Monash University CC News

Women's Round 1 vs Mt Martha

By Anna Broomhall

Round 1 – Season 2011/12

Good morning all and I hope you’re feeling as sore and sorry for yourself as I am this morning!

Welcome to Season 2011/12! After a rather short off-season followed by an even shorter pre-
season, 10 Gryphons turned up at ECR yesterday to kick off. With a raft of changes to our team list
that see a welcome return of Bel Pearson and a welcome to new recruit Dom, Lushy enjoyed her first
game of retirement from the safety of the scorer’s table while in town visiting from her new home of
Port Pirie.

My year started off as normal, with the opposition winning the toss and sending us into the field.
Par for the course really! With no Maddi, X or Mez to open the bowling, H took the new ball and
started off well against the youngsters of Mt Martha. Despite having 10 in the field, we were
covering the gaps well and the backing up was great – felt like an extension of last season.

While no wickets came early, the pressure was on as H and I finished our opening spells, KB and Cat
both had a crack and kept it tight before Dom came in and after no-balling her first, gifted me with
a ripper second ball as it clipped the edge and went right. With my typical grace and elegance, I
stumbled towards it, clutched it and then kind of ka-thumped to the turf. But it stuck! Huzzah!

A Tonker took her place and went whackety-whack to increase the run rate until Dom’s second
over sent a rocket down Bandit’s throat at square leg, who swallowed it easy as you like. It stayed 2
down for a while, a few catches went just high or just short or just wide... Mazza bearing the brunt
of a couple of them and Jaff left wringing her hands after a rocket bounced off her hands. H nearly
pulled off an absolute screamer at shortish mid-wicket and it just tumbled out as she hit the deck.
Not content with those grass stains, she then decided to partake in a Dizzy Gillespie vs Steve Waugh
type collision with Scooby – it was impressive and rather entertaining as they both bounced back to
their feet but oy... it looked like it could have been baaaaad..

Finally Maz, H and Jaff looked on with envy as Cat was gifted the easiest of catches at widish slip
off my bowling. Ella took her second catch of the day quickly thereafter as H was rewarded for her
quality spell. Cat returned the favour for me as I was also gifted with a nice slooow easy catch in
slips – looking back I'm surprised that we didn’t get boffed on the head... we had it easy!

The run rate started to go up as their Coach came in and went tonkety-tonk, but all the while
the attitude in the field was great. We were backing up, providing relay throws (although that is
something we need to work on at training!) and being nice and vocal in our support for each other.
Jaff finally managed to be on the receiving end of a nicer catch in at short cover and then I finished
them off with an LBW and just kissed the bails of their number 10 with the last ball of my 10 over

So our first 37 overs in the field yielded 8/117 – not a bad effort to get rid of the cobwebs!

After saying g’day to some of our youngsters in Mez and X who decided the best way to enjoy a
day off cricket was to... watch some cricket, Scooby broke in a new opening partner in H. While the
first 12 overs was quite slow as each batter watched closely and got the feel of the bowling, Scoobs
eventually got the singles ticking and by drinks had worked their way up to and beyond the required
3 an over run rate and we were 0/67 and looking strong.

H then decided to show the youngsters of Mt Martha a lesson in sportsmanship and spent quite a
bit of time explaining to the umpire that she thought she was out – the most involved “walk” I’ve
ever witnessed! The coach did express sincere gratitude for H’s conduct – nicely done H! I'm not
going to get into a debate about whether walking is right or wrong – I don’t feel one way is better
than another and am happy for everyone to make their own choice. I'm not a walker, but don’t feel
any pressure to walk or not. The only thing I would say on the issue is if you’re going to make the
decision to be a walker, make it properly – don’t make it dependant on the game situation!

Cat came and left, lamenting her nice new bat sitting at home, and Dom came and went even
quicker – deciding to be a bandit in batting as well as bowling! I managed to keep out the hat-trick
ball, and after appreciating the “helpful” feedback from the sidelines, Scoobs and I were settling into
a rhythm of the required 2-3 runs an over. Lauren took that opportunity to ignore the giant inside
edge onto my THIGH and decide that was enough for a Leg Before Wicket decision... crazy. Scooby
was even unluckier a few balls later as she was nearly falling over down legside on 48 (just as we
were winding up to applaud the 50) – apparent LBW can also mean Leg Before WicketKEEPER...

We were starting to feel a tad nervous as Bel and Maz joined in the middle and with 9 overs to go,
needed 15 runs. Plenty of time and not many runs, but also not many wickets in the shed and not
much time in the middle for the combined remainder!

While both Bel and Maz took their time to find their feet, eventually the singles started and then Bel
just broke loose and went crackety-crack – we closed them out at the end of the 38th over, 5/119.

Some great positives from yesterday for our first match:

• Despite having 10 in the field, the coverage we provided each other was fabulous – the
support, backing up and relay throws were great. Well done to each and every one out

• KB’s fielding at point – great work mate, you kept it nice and tight and closed off that area of
the ground for them.

• H’s all round performance – opening the batting and bowling, the Shane Watson of the
season apparently! Great work and loved the attitude throughout the day.

• One more individualised mention I promise... Scooby’s effort both behind the stumps and
then to guide us nearly all the way home was fabulous – congrats on picking up where you
left off last season!

As we discussed yesterday, Dandenong have dropped out of our comp so we will have a redraw
released this week. We definitely have another home game this weekend though, so I look forward
to seeing you at training (5.30 start) or at ECR next weekend!

Cheers all,