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Womens Round 8 - Clifton Hill/Collingwood

By Anna Broomhall

At the request of everyone’s favourite Gryphon, Mr Peacock himself, I have agreed to include in this week’s match report, a smaller version for those Gryphons with a rather small... what was I saying? Cocko... small... Oh that’s right, small attention span. Call it a recaplet or a weeport if you will. And minds out of the gutter.

  • We all turned up on a *insert 8 adjectives here* day to play cricket. We had 10 girls and despite some last minute phone calls, we didn’t get more than 10 throughout the day.

  • I lost my first toss at a home game this season. The other team batted first. I bowled first. Didn’t get a wicket for a few overs, but dropped a catch in slip. X bowled well. The other team didn’t run well. I eventually got a wicket. Yay team. Another big partnership with bad running. Eventually a run out after drinks. Hooray. Cat got a LBW decision from Terry. Yay team. Rowdy & Hannah took a good catch each. The opposition didn’t make very many runs.

  • Scooby and Cat batted well. Cat got out and Rowdy batted well. Scooby got another half century. Yay team. Rowdy got out and Hannah batted well. Gryphons won in the 23rd over. Go Gryphons.

    Hooroo Cocko, hope you enjoyed reading this recaplet, it’ll be back to far too many words next week!

    Now that those that who are easily distracted have been taken care of, I just have a few extra notes. Not too many mind you, as I have a 7am flight out of Melbourne tomorrow morning and a day conference in Brisbane to finalise, attend and chair. And I haven’t packed yet.

    We beat Clifton Hill Collingwood fairly comprehensively last time we played them, one of the games where Scooby and Lushy stole the show and carried their bats throughout the entire innings. We also got them out fairly cheaply, but we had a full-strength line-up that day with Maddi & Ella amongst the 11. With both off and away this weekend, we were left with 4 bowlers and after Jo was unavailable Sunday morning, we had 10. So while I was confident that we could roll them, I knew we had to be a little more precise with the bowling lineup.

    X and I started well, me keeping the ball up to them and X banging them in short and on a number of occasions audibly thwacking the ball into them, Cat and I wincing at slip & gully. X was unlucky as I grassed one I would normally swallow at slip but eventually I slipped one through to get an LBW decision with my final ball of my first spell and the opener was on her way for 3. Out for 3, 10 overs in. That gives you an idea of the scoring rate.

    Another long but not particularly high-scoring partnership saw a number of bowling changes as X was rested regularly after her dramas at training, Scooby rolled her arm over, Cat bowled beautifully and KB was getting good drift. Rowdy put her hand up to have a crack and her first over was crazy to watch for Jaffa and I as the ball was tossed hiiiiigh and the batter licking her lips waiting for it, but assisted by the bouncy pitch, the ball would fly past the batters nose about 32 seconds after she’d played her shot... Rowds had 2 overs and despite the lip smacking, only went for 4 in each, great effort at very short notice (volunteered at drinks and started first over after drinks).

    She got in the action again, pairing with Cat to run the scarier looking of the partnership out. Cat decided to help herself more directly to another and miraculously got our second LBW decision of our innings a couple of balls later – a ripping line and length meaning they couldn’t get her away, fantastic bowling.

    Rowdy couldn’t keep out of it for long, snaffling a well-judged catch at a deepish mid-on. After Hannah decided to try for one as well, the batsman obliged and popped one up at cover and they’d gone from 1/69 to 5/89. A few more runs got through in the last few overs, I again left Exxy to finish off the innings which resulted in her first two extras of a previously unblemished and very quick 10 overs. They finished on 107, a score about 50 runs short of where they would have been if they’d got on their bike and actually taken singles, two’s and three’s where they should of. Not counting the 4’s hit (and only 2 of those), only 9 multiple runs were scored on the day. Terrible running but that was helped by our pressure in the field.

    Cat and Scoobs headed out as I was unwilling to bugger around with our batting order again after the Coburg game. Blistering start to the innings as they raced away averaging 5 runs an over, Cat getting off the mark second ball with a delicate tickle that juuuust trickled over the rope. A bit of Thwack! Bang! Shazam! action from both as they punished the bad balls and picked their fielders, sneaking singles and pinching a second where possible. When Cat finally fell at 19, Rowdy headed in and immediately started nudging and kept the scoreboard ticking over. Scoobs passed her 3rd half century of the season and didn’t miss a beat. Hannah headed in after Rowdy nicked one onto her stumps and didn’t waste much time, belting a ball through mid-off for 3 to get off the mark. Jaffa was itching to get in there but unwilling to wish either batsman bad luck and so missed her chance as we passed their total in our 27th over – Scooby carrying her bat for the 4th time this season, a fantastic effort.

    Positives! Our fielding is improving noticeably every week. While their running between the wickets was appalling, the pressure was on them all the time and that resulted in most, if not all of our wickets as they tried to do silly things. Cat’s bowling was brilliant, on the spot from Ball 1, and combined with her opening stand with Scooby nabs her Gryphon of the Week. X found her rhythm after a couple of weeks with no cricket and was racing in, bowling some nasty short balls but combining them well with some wicked away swingers outside off.

    We covered a player short and the loss of two of our normal bowlers in Maddi & Bandit brilliantly, everyone stepped up – whether it was with the ball in hand or in the field and aside from my effort in slip, no other catches were dropped. The batting was fantastic to watch, really taking it to the opposition and that pressure caused their head to drop quickly, making it easier as the day went on.

    Next week I’m handing over the reins to young Jaffa as I will be attending my niece’s first birthday party – against my old mob out in North Ringwood so I am desperately trying to work out a way to escape my mother’s wrath if I sneak out early and come down for the second inning. Since you’ll all be out my neck of the woods anyway, and you all keep whinging that I never invite you over to use the pool, I’ll be firing up the barbie at my place after the game – hopefully celebrating a win over North Ringwood! More details to come after training on Wednesday so watch this space!

    Cocko if you have read this far, I’ll kill you.

    Great win today Gryphs, bring on next week!