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Gryphon 2’s vs. Kingston Heath @ Kingston Heath

By Anna Broomhall

15th February, 2009 – Gryphon 2’s vs. Kingston Heath @ Kingston Heath

So before I begin today, I would like to announce the inaugural winner of our Gryphon 2’s award for the 2008-09 season in the Best Bruise Category… drumroll please… Linda Morris! Below you will find Exhibit A (otherwise known as Exhibit One and Only) in the evidence catalogue, if you cast your mind back to the Pakenham game you’ll recall that she was smashed in her shin while standing at her usual in-close position from the bat of a Tonker and we were much more impressed looking on than Lushy was actually experiencing the associated pain. You’ll be pleased to know that all feeling has now left the bruised area and all that is left are the beautiful colours:

Your browser may not support display of this image.Anyhoo, let’s get to the match yesterday.

Our day started off with an adjustment to our Happy Full Team Day thinking after Jo succumbed to a weekend-long headache (not alcohol related she assured me) and despite some nice and early Sunday morning messages and phone calls, I was unable to rustle up an 11th player.

As we played and beat Kingston Heath earlier this season to notch our first win with only 10 on the field, I wasn’t that perturbed. Knowing however that Kingston Heath were not impressed to be beaten by us earlier (and also knowing that pretty much all opposition captains had taken great pleasure in commenting to the Kingston Heath skipper on their loss to us), I knew they were going to come at us hard.

With our strength all season lying in our much improved fielding and bowling attack, when I finally won my first toss of 2009, I elected to send the Kookaburras in to bat – after the lush ground of Mornington, the dry and dusty ground of Southern Rd Reserve was a bit of a shock to the system.

For the second week running I got off to a poor start and couldn’t get the ball where I wanted it but initally Kingston Heath let them go and my figures were better than I was bowling. It would appear however that X lifts when I can’t and her first over was a fantastic maiden. I managed a maiden in my second over as well but there would be only 1 more for the day. After that good start there were a few overs of 4-5 an over and one where I was badly punished for a terrible 6 balls and went for 11, I switched to around the wicket and was unlucky not to get the edge on numerous occasions when I finally managed to push it outside off.

From the outset though, it seemed that we were flat and we never really picked it up. When Emma came onto bowl and was tonked through square, Scooby got on her bike from midwicket and raced around the boundary, at the last second when all looked lost she stuck out her hand and slap! The ball stuck and Scoobs and X on the boundary were understandably beside themselves (well X was, Scoobs was her usual nonchalant self) at this most spectacular of catches when the dreaded call came… “No-ball!”. That and X’s delivery that was chopped on but the bail didn’t move seemed to sum up our day and Kingston Heath cruised to 90 before Em snuck one through the non-Tonker’s defence and finally our loud appeals were rewarded by Tilly and up went the finger.

They kept the run rate ticking over when Ella came on for a bowl. As much as their eyes lit up at her slower paced bowling, the length and line was good and they couldn’t get them away – with X doing great work out at the midwicket boundary stopping the boundaries as she raced all over the place (despite a dodgy ankle she forgot to tell me about… grr X), in Ella’s third over the 2nd non-Tonker popped one high at square and with about 5 of us calling Tahls in, she sidled to her left and swallowed a good catch and Ella had her first wicket of the season.

While the Tonker herself was getting tired in the heat, we were still flatter in the field than I’ve seen since when we had only 7 and were getting belted around the park at the start of the season – a number of poor throws (myself the culprit on a couple of occasions), some missed relay throws and backing up was helping Kingston Heath keep the pressure on us rather than putting the pressure on the batters as they stole a few runs from overthrows or fumbles in the field. Lushy at one stage made the good decision to avoid an Exhibit B and get the hell out of dodge as another got thumped at shin height.

After Emma bowled her 8 straight (and a good spell it was too against some good batting) KB came on and followed my strict instructions to bowl outside off and did well. With time pressing, I replaced KB and again just couldn’t get the line quite right – but a couple hitting the edge and just out of reach of our fielders – Talia making a great diving effort at gully on one occasion. Finally in my 10th and final over I got the line perfect and ah ah the Wicked Tonker was dead… she chopped it onto the leg stump and while it’s not how I usually like my wickets, I’ll take them as they come.

We finished off just one over short (again good hustle after the drinks break) – given that Kingston Heath smashed 217 on a ground with no fences and the Tonker took 5 minutes to tend to a broken lip with an icepack, that was a great effort.

After Lushy (or Tank as Jaffa fondly refers to her) made this Skipper love her by putting her hand up to open with Scoobs while Cat was struggling with the smoky air, Scoobs tempted fate one too many weeks in a row and they actually snaffled a catch – albeit flukily as it bounced off the keeper, off the slip and finally they nabbed it on about the 3rd bobble. After a wicked hit-up where I’ve decided to throw things at Talia because she bats brilliantly when she’s mad, she headed out there to join Lush in the centre.

A couple of singles later she smashed one to the boundary but fell not long after that and X headed out. After her heroics last week, she started well with a couple of nice straight drives but one snuck through and knocked the stumps over. I couldn’t keep Cat out any longer so she headed in and knocked a nice 15 out there with Lushy before Lush also lost her stumps, Em managed to get some wood on some before another set of stumps went a knocking.

I headed in there and after a few rubbish leaves I finally cut one through point and the sledging bowler let it through and it went all the way to the boundary off my beautiful bat. Nice when I can actually find my centre in the centre. Some cheeky (but deliberate I maintain) edges through slips, I laughed all the way to the other end (literally laughed all the way down… and geez it was p*ssing off Tonker who was bowling). After I granted and then revoked Cat’s license to tonk, we had some fun out there before Cat finally lost her wicket in the crook of the keepers arm.

Jaf headed out to join me and we also had some fun out there before I got sick of the dots. I managed to smash one through a wide mid-on for 2 while Jaf was knocking a few singles around, and I was getting major glares from the opposing Skipper as they brought on their youngest (who looks about 10) and I kept charging down the pitch at her to avoid the massive inswing she was getting. They just don’t seem to find the fun in their cricket… finally I hit one just not quite high enough to get over the close-in fielder and wandered off.

Ella replaced me and was left shaking her head as she was caught, while Jaffa finally smashed one to the boundary, I thought it was safe to go and get changed but came out to find everybody walking off after Jaf was the last wicket to fall.

All in all it was nowhere near our best game of the season and while we haven’t been strong in our batting most of the season, it was a disappointing day in the field – there weren’t dropped catches or anything like that but the lack of energy and hustle was in stark contrast to last’s week’s brilliance against Mornington. And the buck stops here – I certainly wasn’t at my best yesterday but with one game to go for the rest of the season, I hope we can make Knoxfield work harder than Kingston Heath had to yesterday.

We’ve got a long break after next week so let’s leave everything we’ve got out there at East Caulfield on Sunday! For anyone sticking around after the game we’re going to chuck some snags on the barbie and have a couple of beers/soft drinks so anyone around not playing, or any 1’s players who can get down after your match, feel free to come down and have a drink with us.

Bring on next week!