Lush called for it, Bayswater were great when they were pushed back because they charged in and cut off a lot of singles.

  3. Some batting on synthetic! That’s just practice, so don’t stress about that, it’ll come.

  4. Me remember to call change of bowler! Thanks Lushy

Ok I need to get some work done, so I’ll wrap this up. Thanks to Ann, Raylene and Emily and Rebecca for coming down and helping us out, great effort by all of you and much appreciated.

I look forward to seeing you all at training (remember to go to the synthetic nets at Clayton!), bring on Brighton next Saturday!