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Gryphon 2’s vs. Brighton @ Dendy Park

By Anna Broomhall

17th January, 2009

So with this new company in charge they actually expect I do some work on Monday mornings so I’m going to try and speed this match report up… 10-1 that I fail, but we’ll give it a go.

For the last few weeks I have been a very spoilt Skipper of Happy Full Team Day XI’s and Saturday was no exception with Rowdy, Bel, Ann and Raylene stepping in to boost our numbers. While last week’s opener Ms Johnson took a holiday, our X Factor returned a week early.

While good ol’ Terry was overseeing, the toss was made and another loss to me (2009 is not giving me nearly as much love as 2008) but as I was going to field if I won, Brighton’s decision to bat was nearly as good as a win anyways (only nearly though… whether it’s table tennis, pinball or solitaire I’m fond of a win!).

With X returning as my new-ball partner the first 6 or so overs turned out to be a fantastic example of bowling in partnership – while they seemed completely incapable of getting me away for runs, X was able to go on the attack. In the 4th over they had only scored 5 runs on the postage stamp they call a cricket ground and when X bowled a ball outside off the batters eyes lit up and went for the tonk. It raced off a thick outside edge between point and gully – as Jo was standing at gully however, she decided she couldn’t be bothered chasing it so in the blink of an eye she shoved her left hand into the space and somehow plucked it as it flew past. Absolutely magnificent and there went the Brighton skipper – a valuable wicket as once Georgie gets going, the runs always flow.

After another maiden went against my name, the next over was even more successful for young X and she made it 3 wickets in 7 balls – knocking off the bails of the next 2 batsman as she learnt the age-old “you miss, I hit” theory of bowling. At the end of the 6th over, we had Brighton on the ropes at 3/9.

While the next few overs weren’t as tight as the first 6, some great work by Rowdy in the deep kept the runs down and after a wayward first over that went for 13, Tals recovered in her 2nd over with a wicket maiden after the batter went the tonk one too many times and took on the wrong fielder – Rowdy topping off her fantastic ground fielding with a well-judged high catch at deep-ish square leg. Jo came on for a spell and was unlucky not to get wickets as they couldn’t quite get the measure of her slow but perfect length deliveries and while they would get onto one occasionally, Ella, X and KB on the leg-side boundaries usually managed to keep it to singles.

After a wicketless opening spell, I decided to try and get my name in the scorebook and booted Ella out of the in-close off-side position – a good move as a couple of overs later a delightful spooned lolly popped up and after the usual panicked thoughts ran through my head, I swallowed it and Tals had her 2nd wicket for the day. That was the last wicket for some time as Brighton ramped it up, with Ann and KB two victims of both a skinny pitch and a tonking batsman as the no-ball count went through the roof and Ann announced her re-retirement from bowling after going for 17 in 2 overs. Tals came back on and finished her 8 overs with 2/27 – when you consider that her first over went for 13, that is a fantastic recovery.

While there were a number of runs conceded in the last few overs that we let slip through to the boundary, I finally managed to nab a wicket in my final over – again Jo was the taker of a brilliant catch – running to her left, taking it shoulder-height, marvellous and with X and Jo finishing off the final overs, Brighton landed on 7/163 after Rowdy took advantage of some sloppy running between wickets on the final ball and whipped it in to Jo at the bowlers end to knock the bails off and reduce the total.

After a quiet word to our fearless keeper who had made some huge improvements in her batting at training on Wednesday, I marked her down at number 3 – no better opportunity than against a team with no quick bowler and some tiny boundaries. Sheeana could relax for the first 7 overs as Rowdy and Ann took control and Rowdy enjoyed the loopy bowling and those short boundaries – absolutely creaming a few through the leg-side and making the Brighton fielders run a mile to play fetch.

Ann departed not long after hitting double figures and Raylene strode out into the centre. The next 20 overs or so were marvellous to watch as Raylene took control and Sheeana played a brilliant support innings. There was some great running between wickets, including 2 x 3’s which should never happen on a ground that small. It was great to see Sheeana’s confidence grow as she spent more and more time out there and she went from pushing the 1’s and 2’s into the gaps to hitting a couple of 4’s at the end of her innings – opening the face and running it down to the 3rd man boundary like a pro.

Her disappointment when she popped a catch up in the 31st over was clear as she smashed her bat into the ground – a 100-run partnership for the 3rd wicket, and selfishly only leaving me 9 runs to win. It didn’t take long, one sighter and the next one my beautiful bat hit to the square leg boundary, a single and Ray’s shot of the day, a cover drive for 4, took us to the total with 7 overs in hand and only 3 wickets down. A comprehensive victory if I’ve ever seen one.

Goals & positives!

  1. Running between the wickets – the old ball-watching was back again this week! We’ll be doing some centre-wicket type training over the next few weeks, so that should improve.

  2. Support for the bowler – lots of noise and catches were taken when they were available – great effort and without that we could have been looking at a much bigger target. Great work.

  3. Sheeana’s batting – anybody who was around for the Bayswater game could see Sheeana’s frustration and her solution was to ask for help. After some solid training on Wednesday and given the opportunity she took it with both hands and scored a beautiful 23. When you combine that with her keeping on a day with a skinny pitch, you get a Player of the Match performance. Awesome and something to keep in mind – improvement doesn’t always take months or years, sometimes it just takes you to ask for help and some training.

We have a week off next week for Australia Day, I look forward to seeing you all at training (back to the turf nets at Clayton), let’s keep this momentum going!

Great work Gryphs, congrats to all on a great victory!