Monash University CC News

Women's Round 7 v Bayswater Park

By Anna Broomhall

So apparently my match reports are on an adhoc basis this season...

After a disappointing turn of events last week saw us forfeit for the first time since I’ve been wearing the Royal Blue, I was itching to get onto the park against the Fluoro Pink of Bayswater Park for the second time in 2 weeks. After a very lazy day in bed on Saturday hearing the dreadful weather outside I wasn’t all that certain that it was an option but waking up to beautiful sunshine on Sunday was a welcome relief.

A quick ground check by KB and I first thing cleared up any concerns and we were ready to kick off. Well, we were missing two of our players in H and Jaff who were kept from getting to the ground on time by some mischief makers in the Universe, and keeping with the randomness of the weather, I decided to bat first. That would probably be the first time I have opted to do that in about 4 seasons. A big welcome to Ella’s mate Karen who came down to have a crack – always nice to see someone new around the traps!

With H still not at the ground, Cat and Scooby reignited their opening partnership and got off to a great start, Cat continuing her great season despite the dead piece of willow she waves about in the middle (seriously dude, get that new bat knocked in!), while Scooby continued on her merry way. Once Cat got herself set, she actually was doing the bulk of the scoring and was scoring at a higher rate than Scooby – quite a remarkable feat and an innings that included one glorious 4 down through fine leg. While there were a few chances that went down, she took advantage and together they put on an opening stand of 44 before the keeper finally snagged a catch and Cat walked off, incredibly disgruntled to discover that
she again landed on 17.

Dom headed in at number 3 and after watching a few flighty innings this season from our youngest player, she looked very calm and composed against some great bowling. No (well not many) wild swings, and she picked the balls to go after. The running between the wickets was great with some tight runs squeezed in and really putting the pressure on the fielders. Another 40 run partnership was had before Scooby was bamboozled for the first time all day and her bails went a’knockin’.

H finally got her chance at number 4 and started well with her traditionally strong defence and our top 4 was starting to look really good. Dom finally played a false shot and paid for it with her wicket but our top 4 had got us to 100 after 33 overs and our best batting-first innings that I can remember for a long time. Jaff joined H in the middle and couldn’t quite get it away before holing out to the close in fielder and with wickets in hand, H and I tried to go the tonk in the last 2 overs – we did quite well against quality bowling and we ended 4/115 after the full 40. Yes the scoring rate slowed as we progressed, but a great effort from all top 6 batsmen to get us there for the loss of only 4 wickets and a great confidence day in the middle. Bayswater have one of the strongest bowling lineups and apart from Cat’s 3 lives, we weren’t giving them opportunities and we took it right to them.

Facing down the opposition skipper who slaughtered us two weeks earlier, I tossed Dom the new ball to open with H and it worked a treat – Dom’s focus for the day was avoiding that one loose ball of the over that they could cash in on, and really built the pressure so that Helen could turn the screws with pace from the other end. Eventually a great bowling partnership paid off with Cat finally snaffling a catch off H in gully – the “finally” refers to the fact that catches have flown both sides of her all season, not that she has been dropping them… a great catch it was too, taken very confidently and being described as “Steve Waugh-like” by our favourite umpire Joe… a compliment received VERY well from our vice-skipper.

I came on early and decided after half an over of my usual outswingers that I wanted to try something different and gave fast-off-breaks a crack… I quite like it I have to say, other than the missing skin from my spin finger as a result of giving the brand new seam a good rip… my colleagues think I’m soft. Maybe a little. However, they have refused my offer to catch cricket balls to see how unsoft each of them
happen to be.

After yet another great opening spell from H, Cat came on and again the commentary from Joe says it all – “an unbalanced run up for the first two but then a far more balanced delivery” created the perfect drifting nut that snuck through Lecia’s very strong defence and sent the stumps flying. One of the balls that is a pleasure to watch from behind the pegs. Gee it was nice.

The whole time the fielding was spot on – Kaz certainly a welcome addition in the field and doing a fabulous job in the tough covers/midwicket areas, very calm with a great arm (look I’m a rhymer!), all the bowlers certainly appreciated having that extra player out there. The backing up from all Gryphons was magnificent and the hustle to cut off the singles or reduce the twos was the best I’ve seen all season – thumbs up to everybody out there yesterday.

Ella gave another great performance with her spell; the well set skipper was wetting herself with
excitement about the fact there was only a straight midwicket and a fine leg with me standing at close mid-on but completely unable to cash in as Ella got her line and length absolutely spot on. We got them to drinks at exactly the half way point of the run chase and felt confident that if we could break the next partnership, we’d be a good chance to push them right to the end.

KB had a good start before a wayward second over and I had one of those fortuitous wonders where I changed to around the wicket and immediately fluked a wicket, with McClusker taking a solid catch (despite her look of panic) at wide mid-on. I was licking my lips with the new batsman looking rather bunny-like and decided to skip the finger spin for straight up darts, bellowing at Jaff to get out of my way as I lunged for a return catch… Jaff doing some very quick calculations in her head and deciding that she would be certainly the worst off in any collision and I luckily managed to just get there at grab it at knee height. I would have looked a little silly if it had gone down, so glad it stuck!

That was the last wicket for the day as the skipper had enough and focused on punishing anything slightly short or wide. Unfortunately as the bowlers tired we just gave them that one ball every couple of overs to keep the run rate higher than required. Franky and Cat did well to force them to face extra balls as they strived to hit the winning runs but just frustrating them – they finally passed our total in the 36th over.

A big shout out to both Lushy and Trace who managed to get down for a fair portion of yesterday, always nice to see old friends!

Next week we’re facing a struggle to get enough for a team – another double header of T20’s involving Kingston Heath and Frankston so please put the call out and see if we can get some players – we’re down Ella, Cat and Bel so far, so please keep your ears pricked for any potentials!

Another apology for my training attendance this year… I’m as frustrated as anyone that I can’t get down at the minute trust me. My training is amounting to flicking a cricket ball around the office and my workmates are as keen as me to get me out of the office… I’ll keep trying I promise!

Great effort yesterday guys, imagine how we’ll go when we get back to a Happy Full team Day!

Cheers all,