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Women's 2010/11 Round 4

By Anna Broomhall

Hello and welcome to Season 2010-2011!
Well it is Round 4, so I am a little late to the party I realise... the first week I had a legitimate excuse (see below).

And yes, I was just looking for an excuse to share that photo. So! Round 1 saw Jaffa’s captaincy take Gryphons to a victory while my return in Round 2 saw the win/loss tally level out in a ripper game against Coburg that unfortunately fell their way.
Up against Edinburgh this week whom we narrowly beat last season and things got off to a good start after the opposition Skipper called tails and Queen Elizabeth peered up at me from the deck. After our batting performance against Coburg and with the u/12 boundary that the umpires requested, I thought we might give setting a target a crack and sent Edinburgh into the field.

Hannah made my day after she agreed to partner Scooby at the top of the order and after a slow first over, things started to pick up. Scoobs and Hannah both looked comfortable and were pushing the singles and 2’s with some great (and loud!) calling. An opening stand of 31 was eventually broken after Scooby was caught in the ribs with a no-ball and then fell the next ball to a very uncertain catch at gully.

Maddi and Hannah continued their work with Hannah doing a brilliant job keeping the scoreboard ticking while Maddi got her eye in. After her first 11 balls, Mads was on 6 and her next few went like this: 2112144.14111 – that’s right, one dot from then on. Both of them apparently enjoyed one bowler in particular as they spanked 15 off it, and we were looking strong on 56 at the halfway mark.

Unfortunately both Hannah and Maddi fell within 4 runs of each other and the two Jones’s found themselves in the middle. The singles and 2’s kept ticking over and Helen managed to keep herself from being stumped until the second last over... good effort H! I headed in and much to Cat’s chagrin opened my account with a 2 – possibly the first time ever that I have got off the mark first ball. Unfortunately that’s where my account stayed and after Cat took a single off the first ball of the last over, I couldn’t get down the other end. I was also rather indignant after they appealed loudly for LBW – but in their case, L equalled “where a lady box should be” rather than “leg”. And by the way, ow.

The final tally sat at 89 – a tough score to defend on such a small ground (not often I’ve said that about ECR!). That said, X and Maddi opened our bowling with some serious heat – the first 3 overs went for 1 and that 1 was a wide. You could see the frustration building as the experienced batsmen just couldn’t do anything with the line and length both bowlers were landing. After 8 overs they were 0/19 and the 0 had more to do with good luck than well batted – I was ROBBED of an LBW (L meaning Leg I promise) and I think I entertained Lushy with my rather extended appeal, a few catches dropped just short or just to the left/right/over the top and a few rippers missed the stumps by a coat of varnish.

Helen came on and was rewarded in her second over; Lushy licking her lips behind the stumps as the ball came down, swung out just slightly and crashed into the off stump – a ripper nut and the best example of a team wicket that I have seen. The bowling had been superb by all, the hustle in the field was brilliant and the pressure just kept building until they made a mistake. Fantastic.

Another mistake quickly followed with Hannah summing up the situation brilliantly as she took her time to collect the ball, assess which end and land a perfect throw into X – who had also been awake to what was happening, got to the stumps to take the ball and knock the bails off.
Poor H was being taunted on the boundary as the ball just would not go to her – she’d run left towards the drop and it would bounce right, she’d be in perfect position waiting for it and it’d skid away from her just at the last minute. Hannah, Maz and I were all nursing bruised hands after putting down bullets – while Lushy is a tough taskmaster and demanded payment; I speak from experience when I say that when they hit the ball, it stayed hit. And when it hit our hands, it bloody hurt.

They passed our total in the 18th but having a good chat with Tracey (the opposition Skipper) over a beer after the game (well she was drinking beer... just for the record, VB is rot and Crownies are VB in fancier bottles) and she was very impressed at how we pushed them, particularly our bowling in the front half.
A few highlights for me yesterday:
• X’s all over effort – 0/8 after 4 overs in a Twenty20 is ridiculous... you’ve taken the Number 1 spot and run with it Exxy and I could have stood and watched you all day. Can’t wait to see you back after exams, it’ll definitely be a hole in my bowling plans the next couple of games without you opening up! In addition, the awareness in the run out showed how much attention you were paying to a stretch of play that didn’t directly involve you. Fantastic and worthy of the Best on Ground award this week.
• KB’s fielding – Apologies for not highlighting this yesterday as it definitely deserved attention on the day, but KB your effort in the field was first rate and I think we’ve found your new position at point – great job.
• Maz – your fielding and particularly your attitude on the day was great and something a Captain can sometimes take for granted but appreciates nonetheless! Whenever I pushed you from side to side, you went with a smile, a nod and a “no worries Skipper”. We just need to beat the crocodile hands out of you before you break your fingers!
• Lushy’s keeping – we have an embarrassment of riches in the wicket keeping stakes when you are our 3rd keeper... the only byes came from a Maddi bullet and you did a superb job behind the pegs. With Rowdy back in a few weeks, that’s 4 keepers that most teams would kill for.
• Hannah – your willingness to have a crack at the top order despite some uncertainty was much appreciated and paid off with a fantastic knock of 18 off 27. You partnered well with both Scoobs and Maddi, pushing the singles and running hard. Well done.
• Me keeping the report to less than 2 pages! May have required some font resizing and border adjusting but I’ve done it! Woohoo!
Well done to all yesterday, we have a week off of both training and games this week due to Cup weekend, but are back the following Wednesday as per normal.
Thanks everyone,


Just a note that we do have Captain’s & Sponsors night coming up which from memory is going to be on a Wednesday night at the Arcadia Hotel, as soon as I hear confirmation of the date I’ll let you know – will be a good chance for those with a $20 voucher (Hannah, Maddi & X so far!) to come down and spend it. Partners, family and friends are of course always welcome!