Monash University CC News

Women's Round 1

By Anna Broomhall

Welcome to Season 2009/10 my fellow Gryphons!!

That’s right, after a long, desolate winter with only the Aussie’s pitiful attempts to make up for losing the Ashes with some one-day wins to keep cricket on our minds, it’s BACK!!
To celebrate this occasion, my throat shut down a week ago, and after having an entire week off sick for the first time in my life, my voice was in rather raw form on Sunday morning. Jaffa had kindly promised to lend me the use of her voice, so I dragged myself up and out of bed, entertained my housemates by singing Queen’s “Champion” very hoarsely in the shower, and headed off to Moonee Valley.

In the time since I left the West side of the city, apparently the councils decided to try and increase tourism by creating a new beach at Ormond Park – doesn’t have water, but like a Hungry Jack’s Whopper without beef, it had the main ingredients so it still counts. Lots of sand, a bit of wind and beautiful sunshine.

Despite losing the first toss of the season, Moonee Valley chose to bat making me a happy Skipper as we headed into the centre. My first over was a bit rusty as my limbs tried to remember how bowling worked, but thanks to the beachy keen conditions the ball would stop dead once it hit the deck so a fairly ordinary 6 balls went for only 3 runs.
X came on at the other end and got into the groove quickly, keeping it outside off and frustrating the opposition Skipper who was attempting to be The Tonker.
6 dots in my second over made The (not quite) Tonker ripe for X’s picking, and sure enough, after her first head high no-ball of the season, the ball finally hit a top edge and spun madly straight up. Jaffa afterwards claimed that I might have stolen Cat’s catch, but if I was going to miss out on the first wicket against my bowling figures, I had to get involved one way or the other!

The next 3 overs only let 3 runs slip through before X got involved again, knocking off stump out of the ground. The next wicket gave us a head start on one of our team KPI’s for the season as a double slight misfield from X & Scooby resulted in confusion and X knocked the bails off as the batter scrambled but failed to get back in her crease.
Maddi came in for her first spell as a Gryphon and while her first couple were a touch wayward as she struggled to get her line right, it wasn’t long before she had it bang on and even Terry had to agree that being hit on the toe, right in front of middle & off stump equates to Leg Before Wicket and another batsman was trudging off.

At drinks we had them at 4/31 off 20 overs and feeling great. Well X was lying down because her world was spinning and I couldn’t talk properly, but as a group we were feeling confident.
First ball after drinks, Cat received a perfect slips catch off my bowling and they were on the ropes. KB was keeping it tight at the other end and maintaining a good line and was rewarded a few overs later when Hannah took a ballerina style leaping catch at mid-on. Scoobs came on for a couple to help me out while we waited out Maddi’s age-induced break and bowled a few no-balls but on the whole, it did what I needed it to do so thanks Scooby!
Maddi nabbed her second wicket after she knocked the bails off the number 7, and her third with an absolutely superb delivery that produced a peach for me at slip. Pitching on off stump and just moving away enough to catch the edge, speaking as a slips fielder, those are the ones that make your day.

As we got to the tail end, all fielders had been pulled in to heighten the pressure, and in an attempt to knock it over as quickly as possible, X came back on. A thick edge flew to Angie standing at short point where she took a blinder, one handed (3-fingered in fact), ball nearly past her before her reflexes realised that she was meant to catch it and threw the hand out.
One wicket remaining, Maddi & X both bowled out, KB and I came in to finish up. A comedy of errors in the first ball of my 9th over – I was groaning because it nearly bowled her, Angie & Lushy were appealing for the caught behind so I then went up for that appeal, while Terry was explaining that she hadn’t hit it, Cat & Jaffa appealed successfully for the stumping, so we all started walking off while Terry was telling me that it wasn’t out... all out for 62 in the 37th over – brilliant.

I approached Cat at the lunch break and asked if she wanted to resume normal duties with Scoobs at the top of the order, she politely offered to let someone else have a crack since it was such a low total, so I sent Lushy in. The tone of our batting innings was quickly established when Scooby dispatched the second ball to the boundary – in Moonee Valley’s entire innings, they only scored more than one run 5 times. 10 of our first 20 runs came with 2 fours and a 2. Ticking the scoreboard over with regular singles punctuated by the odd 2, Lushy CREAMED a ball for 4 and we were sitting pretty.

We passed their total with a no-ball on the first ball of the 16th over, 2 more no-balls came before finally a single, I called it but Lush decided to wait until the end of the over so we ended up on 68 at the end of the 16th.

Plenty of positives!
* Teamwork in the field – everybody hustled, backed up, provided relay options, talked, put up with my hacking & coughed directions. Catches were taken, run out opportunities were created, everybody was switched on. Brilliant.
* Bowling – the wicket balls weren’t just mistimed slog shots that happened to be caught – I could see each of the bowlers formulating plans for the batsman, X importantly asked for help to formulate a plan, and each wicket was well thought out. If anybody has a plan during a game for a batsman, come and see me – we can work out a field to tempt them into a particular shot, or even push the field out to allow a single so you can have a ping at the other batsman. That’s what I’m there for and I can’t always read your mind!
* Scooby & Lushy’s partnership – the running between wickets was top notch. The fielders with good or bad arms were identified so second runs could be pinched without any unnecessary danger. They tested the fielders regularly, and ticked the scoreboard over to keep the pressure on. Another of our KPI’s that Steve has set is to increase our run rate – Scoobs knocked up 33 at 75%, and Lushy 20 at 60%. On a beach, that’s a fantastic effort.
For those of you who were around at the end of the game, you may have noticed me approach 4 senior Gryphons and ask them to submit 3-2-1 votes for their standout performances of the day.

This was something that I meant to raise at training during the week and couldn’t as I was crook – this year we’re going to have a Players Award – this isn’t necessarily for the most runs or wickets (but certainly can be if that stood out for you), but the 3 best team performances that you noticed during a game. Each week I will randomly select 4 players to do votes & I will do them as well. At the end of the season they will be tallied and the winner announced at Presentation Night.

This is separate to the player of the round award that I will announce each week – this week that honour goes to Maddi who grabbed 3/8 off 8 overs in her first senior game. Great work mate, look forward to seeing you go about your business all season.
Congratulations on a great effort first up Gryphons – bring on next week!