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Women's Round 16 v Melbourne Uni

By Anna Broomhall

Well! After last week’s Cocko-sized match report, I’m sure I’ll think up plenty to say today... so make yourself a coffee, sit back and make room in your schedule today Gryphons...

Round 16 this week and the last week as we knew finals weren’t an option. We were facing Melbourne Uni again but this time on our turf (well our syntho at least) so more confident that we could put on a show after a rather dismal performance against Darebin. Keeping in line with the majority of the season, I finished 2009/10 with a loss of the toss but Melbourne Uni chose to bat first anyway so I was a happy Captain.
With Scooby off and about the country, it felt very strange setting a field without her in it! We had 12 however with Kate coming down for her first game. After watching them smack it through the offside last game, I threw the ball to Maddi and X and asked them to keep it on off and left only 2 fielders on legside. And did they respond... they both opened up bloody magnificently and Cat, Jo and I were licking our lips in the slips cordon as ball after ball slipped past the edge and into the waiting gloves of our Jaffa. A couple of boundaries off the first few overs but both very streaky; a French cut and an edge that was very close to being within Jo’s “Zone of Ease” (belated warning: I’ve been in Brisbane for 2 days and both days been close to 18 hours long so this match report may very well be more full of rubbish than usual!).
The run rate had been kept very low with only stolen singles and the aforementioned boundaries sneaking through. KB came on and yet again was on the mark straight away and Cat and I were fighting over who would get to the take the catch that we were positive was coming, while Jaffa was doing a brilliant job up at the stumps and watching in delight as they tried to dance down the pitch.

Unfortunately Rowdy stole our spotlight as KB pulled out a ripper nut; pitched up, moving across and swinging away, finally broke through the concentration and was spooned delightfully to Rowdy at shortish cover. While it was brilliant bowling from KB, it is yet another example of partnership bowling... the pressure was put on by X and Maddi and unfortunate that they weren’t the ones that got a wicket in their figures!

That was the last wicket for a long time as they started to increase the run rate... the bowlers maintained a good line outside off but they were good enough to pierce very few gaps and occasionally mis-time a shot over them. Jo came on and was frustrating them with her bouncy stuff, finally got a VERY thick glove with a VERY thick noise that Jaffa swallowed, we all went up in a “we know it’s out so we don’t have to really appeal but oh well we’re supposed to so HOWZAT!” kind of way and Terry just stood there. Jo and I both actually asked him “are you going to give that out?” and got donuts, Jo following it up with a “now Terry, this is the time where you give them out” and still got nothing. The batsman freely admitted that it was glove (although apparently she wasn’t aware that you can get given out), the non-striker tried to give her a nod to walk and Terry apologised to Jo at the end of the over as he wasn’t watching that ball. Wasn’t watching! Two weeks ago an edge wasn’t given out because it wasn’t heard and that was bad enough, but I have NEVER heard “sorry wasn’t watching”. So Jo, consider yourself an honorary wicket taker for the weekend.

Cat took the opportunity to get angry and her pace picked up and finally broke through, Maz taking a good catch at mid-off. Not long after that, Cat was on the end of yet another runout as Ella scooped it up and piffed it in and despite a terrible position from our official, managed to actually watch what was happening and sent her on her way. That finished the innings and Melbourne Uni had made 190 – a massive total but still under 5 an over and a great effort in the field against two in-form batsmen.

Steve took control of the batting order again this week and so Rowdy and Maddi made their way in to open our innings. From the start both looked in control against the opening bowlers... from one end a bowler with a long runup, a strange hop and floaty kind of deliveries, from the other a deceptively quick slinger working off 3 steps.

Rowdy was unfortunate to find a fielder after she had raced to 15 with 3 boundaries and Jaffa headed in to join Maddi. They knocked it around for a while, Jaffa being nice and loud and running well with our young ‘un. Jaffa fell to a ripper nut that nailed her in front and even Terry (apparently watching that ball) had to agree it was going to hit the stumps. Janice had a crack up the order this week and looked in control before an unfortunate runout sent Maz into the middle.

Maz also looked good and it seemed we Gryphons were going to enjoy ourselves in our last week! She managed to smash a few around while Mads continued on her merry way and between the two of them, they put together a great 31 run partnership before Maz nicked one through to the keeper... well Terry (again watching and even listening this time) and Melbourne Uni appealed for the nick that Terry “heard clear as day” but both Maddi at the non-strikers end, Jaffa at square leg and Maz who actually was the closest of all declared there was nothing on it.

Cat was determined to have a crack today and looked good, yet again getting off the mark with her first ball, watching it closely and running well with Maddi who was racing along. After smacking a 2 through the infield, it was looking like her day and when she rocked onto her back foot in traditional Cat fashion and walloped one behind square it was racing to the boundary... except a pesky fielder was in the way and bobbled it around for a second before finally snatching it with the help of her satin-clad legs.

I joined Mads in the middle who immediately asked permission to go the slog... I asked for five overs before then knowing she was in her late 30’s and looking fantastic at around a run a ball. She responded by belting a ball to the loooong boundary on the Dandenong Road side of the ground, a ball that never even looked like pulling up and walloped into the fence. Picking the bad balls to play her shots and defending what she needed to, it was great to watch from the non-strikers end. I was feeling good with a new wider stance and determined to have some fun. Unlike Cat, I usually take a while to get off the mark and that didn’t change on Sunday. The bowling was coming nicely onto the bat and the slower loopy bowling was slow enough to get into position on the offside edge of the pitch and pick where abouts behind square we wanted to hit it.

Maddi passed her 50 in great time (with Katie and I both explaining that she needs to raise the bat and acknowledge the crowd) and I finally gave her permission to go the tonk if she would like to do so. I kind of ruined that for her when I made the fatal error of calling a run from the non-strikers end and Maddi was runout at the bowlers end, ending her innings on 56 off 66 balls. Fantastic innings and one we’ve all known was in you Maddi!

Unfortunately during one of very few running efforts by me in the field, I tweaked my right groin and batting and running between wickets wasn’t helping. I tried to stick it out for a while but realised it was possibly costing us runs so spoke to Katie who was more than willing for a runner to join us in the middle (gee they’re lovely compared to others... *cough* North Ringwood *cough*) so Maz strapped her pads back on and Ella, Maz and I had a conference mid-pitch to discuss the arrangement. Ella looked great and got a couple of good runs before being caught at gully and Jo also needed a conference to get her head around the runner thing.
I was getting sorer but starting to hit the ball harder and without needing to save my breath for running, my calls were VERY loud... Maz wisely decided to ignore a no call and scramble through and I decided to pull my head in and restrict myself to calls I was supposed to make. Standing at square leg while Jo was on strike, with the fielders creeping in as timid little Jo faced up, I think everyone was shocked when she rocked onto the back foot and walloped one through backwards square that positively RACED to the boundary... brilliant shot.

Knowing that I was nowhere near the dreaded 26 number, I toddled a single off the last over and Jo brought our season to a close, and we ended on 7/135... a fair way short of the 190 but a fantastic effort given no Scooby, and 15 runs from Rowdy. A fantastic team effort all round, everyone who had a shot contributed and those who didn’t get a chance in the middle made plenty of noise on the sidelines. Steve wandered over to me as we shook hands and asked if I had any idea what score I made... I nearly killed him when he told me I had landed on 26 yet again... that’s 4 times this season (if you include the 27 – when they couldn’t balance the book and so awarded me an extra run). I guess at least this time I have the little asterisk next to it but honestly...
I did do a little wrap up at the end of the game but for those who weren’t there, I’ll do it player by player... no particular order I promise...
Cat – not really your year with the bat mate, but by god you made up with it in the field and with the ball... 13 catches in 11 rounds is astonishing and unlike Steve, I don’t count the dive where you did your knee as a dropped chance so that’s a clean 13 catches with zero drops against your name, as well as the multiple runout assists. Combine that with your comeback with the ball, 8 wickets at number 4 or 5 going at under 3.7 runs an over... a luxury to have you in our team and one that can’t be underestimated!

X – Year number 2 with the Gryphons and great to see your confidence rise from last year. Opening the bowling is definitely a challenge, particularly as opening batsman tend to like a bit of pace onto their bat, and 15 wickets at 3.7 an over is an exceptional return. Don’t despair at your ducks mate, you are a natural tonker and ducks are part of the tonking game. So take your duck award and revel in it! You’re keen to improve and your work with Steve t his year has certainly done that. Congratulations on a fantastic season.

Jaffa – also your second year with the Mighty Gryphons and another player that has come along nicely... your work behind the stumps gets better every game and that training session with the A grade keeper has done wonders so can’t wait to see you next year... we’ll get you that stumping damn it! Always willing when I (or Steve) throw you up the order, and your help before and after games doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks mate.

KB – your contribution to our bowling attack has been invaluable as you continually improve and realise how dangerous your lefties can be... 5 wickets at 3.5 for the season is a great return, your fielding efforts this year have improved out of sight and your innings against Melbourne Uni in Round 13 show that you have something to offer with the bat as well. Looking forward to next season!

Ella – First Ball Bandit! I don’t know how you do it, whether batsman underestimate you because you look so friendly, but somehow you’ve managed to snare that wicket off your first ball a number of times this season and it’s fantastic to watch. 5 wickets at 3.4 plus 3 catches and 2 runouts and you’ve got a great year by anyone’s standards. Congratulations mate.

Hannah – Gryphons Six-Hitter! I know it was only one, but it’s one more than anyone else managed this year. Your love of being out there is infectious and increases everyone else’s enjoyment while you’re at it. Come along in leaps and bounds with your batting, and 4 catches with 3 runouts is a brilliant effort. As we’ve seen in the nets, you’re also coming along nicely with your deceptively quick bowling so can’t wait to see you terrorising batsmen next season!

Scooby – another fantastic year from our Number 1 batsman... nearly 400 runs for the season, it is definitely a weight off my mind when I get to write your name on the team sheet each week. Your willingness to fill any gaps, to offer your assistance and the energy you bring as you bound around the field lifts us all and an unbelievable tally of 10 catches and 3 runouts is recognition for your work.

Rowdy – welcome to the Gryphons! I know you were around last year, but we have definitely benefited massively from you playing with us this season and hopefully you have enjoyed yourself as much as we’ve enjoyed having you. With the obvious highlight of the brilliant century against North Ringwood, your season has been consistently reliable as your willingness to bat or field (or bowl on occasions) wherever you’re needed is a captain’s dream come true… an average of over 35, 2 catches and 3 runouts from 7 matches doesn’t hurt my dream either! Congratulations on a great season.

Maz – what a great presence to have in any team. Like Hannah, you are incredibly excited about the game of cricket and work hard to improve your own game, while also taking time to support your team mates. Your willingness to do whatever is required to help out is much appreciated and bring on your legspinners for next season! Woohoo!

Jaz – finally you made it through a full game unscathed! No concussions or bruising (although I think you probably still have that lovely shiner from training) is always a bonus from a social game of cricket! Your work at training has been great and it has shown in increased confidence levels with the bat as well as a willingness to roll your arm over and try different things with your bowling. Thanks for coming down!

Maddi – our Young Sensation – you would not believe how many times I get the opposition asking me if you’re really “just 13”... not only the opposition actually, every umpire has also been in on the act and cannot believe how advanced you are in the game of cricket. You blew us away in your first game with 3/8 and our levels of wonderment haven’t wavered in your 12 games this season. Breaking the trend of 3-4 economy rate, you smashed through 18 wickets at 2.8 runs per over. I knew batsman would be in trouble early in the preseason when after you watched me skip ever so gracefully over 2 balls aimed at my legs, you came around the wicket and preceded to pepper me with Yorkers designed to smash my delicate tootsies. You think like a fast bowler (even if you don’t yap like one yet) and that is something that every captain appreciates. Even if she doesn’t appreciate you mocking Doc Martins, Grease and Sound of Music! Your batting prowess is beyond your years and it was so great to see you rewarded with a 50 on the weekend. Congratulations Maddi, can’t wait to see you next season.

Jo – watching you smash that four on Sunday, it’s hard to believe that you jump out of the way of balls at pre-season! Don’t you love how those pesky self-preservation instincts go away just in time for cricket season to end?? Your innings against Melbourne Uni showed great confidence and maturity with your batting and you controlled that time with Maz and KB and pushed us to a total much higher than we might have thought after we tumbled to 5/47. Your bowling has also come a long way and can’t wait to see that continuing!

Last but NEVER least is Lushy/Slushy/Harry/Tank (or in very rare cases, Linda). The rock of the Gryphons team, your commitment to your teammates as well as your effort in smashing your PB in batting (twice in 3 games!) is a fantastic asset to any team. A year that included joining the Committee, those PB’s, getting caught off her own scone against Coburg and always ALWAYS providing support to the Gryphons cause – to the point of doing her back following the 20th year anniversary and missing the last couple of games, but still coming down in our last game to get the drinks and afternoon tea ready. Love your work Lushy!

I know I said last at the last point , but Steve isn’t a player (as much as he would like to be somedays) and he certainly deserves a mention; we have all come a long way this season and that doesn’t just happen... it takes countless hours of watching and thinking and scoring and training and occasionally arguing with X when she just doesn’t listen! With a KPI of 7 runouts for the season, we ended with 11 which is a testament to the time you’ve put in with our fielding, and the large number of PB’s we’ve smashed also speaks volumes. Thank you again for your time and your patience!

To our other players who have jumped in when asked – Bec Craythorn has played a few games, Hannah’s mate Jacqui for coming down, Kate in the last game, Angie and Kelly racking up her 96th game – thank you all!
I have now stretched into 5 pages so I promise this is my last Lastly... but Michael (aka Richie) definitely deserves a mention in here – having the support from the sidelines from you has been great this year and I hope we have provided some adequate entertainment for you! Thank you for coming down and helping out!

To sum up, what a year Gryphons, what a season. Bring on 2010/11 where I have a feeling we’ll go a long way...

Congratulations on a brilliant season, bring on next season!

Cheers Gryphs,