Monash University CC News

Women's Round 5 - Coburg

By Anna Broomhall

Round 5 rumbled in this week, thankfully cooler after last week’s adventures in the heat and we headed out Coburg way, minus Jaffa as she had her wisdom teeth and shoulder surgery this week. Take it easy Jaff, looking forward to seeing you back soon!
After we examined the turf wicket, with Michael attempting the Tony Greig key test and failing to get the key through the surface, I thought I would go against my usual again this week and bat first. Unfortunately my trend of losing the toss at away games continued and we were sent into the field.
Maddi and X opened up this week, Maddi unlucky as a nick went for 4 high over point and struggling for her first couple of overs to adjust to the turf. X however was straight into it, Lushy wringing her gloved hands after a couple of quicker ones slammed into the gloves a bit harder than she was expecting. It only took Maddi a couple to get into it, her third over was a beauty, conceding only a couple and earning her a fourth which was also spectacular and again made me rue the age regulations!
X opened her account with the first wicket of the day, after Bec arrived and came straight onto the field, a catch came her way 5 balls later and she grabbed it. With the opposition skipper (who belted a quick fire 50+ last game) coming in, I brought myself into the attack and tried to slow things down with Cat at the other end. While I also struggled to get the length right (earning me my first waist-high no-ball in my Gryphons career I believe), the fielding in the outfield was once again spectacular, with Hannah, Scooby, X and Ella keeping the pressure on with great chases and teamwork backing each other up. Finally the pressure proved too much and a great smooth pickup and throw by Scoobs required little or no assistance from Cat at the bowlers end and sent Dot on her way, earning us another point towards earning our 7 run outs for the season KPI.
The next wicket came in my 5th, with my late decision to scramble the seam again earning me a wicket as a bottom edge cannoned onto the stumps. Well it kind of trickled into the stumps but I’ll take it, and the other opener trudged off. We took drinks at the 20th over, with Coburg sitting fairly pretty at 3/80. Maddi and Ella kept it tight after drinks before Maddi went berserk in her 7th, X taking a screamer at covers when one was BELTED to her left and she grabbed it comfortably. Next ball to a very nervous looking batsman was another ripper that proved too good and knocked the bails off. Hat-trick ball was magnificent... beautiful line and length stole a faint edge but unfortunately died and hit the ground at Lushy’s feet... would have taken Adam Gilchrist to snatch that one Lushy, but what a great three balls from the youngster.
Another run out came next with some terrific work from the Busch sisters after Hannah kept a cool head amongst all the bellowing, collected it cleanly and winged it beautifully to Ella at the bowlers end and they were suddenly 6/83. Maddi earned another X in her bowling figures after Scooby took a great dive forward and swallowed a ripper at square leg, jarring her knee slightly and earning a rest as for the second week in a row we had the luxury of a 12th Gryphon available.
X decided to get in the act again, with a beauty of a nut that gripped the turf and popped up, earning a skied lolly which Ella gratefully accepted at close cover. Ella requested to come back on at the sight of very nervy tail enders and so she took on the challenge of trying to get an LBW decision, came VERY close on a number of occasions with a large number of Gryphons bellowing loudly but getting no luck. I got sick of sitting on the sidelines and brought myself back on, finally getting it right in my 8th over and again my kicker snuck through to the off stump. With one ball left in my over, I selfishly wanted to wrap it up and an in-swinger to the leftie did the job, my third wicket another one to knock the stumps over.
So after 3/80 at the 20 over mark, we ended their innings all out for 99 in the 31st over – what a brilliant fight back against a team that smacked 168 off 34 overs last time we faced them.

Unfortunately our batting wasn’t as inspired, with Jo needing to leave and Maddi having performed well against Coburg’s bowlers last game, they headed into open our innings and Maddi was unlucky, being on the receiving end of a tricky ripper of a ball from Dot and despite a big step forward, the swing did her and it knocked the stumps over, sending her on her way for a first-baller.
With the turf deck suddenly playing funny buggers and the ball staying very low, Cat copped a low ball that rapped her on the pads and was rather disgruntled when she was sent on her way. A mix up between Jo and Scooby resulted in Jo being the longest standing opener to get a duck this season, lasting 17 balls before sacrificing herself on the altar of Scooby. I headed in and watched as Scoobs got into the act of the turf, straight driving past the bowler for 4, when next ball she got one that on syntho would have sat up nicely for her trademark swivel-pull shot but stayed low and banged into her back leg in front of leg stump... an unlucky call but I certainly would have gone up if I was bowling.
Hannah came in and watched closely, managing a couple before edging one back onto her stumps and Ella came out into the middle. While I managed to get onto one that actually did pop up, the turf holding it just long enough for me to get into position and let my bat do the work, punishing it through squarish fine-leg for four. I actually got into the turf thing, enjoying the front foot action as I pushed a few through covers. One attack proved too many as I popped one up to the close in fielder, a soft dismissal that sent Bec in, with us in trouble at 7/33. While Maz had a cameo, getting off the mark with a 4 and looking good after 3 years absence from the middle, she ran out of partners as Bec was victim to a good ball, Lushy edged a ball onto her scone and got caught after it popped up (a creative way to get out really), Ella wandered out of her crease and got stumped and X got on the front foot but the ball managed to make its way around her and banged into the stumps and we were all out for 45.

As Michael mentioned as he watched from the sidelines, these kind of days happen in cricket to the best of teams and while it’s unfortunate, we can take plenty of positives out of the day. Our bowling and fielding was superb – Maddi had a great comeback after a lacklustre start and like I’ve said about X in previous games, it’s sometimes hard to get going and it’s a real show of character to put that behind you and pull it back. After going for 16 in her first 2 overs, to end on 3/24 off 8 is brilliant.
Ella and Cat are proving 2 very good bowlers, keeping it tight after our quicks come off and providing me extra options out there. Even if you don’t get wickets some days like yesterday, to tie up one end creates opportunities for other bowlers and pressure that can create runouts. Our run-outs were fantastic, good examples of cool thinking and taking the extra second to ensure that collection and release of the ball were what they needed to be to create wickets. The catching was again fantastic with Scooby and X’s classic catches joining the ever growing gallery of the 09/10 season, while Maddi didn’t quite snatch a tough one at point, the effort was there and Lushy can hold her head up high after a great effort behind the stumps on a tough wicket.
We’re back on synthetic next week so let’s put yesterday out of our heads and focus on getting back to what we’re comfortable! This week’s training takes place in a match situation as we head down to face the old enemy Brighton at Brighton – even if you can’t get down in time to play, we’d love to see some support down there during the game so come on down!
Gryph of the week goes to Ella this week after some superb fielding and excitement about her bowling, requesting to come back on and having a plan to get the batters out. The improvement this season is astounding El, great work.
Thanks for a great effort Gryphons, bring on Wednesday night and next weekend!