Monash University CC News

Women's Twenty20 Round 1

By Anna Broomhall

Week 4 came rollicking around this week as we all jumped into our various automobiles and headed in the direction of Dandenong, minus a few regulars this week as Jo, Cat & Hannah all had other things to do than participate in a walloping... but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Angie and Bel jumped on board the Gryphons Train this week to help us out so I was feeling a lot better with 10 on the list as I headed out into the centre for the toss. For the 3rd time in our 3rd away match tails got me jack but for the first time the opposition skipper wanted to bowl first... the cheek of it! I was left twiddling my thumbs and feeling a little lost as we warmed up, not used to this batting first! As we waited for Maddi to make her way from soccer, I was searching for an opening partner for Scooby. Lush offered to let someone else have a crack, Jaff was happy to go in if I couldn’t find anyone else and I was pleasantly surprised when X put her hand up.

After getting into the mood of Twenty20 with a few wild swings, X finally middled one to get off the mark but got a nick 2 balls later and was on her way after her conscience got the better of her and she walked, sending Maddi into the centre. The next 10 or so overs were a blur as Maddi and Scooby took control and got on top of the bowling and worked out the fielders, Maddi playing with fire as she chipped many balls just over the head or just to the right/left of fielders. While she eventually took on one fielder too many and was on her way, a highest score of 35 off 35 balls and a 74 run partnership are 2 more KPI’s to tick off our season to-do list!

I headed in and knocked around the singles as Scooby took delight in making me run 2’s... apparently she was enjoying it. I eventually got sick of the singles and danced down the pitch, a bit early as the bowler noticed and threw it shorter and it hit me in the chest, the keeper pouncing and we both dived from about 2 metres out of the crease, X deciding to send me on my way. Much like Lushy when she batted with me at Coburg, running 35 runs to only get 7 myself is... a good team thing and I am HAPPY to do it... (but spewing I didn’t get a few more off my bat).

Jaffa headed out and managed to get onto a few before holing out to Kayla in a caught & bowled and Bel got her chance for a couple of overs, slapping 3 off 3 before we hit the end of our innings. 4/144 off 20 overs – a run rate of more than 7 an over is a fantastic effort and two thumbs up for Scooby’s 73 off a mere 49 balls... from what I can decipher from Steve’s scribbles in the scorebook it looks like less than 8 dot balls in her innings... great work and fantastic to watch.

Finally I got my chance to head out into the centre and threw Maddi the new ball to pair with Xy and open us up. It didn’t take Maddi long to get into the swing of things, nabbing yet another wicket in her second over, absolutely nailing the batsman with a ripper just above the foot in front of middle. X did well while still struggling with her chest infection and did the right thing by asking me to take her off after her second.

With a leftie as the new batsman annoying me as usual, I brought myself on and came around the wicket tailing it into her toes. After passing a few outside the edge, she finally popped one back up to me and I broke the rule of the umpire by snagging the catch myself.

That was the last wicket for a little while and our fielding took over control as Ella & KB bowled a few – it was an attacking field with plenty of gaps so more runs got hit off Ella than she deserved but our fielding and pressure kept the run rate well below the required 8 an over. A few dropped catches contributed to our end of year drinks cash stash with the wind wreaking havoc on skyed balls. I was bewildered when the remaining opener swung for a pull shot and managed to get it past me at slip... bizarre.

Maddi came back on to finish her spell and again grabbed a wicket with the last ball of her spell with another ripsnorter – good length, good line and a good nick came through to Jaffa.

A nervous looking number 5 came out with the highest helmet I’ve ever seen and we all crept in nice and close waiting for her inevitable end. While it took a bit longer than expected, her 8th ball proved her downfall as she popped one up and X swallowed it at mid-on. That brought Kayla to the crease and I was excited at getting a chance to bowl at her, despite having no feeling in my right ankle courtesy of an X no-ball that skidded off the edge of the pitch and slammed into it before I could get my hands to it... that’s called “getting your body behind the ball”. I must say, I’m disappointed with the bruise but the lump is quite impressive.

Unfortunately I was too excited to count properly and so KB bowled her 4th out and I was left with only 1 over to bowl (the umpire helpfully pointing out that I couldn’t bowl both the remaining 2 overs... what would we do without that kind of advice?). As the opener had hit singles regularly, I was confident that she could get some wood on it and get down the other end. However she couldn’t get onto it for the life of her, and I had to ask politely for her to hit a single so I could have a crack. With 2 balls to go she finally got onto one (giving me a friendly pat on the arm on her way past) and I had one ball... switched to around the wicket to try and take her toes but just swung a bit too far and the ball missed the edge and they ended on 4/80 after their 20 overs.


* Fielding – Again with only 10 fielders this week, the pressure we applied was enormous with Scooby and Ella doing some outstanding work in the outfield. Yes there were some dropped catches but the chances were created by pressure caused by our ground fielding.

* Bowling – with an attacking field and limited fielders legside, the effort to keep it outside was fantastic. KB that was your best bowling for the year, good work.

* Keeping – Jaffa that was an outstanding effort yesterday, with a couple of great saves down leg, watching for the stumpings and taking a great catch. You kept an eye on your teammates to ensure they were engaged and while it’s hard to look past Scooby’s brilliant batting, I thought you had a massive influence on the outcome of the game. Gryph of the week Jaff, love your work.

* Running between wickets – while Dandenong wasn’t the strongest fielding side we’ve ever faced, we made the most of it and pushed them constantly, causing errors and forcing runs where there shouldn’t have been any. Beautiful.

* Scooby & Maddi’s batting – shot selection was great, picking the gaps and going for it. A large partnership that set the base for our big score. Congratulations to both of you.

* Steve’s insightful commentary from the sidelines – when I missed the stumps by less than an inch in my final over, the bellowed “just hit the stumps Anna!” was really helpful. Thanks Steve! Gotta love a peanut gallery!

3 – 1 going into the break Gryphs, that’s where we wanted to be. Fantastic effort in our first 4 weeks, I look forward to having a crack at Edinburgh in 2 weeks – see you all then!