Monash University CC News

Women's Round 13 v Melbourne Uni

By Anna Broomhall

Round 13 this week and after a dreadful day in the heat last week, I was relieved to see the forecast of 29 degrees for this Sunday – still warm, but a vast improvement on the craziness of late 30’s.

With the strange draw this year, we went in to face Melbourne Uni for the first time – while we’ve played Coburg 3 times already. And also for the third time this season, we were playing on turf so training consisted of batting on the outfield as Steve tried to replicate the pace and bounce of a turf pitch.
2 players down this week as Jaz was unwell again and Carmen also unwell for her first game, as we got to the ground, the sun was starting to burn and so after I won the toss for the first time in weeks I thought we’d have a bat. Well that’s not entirely true; I was debating it with Steve who told me without a trace of doubt in his voice that I NEEDED to bat first. Who am I to argue with that? (Well actually I argue/debate with him most weeks about batting/bowling first but the decision has been taken off me for a long time.) I felt almost panicked when the coin fell my way and I had to make a decision!

Scooby and Cat made their way into the centre and got off to a cautious start as they watched the unfamiliar opening bowlers – one in particular had a strange slinging action that was hard to pick up as you didn’t see the ball until it was on its way, while the other had a lot of swing and curve on the ball. Cat fell in the 5th over to LBW, and Lushy headed into the middle. While Scoobs was keeping it ticking over and picking the gaps, Lushy held up her end for 5 overs before allowing me to have a crack at the number 4 possie after she let one sneak through and send the bails flying.

With only 9 this week, I was determined to hold my end up and watch Scooby do her stuff and could hardly believe my eyes a couple of overs later as a ripper delivery snuck through her defences – you know they’re bowling well when they can hit Scooby’s stumps! Maddi came in and seemed right at home, picking the bad balls and as the field was up, there were plenty of gaps to hit. A ripper pull shot of a shocker of a delivery did what we thought was nearly undoable and raced over the boundary, and she was looking great. The opposition Skipper came on and managed to get under her skin with some loopy rubbish that was lucky to land on the pitch and a legside ball enticed a dance down the pitch but unfortunately the keeper was ready as it bounced between Maddi’s bat and legs and Maz came out for a visit. It was a short visit from my end as for the second week in a row, I announced that we needed to last for a while and then went out 2 balls later. Note to self – stop saying it!
That started the single most determined, and from a bowling perspective positively frustrating, innings of 3 from one Jo Moore that I think I’ve ever seen. Maz and Jo’s partnership lasted for 8 overs and while the runs weren’t flowing, the extra’s were keeping the scoreboard ticking and some good sneaking of singles ensured it wasn’t stagnant. Finally Maz had another good one sneak through and X came and went, unlucky as even the Umpire mentioned that the ball that hit her stumps was one of the best he’s seen this year.

KB headed in at the 29th over and like Jo, seemed determined for Melbourne Uni to do as much work as possible – Maz and Lushy yelling at me from the sidelines to have a break from square leg but I was loving it from the middle, a much better view from there! KB leant back on one and late cut through point for 2 and in true tail-ender style, stood and enjoyed it for a while before Jo’s delicate bellowing got her moving and they got through for 2. They lasted until the 36th over when KB was also unlucky as a waist-high no-ball bounced off her onto the stumps and was given out in one that could have gone either way, and if it had of been X bowling, I’m sure it would have gone the other!
With a lovely healthy & nourishing afternoon tea of chocolate brownies, salt & vinegar chips, carrot cake, lemon slice, one plate of sandwiches and a packet of almonds, none of us were particular heartbroken when we were called into the centre. Seriously, who brings salt & vinegar chips for tea at a cricket game? Just a reminder that after this weekend, Lushy has decided to check everyone’s choices of food to make sure we don’t ever serve anything up remotely as bad!

Our time in the field was a hot one as despite the forecast of 29 it reached 35, and we struggled to get rhythm – I know Steve thinks that bowlers in general are a whingy lot, but the uphill onto the pitch even threw me off, me who doesn’t really have a run up. With only 9 against a team that are used to turf, the off-side field were forced to do a lot of running and X & Maddi both tired quickly. While there was some unlucky wide calls, that’s the nature of the game and the Melbourne Uni batters knew from watching us to stay in their position when it was outside off to make them look worse – as opposed to us who tried to get out to them. Some great work in the field, special mentions go to KB and Maz, was offset by some bad lucky – Cat particularly was left frustrated when she caught the edge 3 times and they all flew wide.
They got to our target in the 17th over without loss and we walked off glad to be out of the heat.
While it’s never pleasant being beaten like that, there were definitely some positives that we can pull from it:

Tail-end batting – when we lost Scooby, Cat, Lushy, Maddi and I all within the first 21 overs, things looked grim. For our last 4, Maz, Jo, X and KB, to hold out until the 36th over was a spectacular effort. They gave away 34 extras yesterday, and a lot of those came in the last 10-15 overs of their innings, so even if you can’t hit the runs, it’s important that we stay out there as long as possible to take advantage of those extra runs. While 74 didn’t end up being enough, to get out for 50 would have felt a lot worse and it gave everyone time in the middle.

Effort – on a hot day, with 9 players, where we needed a strong off-side field, there was lots of running around yesterday and some great stops when it came near us – shout out to X who put in a couple of great efforts at wide mid-off. Also a massively improved effort from KB in the field which, combined with her determined innings with the bat, was enough to be Gryph of the Week. Great work mate.

Next week we have a full team against North Ringwood at home, so as discussed earlier, while I personally would like to feed them gruel and water, Lushy will be making sure we serve up something nice and healthy.

Important that if you can get to training you do so, there are some things we need to work on with 3 games to go!

Thanks for your efforts yesterday Gryphons, bring on next week!