Monash University CC News

Womens Round 15 vs. Edinburgh

By Anna Broomhall

I know I say this a lot, but I’ll try and be quick… apologies for the lack of match reports lately!

Sunday dawned… well it didn’t really dawn. The sun kind of appeared occasionally behind the
gigantic storm clouds that had stalked much of Melbourne since a severe Friday night. I lay in bed waiting for the phone to ring and announce that our game against top-side Edinburgh had been called off. That call never came, and I continued to peer out my bedroom blinds watching the rain pelt down… surely Edinburgh can’t be far enough from Ringwood to avoid this soaking?

I arrived at the ground just before midday and had just made it to the club rooms when the rains came again… the Edinburgh skipper announced she thought it was fine, although the fact that Rowdy was wringing out her socks after walking across the ground made us all a little dubious that we were going to start.

A few team changes late in the week, Lushy and Mez both injured themselves but covered by Maz and Exxy’s mate Hayley, we were one short and I decided to go against the standard when I won the toss and chose to bat first. Despite our fairly lacklustre history of setting a total, the state of the ground was such that I was reluctant to risk our bowlers and fielders on such a wet ground.

Scooby and Rowdy opened up and the first few shots landed with a soggy “doonk” and singles were all that were to be had. Scooby had enough and tried to go aerial and the fieldsman tried her best to drop it before finally clutching it with every part of her upper body available. The bouncy pitch did Cat in and she snicked one behind and I went in to join Rowdy.

With at least one extra coming off each over, we started cautiously and waited for the change of
bowlers. With the change of bowlers, the singles started to come and combined with the extras, we started getting 2 – 3 an over regularly. After crawling to 30 off 15 overs, we managed to get to 47 after 20 – helped along by Rowdy’s first ever 6 and me finally walloping one through midwicket for 4.

After drinks, I did a few ridiculous wafts (acknowledged by Lushy on the sidelines) and had to re- settle myself down. I survived another 4 overs before watching another bowler change, telling Rowds not to get out to the pie-chucker and promptly getting out to said pie-chucker. Hannah headed in and did well, working with Rowdy to push the singles. Some of Hannah’s work in the nets during the week was certainly paying off, with a lot more power in her shots (if not reward on the “doonky” ground) coming from her already lifted bat, and a lot more balance and steadiness in said shots.

Eventually Rowdy fell to same pie-chucker and Maz headed in for one of, if not her first bat of the season. She did well right from the start against some top quality bowling and Hannah took control of the partnership, making sure Maz was ready to run and calling loudly to push the scoreboard ever upwards.

Hannah was undone when the opening bowler came back on and lost her stumps and X headed in, determined to get yet another duck.

I mean, avoid getting another duck. But wait, what’s this? Could it be evidence that yet again, her Skipper is right and X is wrong? Why yes it is! X you have TWO ducks for the season. Stop throwing around the number 4.

A rousing standing ovation greeted X’s run before she was caught (again with the fielder doing her
best to bugger it up) but hey – no duck there!

The rest of the innings went by pretty quickly and we were all out for 87 off 37 overs.

By now the sun was out and the ground was drying a bit too quickly for our liking. Great thing for
X with her run up but after we scored only one 2 for our entire innings, they kicked off their innings
with a 2 and our missing fielder was leaving a big hole. X responded in the best possible fashion,
nailing the opposition skipper LBW the very next ball. A decent partnership followed and Hannah
was unlucky to put down a catch after doing everything right, it just bobbled out at the last second.
I had just moved Cat out of gully and put myself in when a catch headed my way off Ella’s bowling
– not a first ball wicket, but a first over wicket – the Bandit strikes again! Hannah made up for her
drop with an even more spectacular catch off Cat – very well celebrated by Han it must be said!

From there we were getting regular wickets and despite KB getting taken for a few in her second,
the bowling was incredibly tight. Ella managed a second wicket as Cat made herself feel better after
I stole her gully catch, by taking her own down low at square leg. KB had a great comeback and as
is often the case, got a wicket off her worst ball as Hannah took her second of the day – a far easier
catch and far less convincing as she clutched it to her breast, but a catch is in the book all the same!

X requested to come back on and bowl out and did the right thing by demanding the end she
wanted – nice to see you starting to behave like a bowler young Exxy! We were pushing the fielders out to allow their remaining batsman the single but X wasn’t happy with that and knocked the stumps over – ripper nut and a well-deserved wicket. I followed up with an inswinger that for some reason the batsman left and watched wallop into the top of her stumps and suddenly they still needed 4 runs with only the tail to come. X finished off her spell beautifully with her tally 10 overs, 2/12 with 4 maidens. An absolutely magnificent senior spell of bowling and great to see you taking charge and spearheading the bowling attack.

I couldn’t sneak past the bat into the stumps but managed to sneak past the outside edge a number of times and the maidens were mounting. Between X, myself and magnificent work in the field by everyone, we managed 4 maidens in a row and suddenly things were a lot tighter than they had been. Despite this tightness we were all a little flat in the field so an impromptu gather and rev up had the desired result and we were suddenly deafening in the field.

Cat came on after X and I both bowled out and only went for a single before the batsman got sick of the pressure and went the tonk – just missing the field on most occasions, balls falling just short or going just over the top and they passed the total in the 36th over.

It’s odd that I was as happy as I was after a loss but my god Gryphons, what a great loss. With no Maddi, Mary or H in our line-up (who have all been in our top 5 batting and bowling this season) AND playing one short, it was brilliant to see players like Ella, KB and Maz stand up and contribute as much as they did. While we were all a little flat, probably due to the weather amongst other things, we certainly fired up at the end and truly believed we could win it. And remember… we are NEVER out of a game. We lost 4/0 at the tail of our innings yesterday and that is never out of the realms of possibility. If some of those edges had gone to hand… the game always can go either way.

Lushy, sitting on the sidelines, was certainly enjoying the nerves of Edinburgh and reported that they were very nervous about the prospect of facing us come finals time.

As I mentioned, a fantastic senior effort from X yesterday – by senior I mean understanding what the team needed and setting about doing it. Despite having a few rhythm issues yesterday (yes I spotted them), you bowled beautifully and deserved more than your two wickets. Plus – no duck!

Some great partnership batting also yesterday, I always enjoy batting with Rowds who played
brilliantly for her 42 and steered the ship, while Hannah certainly took over after Rowdy fell, pushing Maz to make sure the scoreboard kept ticking.

Ella – player of the match performance yesterday mate, 2/20 off 6 overs was magnificent. Cat, nice to see you back to your best at the bowling crease, a fantastic spell rewarded with a wicket.

A big thank you to Hayley who came down to help us out!

Great work and congratulations to each and every one of you who played yesterday.

No game next week as we have a bye but this close to finals we certainly want to keep training so anyone who can come down, please do so on Wednesday! Two games left and then finals… let’s fire up now!

Cheers Gryphs,


PS – Shoutout to Jaffa all the way in Singapore! Stay safe our friend, look forward to hearing