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Womens Round 5 vs Burnley CYMS

By Anna Broomhall

Round 5 this week and it couldn’t come quick enough for this Gryphon... too many byes, washouts, long weekends and European holidays for me so far!

And yes, I was just looking for an excuse to share that photo. After a lovely evening spent at the ‘G on Wednesday night with a few of the Gryphons crew, we faced off against Burnley CYMS this week, a team who is building in their first season with a bunch of girls who have never played cricket before.

Despite having been pounded in each game, I was impressed with their Skipper’s attitude when she won the toss - “you guys have a bat... I don’t care if you tonk us, we just want to be out in the field as long as possible”. Fantastic. And for those Gryphons who were around a couple of years ago (when the Premier Firsts stole most of our players), that became our reason for fielding first which eventually paid off against Kingston Heath – the unbeaten top side who took us a bit too lightly and we ended up thrashing (much to their discontent but the delight of the Captains of every other team in our comp – Kingston Heath were bitchy!).

Having seen the batting performances against Burnley so far this season, I asked Scooby if she wouldn’t mind having a week off batting and so Hannah and Mary Waters (our gun new recruit) put their hands up to open the batting. We were all immediately impressed with Mary who was coupling some tonky shots with some perfect straight drives, and the run rate was off and ticking – 16 off the first two overs was a fantastic start. Hannah was also doing well at her end
and calling well – even after Mary had dived to get in her ground, headbutted the ball away and was lying there nursing a severe lack of skin on her right hip, Hannah was screaming “Mary get up and RUN!”, and a tight two became an easy

I called Hannah in after 7 overs and bad skipper that I am, left her stranded on 13* - apologies Han, I will check the scorebook next time! Jaffa got off the mark with a sublime cover drive that left Dale declaring the immediate demise (and possible destruction) of her old bat – the ball positively raced to the boundary and she wasn’t wasting any time while she was out there. Eventually Burnley took a good catch at midwicket to dismiss our plucky keeper and Cat
headed into the middle with stars (or runs) in her eyes. Cat and Mary combined for an over or two before Mary decided to come off and get her hip seen to and offered to let me have a crack. Cat and I went at it for 4 overs knocking up the 1’s and 2’s before Lushy replaced me and Helen replaced Cat – under STRICT instructions to avoid getting stumped!

We ended up at 131 for the loss of 2 wickets – Helen deciding to give Scoobs a couple of balls right at the end. A fantastic total given that we did change the order up so much – I would have been very content with that score against other teams if Maddi and Scoobs had just stayed in there all day so to average 6.5 an over is a great effort. Also fantastic that everyone was willing to come off and give everyone a hit – you can imagine some other teams whose openers would have demanded to stay in there for all 20 overs and knock a fairly meaningless 50 or 60 not out, but I was impressed with the spirit which we played the game yesterday.

After a short break we headed into the field minus our two main strike bowlers in X and Maddi – just a shout out to Maddi while we’re on the topic – a big congratulations for being selected in the State u/15’s Soccer team! While the news is slightly bittersweet as we will lose her for another game, it is a fantastic effort and we’re all very proud!

Helen took to the opening spot like a duck to water and peeled off a lazy 3 wickets in her first over – a plumb LBW, bowled, and just to prove that she did need the rest of us out there with her, left one for Hannah to take a great high catch at mid-off.

My wicket, after just missing the stumps with a few good nuts, came from a rubbish half-tracker which was rightly tonked and Ella swallowed it at deepish square leg. Unable to stay out of the game, H took a catch at mid-on and then was involved in a rather comedic run out as Hannah winged it in to Cat who couldn’t quite grab the low ball, H who was backing up had the thought to swing around to the left, pick it up one-handed and flick it back on to the stumps – props
to Cat for managing to get out of the way unlike Shane Watson the other night!

KB bowled a beauty and managed to break a bail as she sent another batsman backing before the Busch sisters cleaned up the tail – Hannah finding herself on a hat-trick but just unable to get that lucky number 3, and Ella assisting in a run out with Mary to have them all out for 35 in the 16th over – 28 of those were extras which proves that apparently training is good for something! However, with the byes, washouts, long weekends etc, not surprising we were all a little rusty with the ball in hand.

Like I mentioned, I thought the spirit in which we played what was quite an easy game, was fantastic. Mary’s first game for the Gryphons was great and her attitude was definitely most Gryph-like! Welcome aboard my friend, I look forward to seeing you next game!

I don’t think there can be any doubting the Player of the Round this week – with 3/6, a catch and a runout, Helen Jones, come on down! I will hassle the boys for the actual vouchers this week but given they have a 4 week shelf life, not a bad thing that we don’t have them yet!

Thanks for your efforts this week Gryphons, training is on this week (woohoo!) but we have a bye this weekend, so I’ll see you back for a game in 2 weeks!