Monash University CC News

Women's Round 3 – Season 2011/12

By Anna Broomhall

Good evening all and apologies for the delay in match reports... bloody work.

I commence this report by declaring the possibility of good news... as we farewelled our dear friend Maz on Saturday, we may have regained one old Gryphon and recruited one new one... November 20 is the day they have promised to come down and pull on the whites. I neither confirm nor deny that we were a number of drinks into the day’s activities. But anyhoo!

Unfortunately as we drove to Pakenham our numbers did not increase as the temperature did so we were staring down the barrel of a 28 degree day with 9 players. Despite this, I decided to stick with tradition and bowl first. I admit, possibly not the greatest decision of my cricketing career. Anyhoo!

We said our g’days to Raylene, an old Hawk/part-time Gryphon who mentioned that it was kind of odd to face off against her old team and things continued down the odd path as the opening bat retired hurt within 4 overs. Not even I get injured that quickly!

H and I licked our lips as the new batsman came to the crease looking rather nervy and I congratulated H through slightly gritted teeth as she managed to send the bails flying first. That commenced a great partnership for Pakenham as the day continued to warm up and the gaps only seemed to get bigger as we went on. Dom was doing some splendid work on the boundary, including one unbelievable slide near the boundary. Would have been even cooler if she didn’t miss the ball and have to clamber up to grab it. But it didn’t go for 4 so we counted it as a win!

Despite the gaps and the heat, we were a touch quieter than normal but still in good spirits and kept ourselves entertained through the day – H2O became Wadda which quickly morphed into Franky... much to her confusion as this happened in the course of a single over and she was left standing at the top of her run going “who’s Franky?”

After drinks I decided to give my finger spinners (read: not very much spin) a crack and after managing to get them away from the legside (much to the batters disappointment), adn pairing with Cat who was also keeping it tight, I finally drifted one in and luckily it hit the stumps or Jaffa and I would have passed out with disappointment. After a bit of whackety-whack action from the number 5, I repeated the dose and suddenly there was a bit more energy in the field.

Ella was having no luck in the field, managing to jinx herself after mentioning that a dropped catch was her first dropped catch fine, the ball just chased her around – not easy catches mind you, but Ella was very relieved when Cat snaffled a catch off her bowling in her last over and Raylene was finally out for a very well made 64. Plaudits to all Gryphons who clapped her off – nice to see after she exhausted us on a hot day.

While they managed to get to 173, on a hot day to keep them under 5 an over was a fabulous effort. All the bowlers learnt quickly to keep it as far away from legside as possible, the fielders trotted about from one side of the ground to another without complaint and we still kept a sense of humour about ourselves for the full 40 overs.

After we traipsed into the shade and gratefully sank down to replenish ourselves with afternoon tea (which was quite impressive I have to say), without our trusty Scooby to open the batting, H took Cat out with her.

A few streaky shots to get the scoreboard ticking denied Raylene the reward for having 4 slips and a gully as there were 3 catches dropped in the first 2 overs. Eventually Cat fell to a ripper inswinger from the leftie and lost her stumps and Dom managed to get to 3 runs before befalling the same fate. Bel tried for 2 when there was only 1 while H was continuing on her merry way and I headed into the middle to meet her. At that point we were 3/16 and not looking particularly likely, but H and I decided to stay out there and enjoy some time in the middle. I managed to get off the mark my first ball which I am very proud of – usually it takes me at least 20 balls for that to happen, I think that is the first time in my Gryphons career to have a 100% strike rate! Woohoo! Of course that didn’t continue for any of the rest of my innings, but I’ll take what I can get.

H was doing her best to hit the boundary and I was sending some fine abuse her way when the ball would stop inside the cones. My groin lasted about 15 runs before it went “ruh-roh” and while I tried to stick it out, it was unfair on Helen’s great hitting that I could only struggle one and I was afraid it might actually do some lasting damage so I relented and Dom strutted to the crease to join us.

Dom’s running paid off for H in the first over as she made Dom earn her stripes. While I didn’t take immediate advantage of having a runner, I eventually got the hang of it and took great pleasure in my mis-timed tonkety-tonks and screaming “RUN! LOOK FOR TWO!” Dom would then occasionally get excited as she got to the strikers end and be ready to face up when she’d remember she was doing the most uncredited and thankless job cricket has to offer. Eventually I got sick of giving them chances and hit one straight down a fielders throat and Ella came on after waiting patiently. Unfortunately Bandit while she actually hit some cracking shots, she was unrewarded for them on the scoreboard and when she was eventually run out, there was another ch-ching in the fine tin for a duck egg in the book.

By this stage we were in the last over, H was on 48 and Franky was sent out with 5 balls to go and STRICT instructions to GET TO THE OTHER END! With only slight pressure to do so from our end and Rayls pulling all the fielders in to crowd her, it took 3 balls and she smacked one through the gap – the biggest cheer I think I’ve heard for a single while 100 runs down! With only 2 balls, even the Pakenham supporters were willing H on and she did them proud, cracking it through the leg side for the required 2 runs for the 50. In true H style, she finished off her spell with a strong defensive shot and the game was over, falling 89 runs short.

A fabulous effort to bowl 10, race around in the field and then carry the bat for our innings, Indy rewarded Mum with a few passionate leaps onto her stomach and a couple of head whacks for good measure. Also a great effort to keep Pakenham in the field when it would have been easy to collapse ala Round 2. It is now 7.30 and I'm still at work so I'm off – I'm stuck in Sydney Wednesday so will miss training again – apologies to all, I know it’s very slack. Week off this week with Cup Week so enjoy it and see you all next Wednesday!

Cheers all,