Monash University CC News

Womens Round 9 vs Coburg

By Anna Broomhall

Continuing on in the tradition of Season 10/11, we were washed out last week meaning we hit Round 9 with having only played 5 games. Up against Coburg, our friendly rivals who somehow always manage to beat us when they never should...
Anyhoo after crazy weather all week, the weekend was stunning and in true Melbourne style, I had gone from worrying about another washout to worrying that it was going to be hot and uncomfortable in the middle. Despite this, I decided to break my hoodoo by winning my first toss of the season – huzzah! And also decided to go back to what we know best – fielding first! Huzzah!

Coburg, once Dotty and Muz finally found their way to ECR, were 3 players short but with Dot at the top of the order, it can be tricky to try and restrict the runs. An edge in my first over whizzed between Cat and Jaff and we were all feeling confident that it was our day. X was looking confident as well – until in her second over, Dotty BELTED a ball straight back at her – Jaff, Cat and I all laughed afterwards as we saw X’s face transform from surprise to shock to “oh sh*t” before she finally clasped it between her arms/chest/legs... not the most graceful catch, but we’ll certainly take it!

The next wicket took a little longer to come, but as Jaff quietly noted to me behind the stumps, chances were everywhere... unfortunately my slips fielding was leaving a little to be desired and I have the bruise on my left forearm to prove it. When you have a bruise on your forearm from a catch, you know that something’s a little off! Eventually Cat snuck through the defences of their fairly shaky number 3 and the bails went a-rattlin’.

Mez was bowling beautifully from the other end and eventually Ella took her 3rd catch of the year – she seems to always be on the end of top edge fizzers but after a scream from Jaff calling her in, took it comfortably. Unfortunately for X my run of drops continued as I dropped an absolute sitter – one of the ones you can actually feel stick but it just bobbled as I moved my feet and hit the deck. A beautiful nut that deserved a wicket but alas... another $5 in the fine tin. A bit of jeering from the peanut gallery on the boundary and the batsman came and shook my hand afterwards, but as with all our Coburg games, it was all in good spirit.

A partnership was forming between the two out there and it was looking dangerous as they hit 70 and were starting to go the wallop until X bowled an absolute ripper that sent the bails flying. From then on it was just a matter of time as they had run out of batsman (well those who knew how to bat) and we just had to restrict their one remaining batsman (I'm just going to call her Rachel because that’s her name and I feel silly continuing to call her “batsman). The fielding was superb as everyone recognised when to pull in and drop out, and the bowling just got better and better – not letting Rachel get too many runs and really pressuring the newbies. X was impressing Jaff and I as her balls were flying left, right and all over the place and we were having fun pointing out all the “good leaves” as even Rachel had absolutely no idea how to play her.

Mez and Ella combined again as one popped high on the offside (yet another fizzer) and Ella sent number 6 packing with a good catch. Despite a generous offer from Rachel not to smash my fielders in their heads if I left them in close, the in-out fields continued – offering them the occasional single but still trying for the wicket of the batsman at the same time. All our fielders were around the bat and the ball just was managing to find the smallest of gaps or dropping just short until Rowdy snaffled a screamer in at short cover. We were all set to head off (and got halfway to the fence) when they announced they had a number 8 so we hustled back onto the field with 2 overs to go. Rachel was entertainingly frustrated when their number 8 took guard (“for god’s sake, she has no idea what she’s doing and there are only 2 overs to go... get on with it!”).

Mez finished off her spell strongly and with one over to go, I knocked Rachel’s bails off and they were all out for 96. Again with the good spirit, Rache joined in the line of Gryphons giving me a high-5.

Filled with that good spirit, I offered the services of Jaff and myself to help them out in the field – we have all been in a game where you have 7 or 8 players, a small total and know you’re going to get demolished... it’s not fun. And really, if we’re not good enough to get 100 in 40 overs with a full team, we don’t deserve the win!
With the Gryphons peanut gallery keeping us all entertained, it was a fun few overs out there as Rowdy and Scooby had obviously decided to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. After 4 overs we were 0/23 and it continued at that rate. After Ella and X took our place on the field, I sat with Cat who was scoring – Rowds and Scoobs were neck and neck and unfortunately there weren’t enough runs for both to get to the 50 mark. Every time Scooby would sneak ahead, Rowdy seemed to belt a boundary – the timing from both was superb, when the ball wasn’t there for the big shot, they were hitting the gaps and the running between the wickets was first class. On a hot day with a small total to chase, they weren’t taking it easy.

It’s a good time to remind ourselves never to think too far ahead – last year we bowled them out for 99 and were then rolled for 45. No matter the total we’re chasing, it’s important to take runs where you can find them and never take a win for granted.

Much like the English at the moment, neither batsmen never even looked like going out and were supremely confident – 12 overs in we were on 80... just a ridiculous run rate.
Rowdy evened the score quickly with 2 fours and Scoobs knocked a single to take us past their total – although we tried to convince the opposition scorer to let them play until the end of the over, she was having none of it and Rowdy finished on 45 (36), Scooby 41 (51).

My big positive of the day was the awareness of the fielders – at the end when we were pressuring everyone took notice of when to come in and push out – makes it easier for me when everyone pays attention and moves without having to be told! My other big positive was, as I’ve mentioned throughout this (short) report – sportswomanship. Yes that sounds ridiculous but oh well. You get the drift. It’s always nice when the other team are comfortable enough to stick around and spend their cash on some beers with us and Dotty congratulated me on having a team that are always fun to play, regardless of the outcome. There was some teasing back and forth (Dot offered to put me in slips when I was fielding for them as I might finally be able to catch something), but it was always in good spirit.

Other positives continue from previous games – great ground fielding and pressuring the running between wickets, and apart from X having a bad day with wides, the bowling was superb and everyone understanding their job and setting about doing it.
No training this week as we have our Captains/Sponsors function on Wednesday night – Jaff and I keep banging on but everyone please come down and support the club. Another week off next weekend as well but as Tracy is in town, we may look to organize something as a catch up… so check your emails and we’ll let you know!

Congratulations on the win Gryphons, I look forward to seeing everyone Wednesday night at the Arcadia!