Monash University CC News

Womens Round 7 vs Dennis

By Anna Broomhall

Round 7 this week after yet another week off due to the bye... while my weekend off was spent up north with one of my best mates and her new little 3 month old baby Gryphon, I awoke with excitement on Sunday morning with the sun shining and sky a brilliant blue.
After knocking up some wraps and having a nice relaxed morning, I got to the ground and was more than happy to plough through the box of training shirts and cough up the requisite $20 to get my mitts on one… they look rather nice boys, well done! For anyone who hasn’t grabbed one yet, the smaller sizes won’t last long so get in there before the boys take them all!
I lost the toss again against the old Clifton Hill/Collingwood team (now known as Dennis CHC) and we were sent into bat – with Rowdy back in the side, we were quietly confident of setting a decent total.
Unfortunately things got off to a bad start as Scooby was bowled (yes bowled – not sure I’ve seen that happen for a long time!) early, and Mez got a bad (and very belated) LBW decision… apparently you can hit the ball before it hits your pad and still get given out? Who knew!
Hannah had battled against the quality openers and lasted 33 balls before finally losing her stumps and X, in true X style, went for a big crack first ball and managed only to knock it down the throat of the gully fielder for Dennis. While she was understandably frustrated, it is a good time to remind everyone that every batsman, from Sachin Tendulkar to Ricky Ponting, get ducks regularly… the thing is to learn from your mistakes! In X’s case on the weekend, it’s learning to play shots into the gaps or picking which shots to play for the field that is set; for others it might be learning to play a straight defence or how to play a yorker.
Cat headed in to join Rowdy at the crease and they got off to a good start and were building a nice partnership before Cat suffered possibly one of any batsman’s most hated dismissals… bowled by double-bouncing rubbish. I could positively see the steam coming out of her ears as I passed her on my way in as she swore she would have her revenge!
At 5/44, Rowdy and I set about trying to rebuild before drinks and rather typically, I took my time getting used to, well, everything. Rowds meanwhile was hitting her straps and the gaps (woohoo smart girl’s a rhymer!) at the same time and forcing the field back as she drove, cut and pulled confidently – waiting for the right ball, and other than a few that she tried to hoick onto the roof of the clubrooms, timed the ball beautifully. I love being down the non-striker’s end when she is on song.
After a 35 run partnership, I did the unthinkable and called a TERRIBLE run and unfortunately couldn’t get myself organized in time to pass Rowdy back to the end where the ball went… for the 100th time, sorry mate. With H joining a rather disconsolate me at the wicket, I decided to have a crack and was pleasantly surprised when I got onto a couple of straight drives past the bowler. My miserable run rate improved slightly in a couple of overs before with 2 overs to go, I pre-meditated a shot, didn’t adjust for the good ball and heard the dreaded death rattle behind me.
To our delight on the sidelines, Jaffa took to the tonk like me to the plonk (aha!) and with not a lot of time remaining and not many balls to face, hit some cracking shots, including a tidy 4 down through fine leg and a ripper glance off her legs and ended on 7 off 7 deliveries, the total set at 110 off 37 overs – not quite as much as I would have liked, but a defendable total.
With Maddi having a week off before her State duties, X and I took the new ball. X started well with 2 off her first spell of 3 overs, and I was getting a bit of swing but couldn’t quite get the ball to do what I wanted. The pressure in the field was superb with some great efforts from all parts of the field. That was eventually rewarded with a comical run out with Helen rushing the throw to Jaffa, who had to pray that the gods of ECR would treat her kindly with a nice bounce (they did) and then dashing the 3 metres to the stumps to take the bails off. All is well that ends well and the opposition Skipper headed into the middle.
Cat and Jaffa’s eyes (and ears) lit up with the sounds of her frustration from the get go and Helen & Mez continued to pile on the pressure in their first spells. After 14 overs they were 1/27 and when KB came on, their other opener couldn’t resist going for the big shot – X having just been moved back 10 metres, was thrilled (and possibly terrified) to find the ball belting her way, got herself into a great position, steadied herself and swallowed it clean as a whistle.
Unfortunately, despite the Skipper’s frustration, we just couldn’t get her out… the ball would scoot just over, or either side of the stumps while she flung herself off her feet – Jaffa was quite surprised after one incident that left Bugg on her bum facing the stumps, to find herself being accused of being a tart… something we don’t know Jaff?
Lushy was very close to swallowing a couple of speccies in at close cover but like my earlier effort, was only left with bruised hands… those ones that either stick or don’t and Sunday seemed to be a don’t day.
After X was no-balled off at the start of her second spell, a big thumbs up to Scooby who bowled out her over for only 1 run – woohoo! Ella also bowled brilliantly in her 2 overs before Cat came on, itching for a second spell. She was handsomely rewarded as Bugg finally top edged a hiiiigh ball that Ella made great ground to get to and caught comfortably – don’t underestimate how hard those top edges are… they’re still spinning about a second after they hit your hands, they go like crazy!
It was too far gone by then and despite keeping them quiet for a couple more overs, they passed our total with 2 overs to spare.
We all had a great chat after the game with a surprising (in a nice way) number of positives raised by each Gryphon – those included:
• Attitude and team work – even when the game had slipped, the effort in the field didn’t abate and the noise level was still up there… many other teams would have started bellowing at each other and dropping their heads… with 2 runs needed for victory from 4 overs, Cat was frustrated that she didn’t get to bowl because she wanted another wicket… great spirit.
• I don’t want to lump you both together but both Busch sisters were awesome in the field on the weekend… Hannah bounding around the outfield covering both square & fine leg, some of the pickups & releases were as clean as we’ll hopefully see the Aussies do this weekend against England. Ella in both the out and infields was irrepressible and the catch was fantastic – worthy of Player of the Match and the $20 Arcadia Hotel voucher that goes with it!
• Bowling – I used 8 bowlers on the weekend and not one let their fielders down… we are struggling to take wickets at the moment, but if we keep up the quality of bowling from the weekend, they will certainly come.
Something to work on – a couple of you have mentioned it to me, but I’d like to do some work on relay throws this week at training – as I have said throughout, our fielding has been great but that is one area we can certainly improve on.
Thanks for your efforts this week Gryphons, training is on this week (woohoo!) and we have a big game against Melbourne Uni this weekend so anyone who can come down, please do so. There will also be a BBQ on after training (that Jaff and/or Lush and/or I will be running so we don’t have to wait until 10pm for a snag!) so please feel free to stick around for a chat!