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Vale David Bradshaw

By Morgan Cole

The Monash University Gryphons Cricket Club has the said duty to announce the unfortunate passing of keeper and batsmen Dave “Skinny” Bradshaw. Skinny tragically drowned while on holiday in Turkey, at the age of 27.

Skinny had been playing for Royal High Corstorphine Cricket Club 1st XI for the last three seasons in Scotland, here Skinny had been an integral part of the club in all forms of cricket. He would have qualified to play for Scotland next season and was widely tipped to get the call up.

For those of us who saw Skinny play, his skill with the gloves will most likely never be equaled at the Gryphons. He was lightning quick behind the gloves and a spectacular fieldsman. His 34 games for the Gryphons yielded 36 catches and an amazing 23 stumpings.

Skinny was also a strong A grade batsmen, scoring 800 runs for the Gryphons at an average of almost 23 run an innings, including 4 half centuries.

Skinny made his debut for the Gryphons in the season of 2003/2004, when he wandered down along with two good university mates, Ben “Ox” Gordon & Dave “Scruffy” Marshall. Skinny would go on to play 34 matches for the Gryphons over the next three seasons; Skinny also made the appearances in the B grade side last season scoring 47 and taking a trademark leg side stumping of Harro.

However, above anything else, Skinny will be remembered as a terrific bloke, a committed and hard working team member and a good friend to all those who new him well.

Over the next few weeks the club committee will be deciding the best possible way to honour the memory of Skinny. More information on how this will be done will be sent out once it has been decided.

Skinny Dave’s Gryphon Highlights

2003/2004 Men’s Rookie of the Year
2004/2005 Events Manager
2005/2006 Men’s 1st XI Fielding Award.
Highest Score: 75

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