Monash University CC News

Women's Round 15 v Darebin

By Anna Broomhall

So Round 15 ended with X taking some spectacular diving catches and one of the opposition batsmen in hospital... but let’s start at the very beginning shall we? A very good place to start! When you read you begin with A-B-C... when you play cricket, you begin with bat-bowl-field. Cocko, are you following this? This is a Cocko-sized match report so you should be able to keep up.

Unfortunately our Round 15 wasn’t a great day for the basics as we faced off against Darebin, at Darebin on a warm Saturday. While I won the toss (yay!), we know we’re in for a bad day when Scooby trudges back towards us with a 0 against her name. With finals out of the picture after our 2 runs loss to North Ringwood (sidenote: they were chasing 169 for victory against Coburg on the weekend and fell 1 run short... I think I’m taking more pleasure from that then I should), I put Steve in charge of the batting order so everyone was a bit out of order. Jaz didn’t make it down due to some personal issues so we had 10 on our list.
Anyways, I’ll keep this short... Scooby, Jaffa, myself, Exxy and KB all contributed to our end-of-season drinks collections as we fell for duck eggs, while Maz did hit a brilliant shot back over the bowlers head that just held up about 3 feet short of the rope and Rowdy started well, there wasn’t much else of note in our innings. Cat did manage to escape with an asterisk next to her name as she watched Jo, X and KB fall in consecutive balls to Yorkers from their opening bowler whose figures make her look better than Steve was grumbling about... 7/6 off 6 overs. 27, all out after 11 overs.

With such a low total to defend, Steve suggested our resident red head open the bowling after her brilliant effort the week before and I thought we’d change it up every over to keep them on their toes. With tailenders in for their first hit of the season, Maddi bowled a bloody ripper her 4th ball and knocked the stumps over. I tried my leggies and funnily enough it was when I tried to bowl normally that the wides came... I’ll blame the skinny pitch.

X had a rather eventful one over as her 3rd ball was a bean-ball – and as tailenders go, this one wasn’t the best. She didn’t pick it up until the last second when she tried to get out of the way but it smacked straight into her noggin. As we explained to X, she usually bowls one or two each game but when you bowl them to opening bats, they go BANG and end up on the boundary or they duck and end up in Jaffa’s gloves. If you’re a tailender sent into open against a bowling attack they know from experience contains at least Maddi, wear a helmet or know how to duck. This kind of thing is unfortunate but it happens in cricket and I have to give thanks to the Darebin girls who made an effort to send Steve an email and ask him to reassure X that she is fine, and not to worry about it. They were all good natured about it on the day as well which is something many other teams wouldn’t be.

Their captain decided that was enough and spanked the next two balls to the boundary and the game was done by 3pm. Steve and Maz decided it would be hilarious to tip the esky FULL of ice over the changeroom door on top of me and Cat, Jaffa and Maz were all rather disgruntled to find that my water bottle sprays back!

Oh and the spectacular diving catches? Jaff, Cat, Maz and X made their way out to the Palace a la Me and we spent the afternoon practicing catches in the pool.

Not one to dwell on Gryphons, one week to go so head down, bum up and let’s finish the season on a much higher note!