Monash University CC News

Women's Round 12 v Coburg

By Anna Broomhall

Round 12 crept around this Sunday after a week off for Australia Day, and we had 12 named ahead of a hot day against the beatable opponents from Coburg. Knowing the last 2 games, particularly the second where we capitulated for 45, were winnable, having the spare player I was excited at the prospect of having a crack despite the forecast of 37 degrees. Gee that was a fairly long sentence. Have I lost you yet Cocko?

With a few Gryphons (including Kelly!) plus Lauren lounging about inside trying to take advantage of the shade while we could, the temperature slowly rose and I was desperate to win my first toss in weeks and send them in to enjoy it. With Coburg’s skipper (not Dotty this time!) declaring she hadn’t won a toss all year, I was a touch more confident as she called “tails” but when the coin fell, it was Mr Platypus staring up at me rather than Lizzy and Nic wasted no time in declaring their intention to bat first.
After a minutes silence in honour of Betty Wilson (the “Don Bradman” of women’s cricket) that seemed to stretch well beyond a minute, Dotty wandered into the centre and joined M Nativo (grr) at the top of the order – the bugger who always seems to catch me out and despite not having much chops with the bat (other than the ability to hit the ball bloody hard), always seems to make runs against us! Hence my (grr)s you’ll see throughout this review – I do quite like her personally!

My opening over seemed to go for more runs than the 4 the scorebook tells me as I slipped down leg – couldn’t get any rhythm yesterday. X felt something similar running into the wind and her opening over went for 14 – including a head high no-ball to start. Her second over was remarkably better and restricted them to just 2, and she asked for a break and to be switched to the other end. Cat came on and had an immediate impact on the run rate as she only allowed 8 runs to be hit off her first 3 overs. After a fall in the warm up, Jaz headed off after only a few overs feeling light headed and KB joined her on the sidelines after only a few more and we were down to 8.

I continued on bowling joined by Hannah who has joined the bowling ranks after some remarkable work at training the last couple of weeks. While her first over went for 9, her second restricted them to 2 and a no-ball and given it was her first crack in a game, as Hannah herself said, she was just happy to land them on the pitch! And seeing you at training Han, it won’t take long and you’ll be doing much more than just that!
I asked for a drinks break at 15 overs and quickly turned drinks around as they headed out and we rested in the club rooms for a little longer than usual – the first drinks probably went for 10-15 minutes? Luckily Lauren was as knackered as the rest of us so she was fine with it. Despite KB’s extended break, we managed to get her to start and she was on the ball and bowled a great line and length. That KB over, Cat asked Dotty to be nice and “hit it to me!” While Dotty scoffed, the next over Cat tossed one up and swallowed her 13th catch of the year, a nice caught-and-bowled. That was the start of a stellar spell for Cat who was unlucky after I decided to stand a bit squarer at slip than I usually do. Nativo (grr) edged a beauty and it raced high to my left – slow motion my head turned as my hand flew up, I saw and felt it stick but as I went to take a step and regain my balance, it somehow slipped and hit the deck. Terrible. And I’m now $5 poorer for it.
Luckily I had a chance to make up for it (but not against Nativo [grr]), after Cat got the next one LBW, the number 4 edged one high but at me and I clutched it – not my cleanest catch by a long stretch but still, Cat had her 3rd. Another drinks break followed 10 overs later and I decided to have a crack with my leggies that I’ve been practising. Now Steve, I know I said I was going to use them as a change, but I was hot. So I bowled 4 overs of them. They came out nicely some of them, some of them dropped way too short and went for 4 but a few popped off edges and just managed to fall short or over the head of the fielders. Very frustrating. Finally Nativo (grr) went for one and Hannah took a great catch at wide mid-on.

Just before that one was a brilliant run out – Hannah had been struggling to pick the balls up cleanly, stopping the ball but just a slight fumble here and there as she picked it up. Still fantastic work that I was overly appreciative of, but when the ball came flying at her, it all came together as some “yes no” action caused a mix up in the middle and Hannah collected it, winged it in to X who again had the calmness needed to catch it and casually as you like, whip the bails off. Bang – number 7 run out of the season. One more and that’s our KPI done.
X had managed to get her rhythm from the other end and was bowling quick but suffering from the heat so Cat and I closed our bowling innings, only 33 overs in, Coburg finishing on 5/144 and we all took the opportunity to collapse in the club rooms. Well most of us did, Rowdy & Scoobs both looked ridiculously fresh so Cat took advantage and decided to have a week off opening and send both in.

Both got off to great starts as they opened their accounts with boundaries. A flying start to the innings continued for 24 runs before Scooby finally picked the fielder at backward square and a good catch sent her on her way. As we lose Scoobs for the last week before the finals and the first week of, Lushy was sent in to get some time in the middle and she struck a good partnership with Rowdy, playing her bit as she knocked singles to get an in-form Rowds to the strikers end. Eventually she fell to a 50/50 LBW decision, I could tell it was 50/50 as the keeper patted her on the back as she headed off – at least Rosie was happy to see her Auntie Linda back on the sidelines and Lushy was relieved to jump in the shower.
As luck would have it, it cooled about 15 degrees and started raining about that point as Hannah headed in and out again just as quickly and I decided to go in next – bugger the batting order. Rowds and I enjoyed the cooler conditions and batted well together – after my appalling run rate against Moonee Valley I decided to improve it and starting knocking around the singles. My goal this season has been to hit a 4 over the bowlers head – mainly because as a bowler, it sh*ts me when others do it. Finally it happened this week as a straight pitched up ball came at me, I loosened my arms and went for it and it flew... bang, it felt good, right off the middle of my hefty piece of willow and smacked into the fence at the nets end of the ground.

A few more balls and singles and I decided to go again, this time I managed to pierce the gap through the off side and it again managed to come off the middle... I like hitting the ball in the middle! Makes it so much easier! Needing 6 runs an over for 12 overs, Rowds was punishing the bad balls and starting to go the wallop before the Skipper took a good hard catch at short mid-on and she was on her way. I told Cat that it was our job to finish it off and promptly went out next ball after one ballooned off the shoulder of my bat and Nativo (grr) took the catch again.
That was just about the end bar Cat’s innings of 11, X managed to hurt herself yet again as she blacked out during a suicide run and did a 180 flip using her neck as leverage. Scooby and I rushed out to join Lushy who was square legging as one of Coburg’s team who is a nurse checked a very groggy X out and we carried her off and laid her in the club rooms. X mate, hope you’re feeling better today!

KB hit a great shot through fine leg and was unfortunate to not send a determined Cat back who was intent on getting 2. With 4 overs to go, Cat went for it and hit a great 4 straight before picking out the fielder next ball and we were all out for 102 – well 9/102 after Jaz went home feeling crook. Hope you’re feeling better too!

One of those days yesterday when it doesn’t go our way which unfortunately has happened all 3 games against Coburg. 4 games to go, very important that everybody gets to training and we have a crack at the 4 remaining games!

Positives – despite the heat, we remained as upbeat as our energy levels would let us. Kel was bounding around with ridiculous levels of cheeriness and Lushy was Den Mother as she made sure we were all hydrated. X was loud in the field and Hannah, Rowdy and Scooby behind the stumps were their usual brilliant selves. In that heat with only 9 on the field for much of the day, that’s a tough day!

Some great partnerships yesterday, unfortunately didn’t get us over the line but there was a 24, a 23 and a 40 within our first 4 – getting much better as losing one wicket at a time!

Special thanks go to the Morris sisters yesterday, thanks to Lushy for taking charge of hydration and Kelly for coming down for your 96th game as a Gryphon!
Cheers Gryphs,