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Women's Round 13 v Nth Ringwood

By Anna Broomhall

Round 14 this week against our new Brighton – the team we love to hate, the team of North Ringwood – their nickname being the most suitable I think I’ve ever heard, the North Ringwood Bulls (for the record, I wasn’t a Bull, I was a Puma! Suitable I think since I’m light footed like a Puma).

With the 20th Anniversary celebrations on Saturday night and spending the night in Jaffa’s bed, I entertained Lushy, Jaff and their boys by feeling rather seedy Sunday morning. Despite this, with a full team of 12 this week and knowing we had pushed them ever so close last time before Christmas, we were confident going in. Unfortunately, that 12 didn’t include Maddi who has a crook neck. Take it easy buddy, rest up for next week!

Returning to the normal mode of things, I lost the toss again this week but was happy when they chose to bat as I wanted to bowl anyway. After a couple of quiet overs to start, they started to get going as they enjoyed X’s pace off the bat and they just wanted to hit me. While X wasn’t bowling badly, I had a discussion with Cat and thought taking the pace off the ball might work so KB came on for a crack. X and I had both gone for 10 in an over before KB started, and the next four overs between KB and I came out like this: KB – 2, me – wicket maiden, KB – maiden, me – wicket and 2.

One of those unfortunate times where a bowler doesn’t get rewarded for her work but KB in a year where you have had limited overs and still bowled well, that was the best you have bowled as long as I’ve been at the club. Those 2 wickets I have against my name should be equally attributed to you. Bloody brilliant. The first of those wickets X took a brilliant lowdown catch that the Bulls complained about all afternoon so you know it’s good... it stayed low and X didn’t think she had a chance but stuck her hands down and just got her fingers under it before it hit grass. Brilliant. The next one was a caught and bowled that I thought should look more impressive than it did so added in a little roll and promptly bumped my already sore head.

X came back on for a spell and after the pressure of KB’s bowling, suddenly the batters couldn’t pick the gaps, helped along by some brilliant fielding on the off-side. Finally the other opener leaned back and cracked one which was caught by Scooby – she took it head height at mid-off and it was hit HARD, you wouldn’t know it as Scoobs swallowed it easy as you like, X getting the reward for a quality second spell.

Cat came on and kept it tight, only going for 13 in her first 5 overs and unlucky as an edge went unnoticed by our esteemed official. Hannah and Jo came on, Hannah for a couple and bowled really well, and Jo... whew. Back to her annoying best, Jo’s line and length was immaculate and rewarded in her second over when a bouncy one rolled off the bat and Jaffa (welcome back my friend!) was awake to it and they were 4 down.

The pressure was kept up in the field, resulting in a 25 run partnership broken by our 8th runout for the season as Hannah, a Gryphons Runout Queen, nabbed one and piffed it to the correct end and Jaffa positively smashed the stumps, they were 5 down and we had snatched our KPI with 2½ games to go. With Cat not getting the gully catches she’s accustomed to, she got into the game a different way as she teamed with Scooby (another Runout Queen) and sent the opposition skipper on her way for our 9th runout as I cheerfully informed Steve. Rowdy joined the ranks of Runout Royalty as she got Cat involved again, sending their number 7 back into the shed and not only had we achieved our KPI this game, we SMASHED it!

That was the last wicket for the innings and Cat and I closed out, me ripping out a leggie for the last ball of the innings, my old mate going for the big swing and achieving a big miss instead.

With Maddi and Michael coming down for the team photo, some of the boys came down to clean up, Tracy was in town, Kelly and Ben brought Rosie down to support and Angie and her girls made it down also – we had quite a crowd behind us as we stared down the barrel at a target of 164 to win.

We got off to a flyer and Scooby was taking advantage of their opening bowler bowling short and wide and smacked 7 off the first over. Unfortunately after scoring 9 off 9, there was a mixup and Rowdy was left in the centre watching Scooby walk off.

Lushy was startled by a short ball and caught behind, and Cat frustrated by the loopy rubbish from the other end (yes, rubbish – I stand by my comment) and caught at short fine leg. I headed in to join Rowdy who was looking fantastic at the other end. We were 3/33 off 6 overs and looking shaky chasing a significant total. Rowdy took charge as I took my time, determined not to get distracted from some of the comments from my former teammates. We started to turn the singles but some of the bowling was rot and after their opening bowler was called wide (it was a 50/50 call but one we got called for during our bowling innings), she spent 5 minute complaining to the umpire and that was pretty much it for wide calls for the rest of the innings despite Rowdy nearly falling over trying to reach some of them.

I wasn’t trying to make any friends out there, giving some stick to the in-close fielder who was trying to get in my face and they reacted by throwing to my end every single time (to be fair, I was trying to get them to do it as I ran as hard as I needed to get the run – I always got home!). They were getting frustrated and the complaining increased to deafening levels – topics complained about included the wides, the “heckling” from the sidelines, me letting the ball hit me when they threw it at me, me wasting time, me kicking the ball away when it dropped out my feet, me pulling out after the bowler dropped the ball in her runup but continued to bowl regardless and then me hitting it one-handed... me doing anything really. They whinged, bitched and moaned their way throughout our 22 over partnership.

We got to the 28 over mark and Rowdy was really taking charge and when she hit it, it FLEW to the boundary. The cheering from the sidelines was brilliant and kept us going in humid conditions and we passed the 100 mark in the 26th over, right on target. With me getting tired and robbing Rowds of some two’s, I decided to hit out or get out and unfortunately did the latter, even more unfortunate was the fielder I hit it to. A 75 run partnership and I STILL can’t get past the 26-27 run mark! I swear I’ll make it to 28 one day.

Hannah and Rowdy stepped it up for their 8 over partnership, Hannah wisely stealing the singles and allowing a rampant Rowds to go BANG. And go BANG she did, smashing to all parts of the ground including a 4 that raced through for a goal – the first four I think I’ve ever seen on that long part of the ground. For their 8 over partnership, they stepped it up to 5 an over and they kept it together for 39 runs. We were all anxious on the sidelines, cheering every run and every single one of us got to our feet as Rowdy belted her way past her century at better than a run a ball. My voice was ragged after our bowling innings and it wasn’t having a chance to improve.

After Hannah fell, Jo headed in and couldn’t get it past all the fielders that had crept in. After she got sick of it and smashed it and was caught, Maz didn’t fare much better and Jaffa headed in to join Rowdy. With 10 required off the last over, 2 dots to start, a 4 that somehow managed to pierce 5 deep fielders on the leg side, a 2 and we needed 4 from 2 – I could barely watch. Unfortunately Rowdy, who had opened the batting, got out on the second last ball of the game as the Rubbish Bowler bowled one at her head and she couldn’t get it off the middle. Jaffa was facing the last ball and needing 4, she belted it but only managed 1 and we were left 2 short.

While I physically can’t speak very well at the moment after the noise I made yesterday, I can’t croak highly or loudly enough of our efforts yesterday. Steve asked us to step up and put it all on the line and by god we responded. That is the highest score we’ve made by a long shot all season and of the 161 we scored, Rowdy smacked 108 of them off 99 balls.

In a pressure situation after finding ourselves at 3/33 off 6 overs, she took charge and nursed me through our 75 run partnership. After I departed, she took over with Hannah and stepped it up, knowing that Han could keep up with her so 1’s became 2’s, 2’s became 3’s and mis-fields became stolen singles. In that heat, with the noise from the opposition and the pressure of a big score, there wasn’t a single false move until the second last ball of the innings. If for no other reason, I wish we had made it because Rowds deserved to hit the winning runs.

So many positives:

• Supporters! With a crowd behind us, it made us feel a million bucks in the middle. Thanks for everyone who came down – to steal a line from The Man from Snowy River, you’re all welcome at my camp fire anytime. That pressure from the support also forced a number of mis-fields from the opposition so it wasn’t just noise for the sake of it!

• Support for each other out there – we were cheering every stop, every relay throw, every good ball, it was fantastic. And we weren’t obnoxious about it.

• Great people, great losers – we never like to lose, and it was heartbreaking getting so close against a team we want to beat so badly, but we still got out there to shake hands and congratulate the opposition and clap Jaffa and X on the back. We didn’t have anyone refuse to shake hands with the opposition, although Rubbish Bowler refused to shake mine (I could say many things but I’ll keep myself to one word... pathetic). Above all else Gryphons, we’re a great team of people. I’ll take that over a team of whingers who win any day of the week.

• Runouts! 3 of them in a game, forced by pressure from our bowlers and fielders. We didn’t panic and there was someone at the stumps always, with someone else backing them up.

• I don’t think I need to spell it out but just to make it official: Rowdy you were a machine yesterday and Gryph of the Week without a second thought.

I believe that’s it for finals now Gryphs but with 2 weeks to go, let’s finish the season off strongly. Thank you to everyone who was out there yesterday, both players and supporters, we nearly did it!

Congratulations on a brilliant effort, bring on next week!
Cheers Gryphs,