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Women's Round 9 - North Ringwood

By Anna Broomhall & Sheeana Dhanji

Round 9 vs North Ringwood
Well my Sunday was fantastic. My little niece/god-daughter had her first birthday party and so after running around in the morning getting everything ready for dinner, I headed around to Mum & Dad’s and settled in. Knowing I possibly would spend the latter part of the afternoon bowling, I took it easy on the choc ripple cake & soft drink and distracted myself by playing with Tiahna whenever I could steal her away from her adoring grandmother. I had just managed to show her how to control her front foot drives with her miniature cricket bat that I bought for her (a replica of my bat), when I got the panicked call from Cat – “get down here now!!” – about 30 minutes earlier than expected.
Luckily for the only time this season, we happened to be playing about 3 minutes drive from where I was, so a frantic change into my whites, a few sloppy goodbye smooches from Tiahna and I was on my way – just getting to the ground in time as Jaffa was setting the field and X threw me the new ball. I have to say, we do warm up for a reason – I can barely walk this morning! Well worse than normal at least.

I got the rundown from stand-in-Skipper Jaffa behind the stumps, apparently Cat (or Zoom Zoom as she is now known... Zoom for short) got hit in the head Lushy-style and had to retire hurt, Scoobs and Rowdy got us in a great position before both falling at the 55-run mark and then a rather significant collapse and all out for 84. On the plus side, we now have some extra coins rattling around in our fines tin as we had 4 ducks , nearly doubling our entire season total. Ch-ching!

With 84 on the board, and a nearly-full strength bowling line-up (still missing Bandit but reclaiming Maddi), X and I took the new ball. After newbie Jaz learnt that unlike softball, there is no glove in cricket and if you try catching with your fingertips it is rather painful, North Ringwood also lost a player to injury as one of their openers pulled a hammie and had to retire hurt. Their other opener went about her business and got a few crisp clean hits before starting to try and hit too hard and the other batter wasn’t doing much but still managing to keep X, Maddi and I out. Cat came on for a crack and didn’t take long to get into it, taking her first caught & bowled from the toe of the bat and the umpire actually having to send them on their way after she disputed the catch.

The pressure was starting to mount with some great fielding and unlucky for X and Hannah in the field as some brilliant catching efforts just didn’t want to stick. With the opener taking the opportunity to film her documentary “How NOT to call while running between the wickets” with a lot of “yes-no-yes-wait-whoops” calls going on, Rowdy decided to try for a guest appearance as she chased down one at deep mid-off and winged it in, Maddi just managing to get out of the way as the ball cannoned into the stumps and Tamara was on her way.

That started the look-alike contest as I swear the next 3 batters all looked like the same person. Jaffa and I were very confused behind the stumps. I requested to come back on for a crack and after some close calls finally broke through with a ball that popped and cut back into the batter and just flicked the leg stump on the way nearly to the boundary. At that stage we had them 3/46 and were on track to keep them down. Ali headed in and after I shared my distinct memory with Jaff of how she played, Jaffa set a strong off-side field but she couldn’t help herself, after getting off the mark on leg-side, X hung a beauty up outside off and she went for it, clipping it straight to me at slip and unlike last week, I managed to hang onto it.

With X on fire but starting to tire (see what I did there?), she slipped in another beauty just beating the outside edge and the batsman didn’t seem to like my “This fishing trip is proudly sponsored by Xenia Clark!” and so when X followed it up with some pitched up rubbish that should nearly have been a wide, the batsman went for it hard and Zoom took a bloody ripper at gully – low, just off the deck, one handed to her left. Not sure if it beats Bandit’s pearler from earlier (I’m on fire today!) but I think it just about equals it!

With the batters trying to stick around but not getting the runs required, my old buddy headed into the centre. Cat had another shot and took another ripper as the boring batter finally went for one but couldn’t get it over Zoom’s hands as she stretched above her head and they were suddenly 6/73... 12 runs seeming a long way away. Well into the tail, my old mate was the last batter left and she didn’t want to hit me, leaving wherever possible and blocking if she had to play. Finally in my 10th over she couldn’t hold back any longer and went for it, popping it up and I have never been happier than when Scooby snaffled that one at cover. For some reason she didn’t look at me when I shot her a grin either. Strange.

Jaffa, going for the kill, brought X back on and she snuck through in her first over with a beauty that thudded in and a massive appeal sent yet another into the shed. Maddi at the other end was getting into it and trying to get through the gate of the very nervous number 10, finally Cat got yet another chance as a thick edge flew quickly and she took her 4th catch of the day, giving Maddi a well-deserved wicket. With the retired batsman heading back out and only 3 runs for victory, unfortunately Maddi’s pace took the wider ones past Jaffa and they passed our total with only 3 overs to go.

Lots of positives that we went through after the game:

  • Jaffa taking the reins for the day – fantastic effort, I know you did a lot of pre-work and I hope you enjoyed yourself. A whole new challenge when you’re out there!! I appreciate you stepping up and really throwing yourself into it. your encouragement and support for your team went a long way yesterday to nearly stealing a win yesterday.

  • Positivity – after a batting collapse, it’s really easy to fall into the trap of dropping your head and letting them take the game. But from the start, everybody really threw themselves into defending our total – Hannah throwing herself around the outfield, somebody always on the stumps and backing up, relay throws and support for your team mates was fantastic to watch. To take them into the 37th over with one wicket to go was brilliant. Like the Brighton 20/20 game – if we have to lose, it’s the way to do it!

  • Cat’s effort after being hit in the head – let’s hit her more often! 2 wickets, 4 catches and some creative stops at gully, great comeback. Gryph of the week mate.

  • X & Maddi combination bowling – nice to see you back Maddi! The pace and team bowling when you’re on together is fantastic, X roughing up the batters and Maddi with some terrific bounce and then the precision of line and length, it’s a killer combination that not many teams have the luxury of.

    I’m stealing the reins back for next week against Darebin, last game before Christmas so let’s put in an effort and go into the break with a win!! Thanks again everyone particularly Jaffa. Watch this space for word on training – as its forecast to be 39, Steve will make a decision whether or not to cancel it on Wednesday!

    Cheers Gryphons, bring on next week!