Monash University CC News

Women's Round 2

By Anna Broomhall

So Week 2 rocked around this week and after the hike to Moonee Valley last week, we again all jumped in our motor vehicles and made our way to Parker Reserve in Coburg.
After we admired how the hills could be so alive in both a cricket field AND a cricket pitch, I lost my second toss in a row and for the second time I got my way anyway as apparently no other captain likes to bowl first. Maybe other captains are batters? I don't know.

I started as I like to start with a wicket maiden and an unhappy opener... she was complaining about how it hit her thigh... but she wasn't that much taller than Jaffa, and taller than VERY SHORT is in fact still not that tall. Regardless, the new umpire raised his finger, I raised my voice in celebration and she was on her way. X also opened with a maiden while Jaffa learnt quickly that the pitch was not conducive to keeping byes down. It wasn't until her second over that it all went wrong for X, going for 11 with 2 head high no-balls.
With Maddi running a touch late, KB came on to help me out while I gave X a rest, and the openers took a liking to her first over but she managed to pull it back for the second. Maddi was then cleared to come on and was on the mark early- while our first 8 overs went for 31, our next few came as follows: maiden, 3 runs, wicket maiden, maiden and we really started to reel it back in.

The second wicket came as I was pounding out my 6th - my second ball I hi-ya-ed for LBW for no love, the next ball was a dot ball that was perilously close to being the most spectacular non-wicket catch as Lushy lunged, and then the next two balls were rubbish -the second being different in that the batter finally got some wood on it waaay outside off, and Jo (standing in Cat's customary gully position as Cat glumly noted afterward) snagged a catch as it flew over her head.

Maddi was finally rewarded for a great opening spell in her 4th over as Cat got her chance in gully - a beautiful slow-motion-esque catch as she spun round and caught in both hands almost as it was past... ripper of a catch. Some rain appeared after a beautiful start to the morning and we took early drinks.

Unfortunately that was the last wicket for 96 runs as Jo came and went after 1 over, Cat had a shot and bowled well once she got her rhythm, KB came and went after another spell of 2 and after trying X for a second spell of 2 overs with a warning that it was coming which didn't work all that well, I later threw her the ball without notice. It seemed that not having a chance to stew on her upcoming over worked and her last 5 overs were magnificent. After going for 23 in 4 overs, she finished unluckily wicketless but only conceded 14 runs in her last 5. Fantastic effort X - I don't expect you to get it right all the time but the fact that you came back and tried throughout the day was brilliant.

Why do we play cricket? Because we love it and it's fun. We all have to remember that Gryphs... it's the most important thing to think of while you're on the field going for a few runs against a good team... when you're 73 and living in a nursing home, you're not going to remember that bad ball that went for 4 or the misfield or the bad shot that went straight to the fielders (and if you do, you've got a freakish memory) - you're going to remember being on the park with your team mates having a ball.

When the next wicket finally came, it came courtesy of another great spell from Maddi forcing a bad shot that went to Angie at mid-off who took a good catch. That started a small avalanche of wickets (does 3 count as an avalanche?) as the opposition Skipper made her first terrible shot off my bowling and Cat didn't mind so much that she wasn't standing in gully as she swallowed one behind Jaffa at slip. Maddi's next over also claimed a wicket, apparently she couldn't choose just one stump to aim at so when the ball hit them, they collapsed like my little brother the first time I winded him (hee...).

That was the last wicket for the day, I flew through my last over hoping that I could squeeze one more in, but the umpire called last over ahead of Maddi's over and much like X last year, that was the subconscious signal for her to relax or switch off and her last over went for 11 - nearly doubling her runs tally from her previous 7 overs. It's a pity because the spell deserved better figures - although 3/26 off 8 overs is brilliant and I'd take that any day!
As Maddi had to leave early for multiple soccer presentations, she headed into the centre with Scoobs to open the innings. We started as successfully as our bowling innings and after Scoobs dashed through for a single, Maddi creamed her second ball for 4... not a bad start with the bat! While Scooby fell in the fourth over, Maddi kept on keeping on batting beautifully before the rain came back and she had to leave - Michael was valiantly trying to get more time but a rain break just killed it and she was left on 9*... something to build on based on what we saw, fantastic effort. Cat batted well, getting sick of 2's pretty quickly and decided that she should get on the boundary bandwagon, hitting 2 in 4 balls before succumbing to the same fielder as Scooby.

Lushy & Jaffa headed out after drinks/rain break and Jaffa lasted for a few balls before getting caught, and X headed into the centre and just as quickly back out, finding that when Lushy warns that the bowler is quicker than she looks, it means it's possibly better to watch a couple than swing with eyes closed. I joined Lushy in the centre and Lush was wiping disbelief from her eyes as the slips appealed for LBW my first ball when my left leg was nearly off the pitch, while my second ball I was hit halfway up, PLUMB in front of middle & leg. But I survived as they apparently forgot to appeal and we set about building a partnership.

I also got sick of the 2's after running a few in quick succession (just to clarify... quick succession - not running them quickly...) and finally dispatched a BEAUTIFUL lolly, specially built for me; full and wide outside off-stump, to the boundary. I'm not sure if batters are supposed to tip their bat to the crowd after each boundary but I found it great fun. Lush decided to get on the act and swing but unfortunately that provided a nice lolly for the shortish square leg and she found out that my version of a partnership is me hitting runs while Lushy runs lots - very indignant to find only 4 runs to her name in the scorebook.

Jo came for a go and survived for a few overs before I watched sceptically as she was apparently "bowled"... suspiciously looked like the keeper might have knocked the bail off but the umpire raised his hand and Hannah joined me in the centre. Once she got off the mark, it was like a switch flicked in her head and it was ON... single, 2, a MAGNIFICENT 4 tonked through midwicket, a couple of balls later she decided to go one better and hit the same shot in the air for a massive 6... great shot, fantastic timing and the cheering from the peanut gallery, as well as from the Coburg team, contributed to the massive grin that took up residence on Hannah's face.

There were beautiful lollies being thrown but Hannah was managing to hog the strike so I lost interest, wandered back to the non-strikers crease when the fielder - at a 90 degree angle - rather nonchalantly piffed it back and collapsed the stumps leaving me a foot (or two) short. What a ridiculous way to go. Apparently being overcome with me leaving her, Hannah quickly joined me on the sidelines after another tonk was less successful.
KB's second ball was a beautiful shot that she stood and admired before us couch runners bellowed and Angie scurried through to get her off the mark. A couple more singles and Angie also fell to another skyed ball. 72 runs short, but a great effort to last into the last over.

* While the fielding wasn't the best that we've ever done, much thanks go to Scooby, X, Maddi, Jo and Hannah who fielded in the outfield for the most of the day, on both sides, running back and forth and fielding bucketloads of tonked shots.

* Like I said, X you didn't start well, but when I threw you the ball (and you didn't have a chance to stew), you pulled your finger out and did what I asked. Your runup problems are a mental thing rather than a length thing, gives us something to work on!

* Once Scooby, Cat & Maddi were all out of the picture batting wise, we didn't just throw it in and give them the game - while we were well behind runs wise, we made them bowl only 4 balls less than we bowled and pushed them the whole way. Fantastic work by Lush in a supporting role, while Hannah nabbed Player of the Week for her efforts in the outfield, the 6 and achieving her KPI in her first effort of the season by scoring 15 runs.

We've got plenty to work on at training so please if you can make it, get down to ECR on Wednesday - the Coburg skipper made an effort to come and congratulate me on the team we've got, the only way is up Gryphons!
Cheers all, bring on Round 3!